Written by wesleyomand

31 May 2011

I thought I’d better start watering the seed that I hoped had been planted in Greece. In bed after sex on Friday night lying quietly together I said to Helen as casually as I could. “I’ve been dying to tell you something ever since you got home. Bill and Jill across the back, surprised me today, they are a very sexy couple. They remind me of the swingers we met on the beach in Greece.”

“Oh yes. What makes you think that?” She said puzzled.

“Last week Jill’s smalls were drying on the clothes maid and they were the sexiest things I’ve ever seen, real Moulin Rouge stuff.” I said.

“Really, who’d have thought? What about today?” She asked.

“I’ll come to that in a minute. Since Jill retired and has been home a lot she’s, you know, made a few suggestive comments. Bill’s always done it but I’ve thought nothing of it until now.” I said.

“Comments? Like what?” She said, seemingly intrigued.

“Well Bill’s never made a secret of the fact that he thinks you’re sex on legs but lately he’s mentioning you a lot more. Today he said something and Jill was right there and encouraging him.” I said.

“What did he say? She now seemed more interested.

“We were talking about holidays and he asked if we’d ever been to a nudist beach. I told him we had and he went on and on about how much he wished he could have seen you naked. Jill joined in with something about how lovely it would be if the four of us could be naked together. Apparently nudism is their thing.” I waited for a reaction.

“Anyway.” I went on. “Bill said he liked a lady in sexy undies more than naked and then Jill chirped up how much she liked wearing them.”

I spun Helen a yarn. I told her that Bill suggested that Jill should put something sexy on and that she left the room to get changed. I told her that Bill stripped off in front of me, had a huge penis and he asked me to strip off but I wouldn’t. I told her that Jill came back down in sexy undies, stockings and suspenders and that the three of us chatted like that for half an hour before I left.

“Are you kidding me?” She said.

“No I’m not, he has the biggest dick you’ve ever seen.” That was not a yarn he really did have.

“And he sat there naked.” She said.

“Yes he did and I could see her nipples through her little thin top.” I said.

Not usually given to swearing she said. “Fuck me.”

“That’s just what Billy huge dick would like to do.” She dug me in the ribs. “He would. I’m telling you this thing is huge.”

“And you’d like to fuck her I suppose? She said.

“I wouldn’t mind like. She did look tasty in all the gear.” I said a bit sheepishly.

“Wesley!” She exclaimed.

“Well, if you’re going to ride that monster of Bills’. I should have a little fun too.” I responded. I said.

“I’m not riding it.” She said.

“Don’t be hasty.” I said. “Wait ‘til you’ve seen it.”

I was in full flow now and said straight out. “You’ll see it tomorrow night. They’ve invited us over for dinner and I said we wouldn’t mind if they got comfortable.”

“Wesley! You didn’t.” She said.

“I did.” I said. “We don’t have to strip but I might do and you should wear the undies we bought in Greece just in case.”