Written by Billyboy123

13 Jun 2009

We are a couple called Elizabeth & Billy and we like to have sexy erotic adventures with other sexy swingers as well as bored housewives. We like the good things in life and we are comparatively well off and enjoy a high standard of living and loving! Elizabeth is quite posh. She likes posh things, posh clothes, posh cars and houses and she also likes posh people. One thing that she really enjoys is posh erotic lingerie, she also enjoys dressing up and undressing in her clothes and lingerie.

As a couple we have had many erotic adventures and now we are in the prime of our lives (Mid-40's) we enjoy ourselves as much as possible. We have not always been active swingers, we like to come and go as and when we please. Sometimes enjoying our own company as much as meeting other to enjoy our sexy erotic life over many yeas of our married life.

Recently a close friend of Elizabeth's has become very interested in our sexy adventures and she has asked to join in with us and to visit a swingers party to have her very own erotic adventure. Her name is Caroline and we have played some sexy games with Caroline to let her get the feel of knowing what it is like to have sex with another couple and to have sex at a swingers party.

We have had Caroline spend the weekend with us as a sexy plaything, using her like a 'Sex Dolly!' and fucking her stupid. We have dressed her up in a sexy French maids outfit and then taught her some sexy spanking lessons and then had kinky 'Back Door!' Anal sex with her. I also got onto shagging her cunt with my cock as she got down on her hands and knees, doggy style, then let herself be mounted by me and by Elizabeth wearing a strap-on cock and get a right good seeing too! Caroline has enjoyed all these sexual games and after a short time she had become ready to have her first real experience of a swingers sex party. We contacted a close group of swingers that we knew of and arranged for Caroline to join in the next time they were planning a swingers party.

The group has the unofficial name of the 'Posh Wives Club'. This is because all the group members are a bit 'Posh!'. They all enjoy a good standard of living and are all well off. So they ended up calling themselves the 'Posh Wives Club' after one evening when they were sitting around naked after shagging each other and were having a flirty conversation. So the 'Posh Wives Club' was created. They hold private parties at each others homes and by invitation only. The main organiser is a woman called 'Posh' Marjorie, she is a successful business woman and has owns a lingerie shop where she often meets and discovers sexy bored women and housewives who are looking for some extra sexy adventures.

So we arranged a date for the next party with Marjorie and on the day. Elizabeth, Caroline and I arrived at Marjorie's country house at about 6 p.m. Marjorie let us in offered us drinks and got us relaxed after our drive over. Caroline was still rather nervous and gulped down her wine quickly. Marjorie refilled her glass several times and soon Caroline was a bit tipsy from drinking to much so quickly. The others soon started to arrive. There was young Mark and Stephanie, who are in their mid-20's and Mark has a long 9 inch cock! While Stephanie has long blonde hair and just loves being mounted and shagged with her posh stocking legs waving about in the air! Next to arrive were Alice and Terry, who are like us in their mid-40's and enjoy playing sexy kinky sex games with other couples. Then Sarah & Peter, who are in their 30's, arrived along with a young female friend, called Julie who was in her mid-20's. Julie was also visiting the 'Posh Wives Club' for her first ever time. Peter has a huge thick cock and Sarah, who is seriously 'Posh', loves watching Peter fill other kinky swinging wives up, with his cock and making them have orgasms with her Peter's cock deep inside them. Their friend, Julie was very nervous, like Caroline, so Julie began drinking down glasses of wine quickly and she was getting quite tipsy too!

With everyone having arrived Marjorie soon got control of us and started having some sexy fun with all the three wives and the two single women. Marjorie is a dominant bisexual woman and she really likes being in charge. Soon the men were seated around in sofas and chairs while all the women were gathered together and began to strip off their posh dresses, skirts and jackets. Soon most of the women were standing in their stockings, suspenders high heels and basques etc. Their expensive lingerie on show like a fashion parade except that each woman was now also sexually playing with another partner, kissing and fondling each others bodies. Caroline was wearing black fishnet stockings, with red and black suspenders panties and a quarter cup bra which held her breasts but pointed out her nipples. When she took off her blouse the other women went for her straight away sucking and fondling at her breasts and nipples. Then Sarah sucked hard on one nipple and slipped her hand down Caroline's panties and began to stroke her pussie lips inside her panties. We could see her fingers moving under the black and red fabric. Caroline went 'Oh! Oh! Ah! Yes! I like that!' As Sarah sucked and fingered Caroline in front of us.

Young Julie was wearing a white set of stockings, suspenders, panties and bra. Which was soon unclipped and her small pert breasts were released and put on show. The wives and Marjorie were concentrating their attentions on Julie & Caroline, as they were the two new 'pussies' for playing with at this party. The women were now settling down onto the cushions on the floor as well as sitting on the sofas and chairs. They were still kissing and fondling each other as well as stripping off and getting more sexual by the second. Marjorie in particular was in the thick of it. She was sharing herself with all the wives and the two single women. Marjorie fingered and fondled one woman after another finding sexual pleasure from sucking breasts and nipples and fingering open pussies and clits. It was a great live lesbian sex show right there in front of us. Sarah in her red basque was now sucking at Caroline's clit and Stephanie was kissing and pinching Caroline's nipples. Julie was having her stocking legs parted and Marjorie was licking her tongue up and down Julie's pussie lips making them wet and open up, then with her tongue she pushed it inside her Julie's opening wet young cunt. 'OH! OH! Yes!' Said Julie

The husbands including myself were just watching all this sex on display. We had to wait our turn while the women were sexed up between themselves and we men had to wait until Marjorie would let us join in, She was in charge. If we jumped the 'gun' we would end up being tied and chained to a chair and left to watch for the rest of the night, while the others enjoyed themselves.

Julie was now moaning out loud as Marjorie licked her pussie and poked her fingers deep up her young cunt. Marjorie poked and pulled at Julie's clit making her moan sexually one moment and then yell with sexual teasing the next. Caroline was now also making sex noises, moaning and gasping as Sarah and Stephanie played with her sex and her body, they were teasing and licking her cunt making her twist and move under them and soon Caroline was having her first orgasm of the night.

Beyond them I could see Elizabeth's bare bottom wiggle as she was in a 69 position with Alice. Elizabeth was in pink stockings and pink La Perla basque and her pink panties were hanging off one ankle as she tongued as Alice's pussie. Alice was in just her red stockings and suspenders having lost almost all her clothes while being stripped by the others including Elizabeth. Both Alice and Elizabeth were rolling about on the floor caught up in their own sexual clinch licking each others pussies and teasing each others clits.

Julie and Caroline were now both moaning out loud as they both having orgasms with the other wives playing with them. The three of us began to undress ready for joining in. But we waited until Marjorie gave us the signal. Once Julie had her orgasm and Marjorie had turn her over and was making Julie lick Marjorie's cunt did she allow us men to join in. Mark immediately jumped onto Julie from behind and with his long 9 inch cock he mounted her and began to screw her from behind in the 'Doggy Style' position. He poked his cock into Julie and then began to work it deeper and deeper into her. She wiggled her hips and bum as she felt the full length of Mark's cock filling her right up. Peter was after Caroline and he got between her open stocking legs and was soon feeding his big cock into her, wet tongue licked, open pussie. Sarah, his wife, was holding open Caroline's legs to make it easier for Mark to climb onto Caroline and to help Caroline cope with the size of Mark's cock. As he mounted her and began to ride her Caroline moaned out loud. 'OH! YES! YES! THAT'S A FUCKING BIG COCK!!!' She shouted out as Mark pushed in deeper and deeper inside her filling her up with his big thick cock. Sarah was talking dirty to Caroline, asking her 'Do you like my Mark's big cock up your dirty fucking cunt, you fucking Posh Slut! Do you like it, you Posh Bitch!' Sarah was also playing with Caroline, squeezing and pinching Caroline's breast and nipples, making her cry out. Sarah then told Mark 'Fuck her Mark! Fuck this Fucking Posh Bitch! HARD! Make her feel IT!' So Mark fucked Caroline very hard and fast, ramming his cock into her cunt and screwing her body rigid against the sofa, using her like a sexy doll or a sex toy, banging away at her wide open cunt, as Sarah held her stocking legs apart for her husband to fuck Caroline as hard as he liked.

Young Julie was also getting it quite hard from Peter as he was riding her doggy style, he had hold of her slim hips and was pushing and pulling her back and forth in time with his own hip thrusts. Impaling young Julie with his long 9 inch cock, literally nailing her hard up her young posh cunt. Julie pushed and twisted herself against Peter as he was fucking her. She moaned and cried out and yelled as he kept on banging away at cunt, Peter was just humping himself against her sex and using her like a cheap whore. Terry was now riding young Stephanie, he had pushed her backwards over some cushions and with her stocking legs waving up in the air, Terry was now fucking her cunt and having great fun riding her on the floor. She was moaning and giggling at the same time urging Terry to give her a good seeing too! She told him to 'Ride Me! Ride Me! (Giggle , giggle.) Fuck me up my Posh Cunt! Fuck Me! (Giggle, giggle.) Shag ME! Ride ME! (Giggle, giggle.)' She was saying over and over. Talking dirty to Terry to get him randy. I could see Terry's bare bum was bouncing up and down between Stephanie's open stocking legs as he responded to her dirty sex talk, giving a her a right good old fashioned fuck on the floor, riding Stephanie.

There were couples fucking all around, arms and legs spread wide and bodies fucking with other bodies, the sound of couples having sex and fucking, shagging and riding with cocks in cunts all over the sofa, cushions, the floor and the chairs. I was now playing with Alice and Elizabeth as they were still sucking and licking each others cunts in a lesbian 69 position. I rolled them over together until I got Alice on top and I got my randy stiff cock and began to poke it between her open legs and found her wet cunt, still with Elizabeth's tongue poking and licking away at Alice's slippery wet cunt lips. I manage to poke my cock into Alice's cunt and was poking it into her and I could feel that Elizabeth's lips and tongue were still working away at Alice too! I felt Elizabeth's tongue lick at my balls and cock. Alice was now moving beneath me and I got hold of her and pulled her against me and felt her body respond to my fucking her cunt. She pulled her head up from between Elizabeth's cunt and moaned and cried out out loud as I got a steady deep thrusting rhythm going and I began to enjoy myself. I was 'FUCKING!' I really love fucking other sexy housewives and right then I was fucking a sexy posh housewife while my wife was licking my balls at the same time. I looked around the room and watched as everyone else was also 'FUCKING!' It was a great sight seeing all these bodies twisting, writhing, fucking, shagging and riding all these sexy posh housewives cunts together.

Marjorie was arranging us again, she wanted young Julie and Caroline onto the sofa, side by side so that we could all take turns with them and give them a mini 'Gang Banging'. So Julie and Caroline were told to get up onto the sofa and spread their stocking legs wide apart and ready for fucking with. Marjorie told us 'These two little 'Posh Bitches', need a right good Fucking! So I want all you men, to get your cocks into their fucking posh cunts and then 'Gang Bang Them Together!'

So we all got into position. All the men were to take turns with Julie and Caroline, in a mini 'Gang Banging'. I was put with young Julie and began to ride her with her stocking legs up in the air, Caroline was mounted by Terry and Caroline had her stocking legs spread and raised up too. Soon both were having sexy little orgasm as both Terry and I shagged the pair of them on the sofa. Next Peter and Mark took our places and once more both young Julie and Caroline were mounted and fucked by the two younger men. They brought both Julie and Caroline to two amazing orgasm, making them both moan, sigh and then the pair of them began to yell and scream the house down, as they were fucked and fucked deeper and harder by Peter & Mark. Young Julie was really screaming her head off! 'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK ME! MAKE ME FUCKING CUM!! FUCK! FUCK!' She screamed at the top of her voice, as she was fucked in front of us, Caroline also began to yell out loud as she was fucked stupid on the sofa. They both were shouting out 'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!' out loud, over and over as they were really screwed, shagged, fucked on the sofa. They both had their posh stocking legs raised up, held at the ankles, and their legs spread wide apart so they could be screwed hard, with cock up their cunts.

Julie was then turned round onto her hands and knees and mounted from behind and fucked hard and fast, with her bare 'Posh" backside being spanked & smacked in time with her cunt being fucked with big stiff cock. Terry was then told to feed his stiff cock into young Julie's mouth, so that she would be double fucked, in her cunt and mouth at the same time. As Julie was on her hands and knees, sucking & fucking with cock at each end, she suddenly saw herself on the big wide screen TV! Julie went wide eyed, as she realised that Marjorie was now making a live porno movie of Julie. Marjorie had a video camera recording Julie and the rest of us fucking on the sofa and the floor. Julie was watching herself on the big wide screen fucking like a 'Porn Star'. She was in no position to complain because with Mark riding her cunt with his big cock rammed up her and Terry fucking her mouth with his cock, and making her 'Deep Throat!' with his stiff cock, Julie was held securely between both Mark & Terry. Right there in front of us all, young Julie was performing like a 'Posh' sexy shagging swinging slut! The other wives were now urging Julie on. 'Come on Julie! Fuck Girl! Fuck those two Cocks! come on Julie! Fuck Girl, Fuck!' The wives were also urging on Terry and Mark 'Fuck Her! Fuck the Posh Bitch! Make her CUM! Ride her! Fuck Her!' They were all shouting and cheering as Julie was fucking in a swingers threesome with two other women's husbands riding and fucking her on the floor at the party. Julie was getting a sexy swinging education.

Caroline was next and she got the same treatment, put onto her hands and knees then mounted as she got fucked, spanked and smacked from behind. Then Caroline had her mouth filled with cock and she was made to 'Deep Throat' cock. With Marjorie holding the video camera, as she recorded Caroline's sexy performance. She went at it like a posh housewife whore, she sucked & fucked, shagged and swallowed cock like a posh party prostitute! Caroline was getting fucked by Mark and he was humping and bumping his cock into her cunt and really giving her a right good old fashioned fucking. Caroline bounced onto his cock and Sarah came over and began to play with Caroline's tits as they bounced and swung about with Mark banging away at her. Sarah asked Caroline 'Are you enjoying yourself riding cock? You look really sexy getting shagged on your knees, do you want me to play with you too?' So Sarah reached under between Caroline's parted legs and began to finger and tease her clit as well as fondle and squeeze her tits and nipples. This made Caroline fuck even more as she was played with by three people at the same time.

Caroline loved being the centre of attention and she loved being used as a 'Fuck Dolly!'. Caroline had wanted to try out a swingers party and now she was really getting a swingers education. Caroline was loving the feeling of everyone at the party watching her and being having herself recorded on video fucking & sucking cock at the swingers party. She had always wanted to try out swinging now she had a taste of it. She wanted more and more and more!

Marjorie changed us around and I was then put with Caroline and Terry with Julie. As I climbed onto Caroline I asked her 'Are you have a good time and enjoying the party?' She replied 'OH! Fuck Yes! I want you to ride me and make me cum!' So I fucked her hard and fast on the sofa holding onto her hips and her legs wrapped around my waist.

We fucked away at Julie & Caroline for a while, then Marjorie got us to spread out across the floor and cushions and have a sexy orgy of couples having sex together. There was bodies and sex all around with hips moving in and out, up and down. Moans and sighs as couples brought each other off and had sexy orgasm together.

Caroline & Julie got fucked and shagged by us all that evening and well into the night, right passed midnight. Marjorie making sure each person had their turn with the two new posh women, who were new to the 'Posh Wives Club'. We ended up staying the night with Marjorie and she took Caroline & Julie to bed with her and spent the rest of the night shagging together, having lesbian sex lessons in Marjorie's big four-poster bed. We spent the night with Terry and Alice, we swapped wives and shagged them side by side into the early hours. Taking turns to watch and fuck both women one after the other. On their backs with their stocking legs parted and waving in the air or up on their hands and knees fucking them like bitch's taking cock deep into their cunts. Alice & Elizabeth played at being housewife whores and tried to have a fucking competition to see who could be the dirtiest doggy fucking wife.

Caroline is now a full member of the 'Posh Wives Club' and she want to have more sexy swinging experiences. Marjorie was very impressed with Caroline and wants to have her as a regular member of the 'Posh Wives Club' and has invited Caroline to spend the weekend with her at her country house. We think Marjorie has some special ideas she wants to try out with Caroline.