Written by wesleyomand

26 May 2011

We arrived home Sunday afternoon. We had sex when we went to bed and again in the morning. Helen went to work. I had a shower, got dressed in loose track suit bottoms and a sweatshirt and busied myself at the back of the house doing the laundry. I was working between the kitchen and back yard, keeping the back gate wide open and listening out for Bill or Jill.

I caught Jill in their back bedroom watching me again. I waved and smiled. She waved and smiled back then disappeared. Less than a minute later I heard their back gate and Bill came into the yard.

“Morning Wesley.” He said. “How was the holiday?

“Great.” I said. Then lowering my voice. “Sex, sex, sex. Helen’s cunt’s about worn out.”

“Just you or did she have a few cocks in there?” He asked.

“Just mine unfortunately. How about you and Jill? Are you fucking a lot now she’s a lady of leisure?” I asked.

“Quite a bit. I fucked her this morning and told her I was just loosening her up for you.” I could see her in the bedroom again, watching us. Bill followed my eyes and glanced up at her while carrying on talking. “She told me to behave myself and not be so daft. I don’t know what’s in her mind really.” Jill closed the curtains. “Fucking hell, that’s a good sign.”

“What?” I said.

“She said she’d just seen you in your yard so I told her to put on something sexy as I was going to ask you to come over. She’s just shut the curtains, getting changed I hope. Come on let’s get over there.”

He sat us down on either end of the sofa leaving room for Jill in the middle. We waited and waited, eventually Bill said. “I’d better go and see.” He went upstairs leaving me alone for almost an hour I could hear their voices and them moving about but couldn’t tell what they were saying or doing. Before Bill came down wearing a dressing gown I heard the unmistakable sound of bedsprings and Jill making sex noises.

“Sorry about that.” He said when he came back down. “Jill doesn’t want to come downstairs. With everything I’ve said about you she’s feeling a bit shy. All the excitement has made her feel a bit unwell and she’s gone to bed.”

“Oh well I’d better get off then. Had I?” I said a little unsure of myself.

He told me what had happened. “When I went upstairs she was sitting on the bed wearing a little shorty nighty, stockings and suspenders but was scared. I tried to talk her into coming down, I got her on the stairs once but she just couldn’t. She’s in bed now still in her gear with a spunk filled cunt, would you like to come up and say hello?”

“Are you sure?” I said then followed him up the stairs.

He called up. “Wesley’s just coming up to say hello love.”

He pushed open the door and I could see Jill’s head on the pillow facing away and the shape of her very slight body under the covers.

“Jill.” He said. “Here’s Wesley come to see you.” I could see her pull her legs up under the covers. “He only wants to see how you are and say hello. Come on sit up a bit.” She turned onto her back and moved up the bed until she was almost sitting and holding the covers to her chest.

I smiled thinking what to say when Bill took over. “No need to be shy you two.” He took his dressing gown off and was naked revealing another erection underneath. “Come on Wesley get those clothes off.” He lifted the covers at the bottom and climbed into the bed next to the wall. “Jill. Move over to me and make some room for Wesley.”