Written by wesleyomand

1 Jan 2010

My wife Helen and I are overweight, both fifty two and have been married for thirty five years, we still enjoy a fairly healthy monogamous sex life.

She gets amorous, and we have some of our best sex, when she's had a few. On New Year's Eve we were at a neighbour's house party and she'd had more than a few. As she got more pissed she took to putting her arms around me, giving me sloppy kisses and telling me she loved me at every opportunity. I'd just come back from the toilet, stopped in the kitchen talking to someone I hadn't seen for a while when she came up and stuck her tongue in my ear.

I really wanted to talk to this guy and needed my drunken wife to leave me alone. There was some mistletoe hanging above me, I took it down handed it to her, pointed to the utility room where two other friends, Bill and Brian, had found a quiet corner to chat and said. "Why don't you go and give Bill and Brian New Year's kisses?"

She dutifully staggered into the doorway of the utility room and her actions were such that I quickly lost interest in my conversation. She held the mistletoe over her head and said something to the guys that I couldn't hear followed by. "Who's first?" Which was loud enough for me to hear? She looked sexy in her black heels, stockings, pleated skirt and thin lambs wool sweater.

Bill pulled her into the tiny room, she put her arms around his neck and they moved together. I was looking at the back of Helen's head and from its movement it looked like they were in a deep, kiss. Brian, not to be left out, started nuzzling Helen's neck. Still holding onto Bill, she turned her head and I saw her give Brian an open mouthed sloppy kiss before turning back to kissing Bill.

I was flabbergasted at her uncharacteristic behaviour. There was nobody else in the kitchen, the chap I was talking to had his back to the utility room so I was the only one who could see. She was face to face with Bill with her arms around his neck. His arms were around her waist. A few seconds into Bill's second kiss Brian looked up and checked around the kitchen. I moved my head slightly so that I was hidden from view behind the chap I was chatting to. I looked again and Brian looking down the curve of Helen's back, very deliberately, ran his fingers down the crack of her arse from her waist to between her legs and back again. There was no reaction from Helen.

Obviously emboldened he looked around again then lifted the back of her skirt and did the same again but under her skirt inside or outside her knickers I couldn't tell. This time Helen did react. She turned towards Brian and started kissing him, putting her arms around his neck, stepping so that she now stood with her feet wide apart. Her turn forced Brian's hand from her arse. He lifted the front of her skirt. It looked like he had his hand down the front her knickers.

I think Brian was now fingering my wife's vagina. Bill still had his arms around her waist and was not about to give up his prize. He moved behind her whispered something in her ear, her skirt came up again and he pulled her knickers down to her ankles. She brought her feet together. Stepped out of them, he came back up, whispered something again, put them in his pocket, started nuzzling her neck and feeling her arse under her skirt.

She stopped kissing Brian, turned her head over her shoulder to kiss Bill again and the three of them adjusted themselves such that the men were pretty much side on to Helen. I could see her bare arse where Bill had his hand up the back of her skirt and believed Brian had his hand up the front. Her midriff appeared as the front of her sweater was clearly being lifted when Brian broke off started to undo his trousers, looked up, leaned forward and closed the door.