Written by sweetencounter

6 Jul 2011

We had arrived in Amsterdam and in need of entertaining, our hotel receptionist told us the route by tram into town, it was a place to start.

The red light area was a must, we where being tourists afterall.

After several hours of Belguim beer we decide to stroll to a bar that had come highly recommended, out of town but "easy" to find.

We got close and had to ring for directions, was a drink really worth this amount of effort?

A Dutch voice gave us directions and eventually we arrived.

Wow, from direct sunlight into a darkened place, my eyes wouldn't adjust coupled with a strange enviroment.

Eventually my eyes adjusted, there where people everywhere, half naked and all looking over at us.

A lady asked our names and handed us a slip for the bar, we both had a look of confusion.

We found the changing room and shower, we'd walked for miles and really needed to freshen up.

I sat at the bar waiting for him to shower and return, everyone was watching me, everyone was foreign, or so it seemed.

As I waited I soon learnt this was no ordinary bar, the people next to me at the bar began to fuck, on the stool, at the bar, next to me!

Then I noticed that there where beds all around me, around the bar.

The barman introduced himself and told us what the place was about, how it was an "erotic" bar, where people came to relax, enjoy and celebrate their sexuality.

After a few beers we began to chill a little, we decided to walk about and see what was on offer.

There was a cage, the rules where simple, if the door was open u helped urself, if closed you watched.

Downstairs was a basement, several swings and a chair with stirrups. It had a playroom sectioned off but with windows so you could watch.

We went back to the bar and started chatting to people, they seemed shocked that we where tourists but helped us celebrate my birthday.

Later we went back to the basement, we began to watch a threesome in the sectioned area, it was fun, they looked like they enjoyed eachother, several times over.

As we stood watching I noticed a little Asian man peeping at us, then I felt warm hands on my shoulders, massaging me, it couldn't have been him, he was too far away.

I turned and noticed a tall bald man with leather trousers smiling at me, what was I supposed to do?

I didn't have to think on that too long, the room became available, now it was upto me who I invited in.

"My guy, the Asian guy and you" I shouted as I entered the room, I felt in total control, oh how wrong could I be?

I fond myself flung on the bed, my partner on my right holding my hand (how sweet), the Asian guy to my left, the bald Dutch guy on top, he was fit, mysterious and athletic.

Suddenly the Dutch guy told me I was a good girl, I was not allowed to make any noises at all, that way I remained a good girl (as he played with my clit and fingered my pussy). Oh my god, I am the queen of noise, how do I pull this off?

I couldn't and he slapped my breasts, repeatedly.

After trying to convince me I was good he decided I was a dirty slut, his cock was huge and I couldn't take it all but if I was noisy he's thrust in in deeper.

My partners grip had changed from a hold to a pin, he was getting off on this.

The Asian guy stuck his cock in my mouth to stop me from moaning as the Dutch guy thrusted and slapped me for my sins.

This room needed a fan, the sweat poured off me, my Asian guy fetched a towel to cool me down, he was so attentive....................but small.

The Dutch guy took total control, how and when we did it, he praised me when I was good and punished me for being bad, my head was about to explode.

I had the Asian guy in my mouth, my partner in my hand and the Dutch one forcing my legs around his neck, pounding me.

My Asian friend came all over my chest, my partner put his cock in my mouth, then he came too.

Eventually my Dutch friend completed his task, wished me happy birthday and thanked me for our experience.

We went back to the bar like nothing had changed, like it was a typical beer bar.

I had another beer and recalled what had just happened, it was the best birthday gift ever!