Written by wesleyomand

21 May 2011

Over the weekend, I was in the bedroom in the afternoons and saw both my new friend and his wife about the house. On Monday morning I was washing down the yard with a hose when there was a knock at the back gate. My heart was in my mouth as I opened it.

“Hello there, I thought I’d introduce myself. My name’s Bill.” He said and thrust his hand out. I shook it.

“Hi, I’m Wesley.” I said a bit lamely and embarrassed.

“Do you fancy coming over for a cup of tea after my wife goes to work this afternoon?” He asked.

“Yes, that would be nice.” I said noting that he was a lot older than I’d thought well into his seventies.

“OK then, usual time, I’ll give you a wave and you can come over.” He said

“Right then.” I said.

We stood in an awkward silence until he said gingerly. “I like… Erm… Sniffing… You know?” I nodded. “Well if you have any that would be great.”

“OK I’ll see what I can find.” I said.

“OK then. See you later.” He said and was gone.

I had never in my life had any sort of sexual contact with a man yet here I was sitting at my computer in a track suit. Under it I was wearing my wife’s stockings, knickers and suspenders clutching a bag of her dirty knickers waiting for a shout from an elderly transvestite. It started raining heavily when at about the same time the blinds opened followed by the patio door and I could see him inside wearing his dressing gown. He waved. I waved back, made my way downstairs, across my yard, the alley and his yard and stood next to him with my head and shoulders wet and my heart thumping.

The front curtains were already closed and it became quite dark when he closed the blinds after me and said. “Bloody rain, we’d better get you out of those wet things.”

I slipped off my shoes, trousers and sweatshirt, he seemed pleased with my attire, he took off his dressing gown and under it had on stockings, suspenders, a basque and an erection.

He looked me up and down and said. “You look lovely, would you like to sit down?” He indicated the sofa then seeing my bag. “Is this for me?”

I handed it over and said. “I’ll have to take it back with me or she’ll miss them.”

We sat down, he opened the bag and took the knickers out one by one sniffing each in turn before placing them on his lap. “These are really nice.” He said. “Much sexier than I’m used to. Jill’s panties are very plain. That’s a lovely pair you’re wearing. May I?” He said and without waiting for an answer started stroking my penis through my wife’s best silky knickers. “Lovely.” He said as my penis started to respond and grow. He put his hand in, took my penis out, pulled the waist band down, tucked it under my tentacles and took hold of my penis. “Lovely.” He said again. “A nice fat cock and hairy balls.”

The rest of the afternoon with this old man was crazy. He was the first man to touch and suck my penis, his was the first penis that I touched and sucked, I had three orgasms.