Written by Billyboy123

20 Dec 2009

When Samantha arrived on our doorstep late one Friday evening, Samantha was in very, very serious trouble, she had just left her husband of ten years. She was hoping that Elizabeth and I would be able to help her out of a difficult situation. Basically she was flat broke.

Samantha and Elizabeth had been close friends at school Elizabeth at once recognised what had happened. They spent the rest of the evening talking and drowning Samantha's sorrows with several bottles of wine and then glasses of brandy. At the end we all had an erotic threesome together with us all having sex and fucking together on the living room carpet and then upstairs sharing our bed having three-way shagging sex into the early hours of Saturday morning.

Both Elizabeth & Samantha seemed insatiable for more sexual experiences, with me having them one after the other and then also having sex between themselves. They were reliving their teenage years when they would share sexual favours with each others boyfriends and share the same boyfriend together in the same bed. I was only too happy to be the lucky husband who got to have both my wife and her old school friend in the same bed at the same time. I was enjoying myself very much indeed.

So Samantha became our 3rd partner in a sexual triangle, as Elizabeth took charge of the sexual arrangements and the three-in-a-bed combinations. She gave me free and full sexual authority over Samantha. In fact Samantha was now becoming almost like a second wife to me and that included being a willing and consenting sexual partner. I agreed to Samantha staying. Elizabeth told me "That our bed would be the best place to keep her warm." With a sexy smile on her sexy posh lips.

Being flat broke, money was never mentioned, Samantha was welcome to stay. Shopping with Elizabeth was next, clothes, shoes, cosmetics & perfume and my favourite of all lingerie. They had a fine time fitting out Samantha with a new wardrobe and underwear. I would walk into our bedroom to see both women in their sexy erotic lingerie, stockings & suspenders and basques etc. Also they would be semi-nude, breasts and nipples as well as bare trim pussies. Its very erotic to watch two posh women half dressed in a bedroom.

"Like the view Billy? Feel free to stay and watch while we get ready." Elizabeth would say as stood and watched.

Elizabeth and I had played sexual games during our married life and one game we often enjoyed was 'House Rules'. One of these 'rules' was that Elizabeth would wear sexy erotic lingerie and at weekends, leave off her panties, so that she would be bare pussie naked under her clothes and wearing sexy erotic stockings & suspenders. Now that Samantha was living with us, she was now included in these erotic games and 'House Rules'. So Samantha would also leave off her panties at weekends and also be bare pussie naked in stockings & suspenders.

Can you imagine just how sexually provocative and sexually charged the atmosphere was around the house at the weekends. I could hardly keep my hands from wandering into all sorts of places!

We were now having regular three-way sex. I was sexually servicing the pair of them regularly. I would be sitting on the sofa with Elizabeth and Samantha on each side, then Elizabeth would begin kissing me with her lipstick lips and her hands would press against me. Samantha would also now be close and I could smell both their perfumes. Elizabeth would pull away and Samantha would be kissing me next, tongue in my mouth and her body pressing against mine, Elizabeth now pulling at my clothes and trousers down and getting my cock hard with her hands and hot breath.

I was kissed and stripped by them both. I held Samantha and pushed up her skirt and my hands played with her sexy lingerie and m finger worked between her legs teasing and touching her sexy pussie lips and teasing her clitty. The three of us were touching, kissing and playing at sex games all together. It was an amazing feeling having two sex hungry women press themselves sexually against me.

Elizabeth would now help me strip off Samantha's clothes, her skirt unzipped and pulled off, her blouse unbuttoned and pulled over her shoulders along with her bra. My cock was hard and Elizabeth now guided it between Samantha's legs and up into her pussie lips, there it touched her sex and she shivered and moaned out loud

'OH! FUCK that feels sooo.. Goood! Fuck ME!' She would say and begin to grind and ride herself down onto my lap and impale her sexy cunt right onto my stiff cock. She was half naked in her sexy lingerie, sometimes her posh black lace, or slutty sexy red, but always she was wanting sex.

"Ride his cock Sam! Ride him, I can see his cock fucking you Sam! Ride Billy! Ride Him!' Elizabeth would tell Samantha. "Billy Fuck her Cunt! Make her cum! SHAG HER CUNT BILLY!' Elizabeth would tell me.

Samantha like Elizabeth was a bit of a wild-cat. She would bite and scratch and pull at me as we had sex. I in turn would hold her down and slap and spank her bare backside with my hands, sometimes biting her soft neck and leaving several 'love' bite marks on her smooth skin.

Both Elizabeth and Samantha would take turns humping and riding on my cock with me sitting on the sofa with them spreading their legs apart and sitting with my cock up their cunts. They like having control of my cock as the rode 'Cowgirl' style to bring themselves off to orgasm. Once they had enjoyed themselves I would then push them over onto their backs and mount them with my cock going straight up their cunts and fuck them hard and deep. I loved having a good steady rhythmic shagging session with them. Fucking Elizabeth to orgasm while Samantha waited and watched, ready to take her turn with me.

Sometimes they would share each other, licking clitty in a classic 69 position while I watched and played with them, with me touching and running my hands over their naked bodies.

We would always end up back upstairs in the bedroom with me having the pair of them kneeling side by side on the bed facing the mirrored wardrobe. I would them mount one of them from behind 'Doggy' style and shag their cunts with deep hard fucking motion. My hands on their hips holding them in position while I fucked away at their cunts making them talk dirty and tell me how much they were enjoying having my cock in their cunt.

'Like my cock up your cunt Samantha? Like to tell me how good it feels shagging your cunt? Can you feel how deep I am inside you?' I would ask them. They were loving it and would say things back to me.

'Fuck US! Shag US! Make us have sex with You! Spank my arse while you fuck ME!' They would shout back at me while the three of us were fucking all together on the bed.

I was riding them bare back and I would spunk my cum and cock cream deep into their bodies, holding their hips with my hands so that they would be in the right position to feel my cock twitch and pump inside their cunt flesh. I would also have them suck and swallow my cock cream into their mouths holding a handful of their hair and making sure they swallowed my spunk down, licking up ever drop.

We had great sexual orgasms together and loved playing sex games with each other and of we all enjoyed each others company in bed. Samantha was fucked regularly by me and also had lesbian sex sessions with Elizabeth. She shared our house and our bed for a long time.