Written by Billy Boy

15 Apr 2009

We are Billy and my wife Elizabeth and we have always enjoyed sex and fun together. We have always enjoyed being posh and my wife, Elizabeth has always liked getting dressed up in posh erotic lingerie for me in the bedroom. We have always enjoyed being with other women in sexy lingerie to dressed and undressed in stockings and suspenders, basques and corsets etc. I have always encouraged Elizabeth to wear stockings and suspenders and erotic lingerie around the house and out and about. We have been married for some time now and over years we have had many erotic adventures together. Often we have enjoyed playing sexy and erotic games with other sexy housewives, couples and swingers that we meet up with. We have also enjoyed having full sex with other couples too. Being rude and crude as well as bonking and shagging along with riding and romping. We like getting into bed with sexy housewives and giving them a right good seeing too, with cocks being put into their open mouths, wet and willing cunts and sometimes right up their kinky housewife bum holes too!

One couple we made contact with for a sexy swinging shag session recently is a young couple in their 20's, Ian & Angela, who Elizabeth met online in an adult chat room one day while on the computer. Well Elizabeth got herself so caught up with the kinky idea that she went a bit too far in encouraging Ian & Angela that they were asking for Elizabeth's details. Silly cow that she is, she gave away too much! They were into dirty, rude and crude sex with other women and couples.

When I arrived home from the office that day Elizabeth told me what she had done. 'I know I was a bit naughty arranging something without permission. but they seemed such a sexy couple.' Elizabeth explained to me. I agreed to her request and I began to look forward to meeting Ian & Angela.

That evening we got an e-mail from them along with a few sexy photos. Ian was young and stocky, well built and had a average size cock in his photo. Angela was also young with blonde shoulder length hair and was not skinny but a nice figure with nice big brown nipples. They included details of their address and inviting us to their home, a semi-detached house in a town about an hours drive away. We answered the e-mail and sent some sexy photos of Elizabeth in her sexy lingerie, stockings and suspenders and with her breasts and tits out and also of us with my cock up Elizabeth's sexy cunt and a silly surprising look on her face! We agreed to meet at Ian & Angela's house on Saturday. I also wrote that Elizabeth wanted to be really dirty with them and I wanted to watch her get a really dirty shagging from both of them

On the Saturday afternoon we were both quite frisky and I watched as Elizabeth got ready for our meeting with Ian & Angela. Elizabeth was getting dressed in one of her best 'French' outfits that she had bought in France. A pink suit, jacket and skirt with a sheer see through pink blouse. Underneath that Elizabeth was wearing her best 'La Perla' basque in pink silk, figure hugging and making Elizabeth look even more beautiful. She also had pink stockings with lace tops decorating her legs. Wow! She looked fantastic, a real 'Posh Totty'. I was looking forward to seeing the look on Ian & Angela's faces when Elizabeth walked into their house.

We arrived just at seven, Ian opened the door and showed us into the living room. Angela was waiting for us, she was dressed in black and red. A black see through blouse through which I could see a red bra. She had on a medium length red skirt under which she had on, what I hoped were stockings, in a bright tarty scarlet red colour. With her blonde hair loose Angela looked quite the 'Tart'. Both Elizabeth and I are in our 40's and Ian and Angela were in their early 20's, which meant that they were half our age and standing there in the living room the four of us were just realising the age difference when Elizabeth broke the ice and said 'Well, nice to meet you at last. We have only just met but I think we will all become the best of friends."

I had already sized up both Ian and Angela and was happy with my first impressions, we would certainly going to to be close friends. Ian got drinks out and Elizabeth and Angela sat together on the sofa. As they sat down both wives gave a fine view of their stockings and stocking tops. Elizabeth in her pink and Angela in her tarty scarlet red. both Ian and I enjoyed the view of them both side by side. I then began sex up the conversation, I asked Angela 'Are you wearing stockings under your skirt?' Angela smiled and replied 'Yes, I am.' My next question was to ask. 'Are you wearing suspenders too?' Again Angela smiled and said 'Yes, stockings and suspenders. Just like you asked in your e-mail. Would you like to see Billy? I love to show off my legs.' Well I said 'Yes, lets have a look at your legs and the rest of you too. Can I take pictures?' I asked taking out my camera. 'Sure, you can.' Said Ian and he showed me he had his camera ready too.

Angela then stood up and lifted the hem of her skirt up and slowly revealed her red stockings, stocking tops and red suspender belt and then as she went higher her tiny red panties which barely covered her pussie lips. 'Come on Elizabeth. Stand up and show us your stockings too.' I said. Elizabeth stood and she did the same with her skirt, raising it up and showing off her pink stockings, stocking tops and her tiny pink panties too. I began to take a few photos of them both 'flashing' themselves for our eyes and cameras. Ian was looking straight up Elizabeth's skirt and taking several photos of her. We were in the house for about 15 minuets and already Elizabeth was flashing herself and playing the posh tart. Next I got both women to turn round and bend over and flash their bums. I nodded to Ian to join in and he went over and he began to pull down Elizabeth's pink panties off her hips and down to her knees exposing her bare pink bum cheeks. Elizabeth sighed as Ian slipped his fingers between her legs and played with her bare shaved posh pussie lips and inserting one finger right into her. Making her go 'OOHH!'. Angela was next and Ian pulled her tarty red panties down to her knees and fingered his wife's pussie and finger fucked her cunt too.

I got undressed and Ian too stripped off we then played with both Elizabeth and Angela on the sofa. Playing with them sexually and stripping off their clothes until Elizabeth was in her pink basque and stockings and Angela in her red bra, suspenders and stockings. Both their panties had been removed and both were having their legs spread and their pussies lips parted with our fingers and tongues as we licked and sucked their pussies making them moan and sigh. I then spread my wife's legs wide and told Ian 'Give Elizabeth a right good fucking and make sure you fill her up with cock and cum!' Ian took me at my word and got straight onto the job. He mounted Elizabeth with his cock up her cunt and began to fuck her right there in front of me. I looked straight into Elizabeth's eyes and watch her get her first fucking of the evening from Ian. As he was fucking away with Elizabeth I told her to talk dirty.

'Fuck Me! Fuck me!' She started with, then said 'Shag my posh cunt and fuck my posh mouth with cock. I want to lick your wife's cunt and suck her tits!' As Ian heard Elizabeth talk dirty he began to fuck her hard and fast, getting rough with her and really banging away at her cunt with his cock fucking her hard and deep. This made Elizabeth moan out load and she was obviously building up to her first orgasm. I got hold of Angela and began fucking her side by side with Ian and Elizabeth. As we fucked together Angela said 'Your wife's a posh fucking tart, look at the way she is behaving with my Ian.' I looked over and watched as Elizabeth spread herself for Ian to fuck her and she was urging him on to fuck her posh cunt. Suddenly Elizabeth screamed out 'I'm Fucking Cumming! Fuck! Fuck Me! Fuck Me! I want to Fucking Cum on your Cock you Randy Fucker!' The next moment she reached her orgasm and her whole body just shook and jerked about as Ian kept hold of her and still fucked away at her posh cunt as she had her orgasm.

Angela was next to orgasm, I was fucking her with deep slow cock thrusts into her. Exploring her cunt with my cock until I found how and where she liked having a mans cock inside her. She began to breath hard and then she just let rip and moaned out loud as I found the right spot and worked at it and made her cum and cum. She rolled her eyes and cried out loud as her orgasm went through her. We all lay for a while together on the sofa just touching and feeling our bodies next to each other.

I then told Ian that Elizabeth now had to have her spanking! Because until she was spanked and disciplined, she would never let him bend her over and part her bum cheeks and let him shag her tight posh bum hole. So we got up and stood Elizabeth at one end of the sofa, she was shaking with anticipation and trembling with anxiety as to what I had planned for this evening. Elizabeth is a submissive housewife but she has to be disciplined and I do this by spanking her in public in front of other couples. When I do this Elizabeth then becomes a willing wanton participant in all things sexual. Fucking, shagging, cock sucking, lesbian and bisexual housewife sex, anal sex and just about anything you can imagine. But first she has to be spanked! I told Elizabeth to bend forward and I stood behind her and then I began to spank her bare bottom. I spanked her firmly and spanked one bare bum cheek then the next. Until her bum cheeks were a bright pink colour. Ian and Angela watched in fascination as Elizabeth then stood upright and kissed me full on the mouth and thanked me for her spanking. She then turned to Ian & Angela and said "Well I suppose you will be both wanting me to fuck with the pair of you, well you can do anything you like with me! I'm just a dirty posh slut! A dirty little posh housewife whore and I want to do really dirty things tonight, lots of dirty things, I'll do anything at all!' Both Ian and Angela had big smiles across their faces.

We spent the rest of the evening fucking Elizabeth and using her in all sorts of sexual positions. Up on her knees being doggy fucked while licking out Angela and doing lesbian licking with Angela on the sofa and on the floor. We lubricated Elizabeth's bum hole and took turns to shag her arse and also fill her cunt with cock so that she was double shagged in her arse and cunt at the same time. I let Ian ride Elizabeth bareback and shoot his spunk into her sexy holes, because I enjoy watching another man's cum dripping out of her sexy holes.

We fucked Elizabeth's posh cunt, mouth and posh arse all night. I was riding Angela and Ian was riding Elizabeth with both wives shagging side by side. We made them both talk dirty and spread themselves wide open for us. Elizabeth was a posh slut that night and she enjoyed playing her part. We made sure she had several really good orgasms and Elizabeth also taught Angela a few sex lessons too. Both wives were, willing wanton and had a fucking great time both playing at being tarts and sluts for us. I really enjoyed shagging Angela while Ian watched. We were fuck both Elizabeth and Angela doggy style on the sofa and I told Ian to really give Elizabeth a hard rough fucking up her cunt, also to spank her bare backside as he did this. I told him that Elizabeth needed to be used and he should shag the arse off her! I then did the same with Angela. As we were fucking them and spanking their bare backsides we started to talk dirty about them. Saying how much we like fucking their cunts and how they were just a pair of dirty fucking sluts. Both wives then started talking dirty too! Telling us we were fucking bastards and shagging cocks. As we rammed our cocks up both their cunts both wives now began to moan and scream as we fucked away at them. They were panting and gasping as we really banged into their cunts. Elizabeth was clawing at the sofa cushions and Angela tried to pull herself away from me but I got hold of her and kept on shagging the dirty bitch. Ian and I were really enjoying shagging them side by side. Angela was a fantastic fuck she really open her legs and let me have her as hard and deep as I wanted. Elizabeth did the same with Ian giving her posh cunt a tremendous shagging. Both wives were hard fucked and well serviced by us. Afterwards Ian held their stocking legs apart while I took porno photos of their swollen pink cunt lips and then turned them round and took some photos of their cherry red spanked backsides, Elizabeth's was much redder than Angela's because she could take more spanking.

As I took the photos I could not help noticing that both Elizabeth and Angela had a certain likeness about them, perhaps like sisters or considering the age difference more like mother and daughter. Elizabeth in her 40's and Angela in her 20's. Even afterwards looking at the photos Elizabeth commented the same. Saying that Angela looked very similar to herself when she was in her 20's. Both women had the same sort of face, hair and similar curves on their bodies.

Ian enjoyed having us and he fucked and shagged Elizabeth over and over again. He was young and strong and he kept his cock going in and out of both Elizabeth and Angela all night long, he put in a great performance. I wish I still had his energy to keep on fucking hour after hour all night long. I let him have Elizabeth on her knees and spread her posh bum cheeks and fuck her up her posh arse. She screamed the house down as Ian got all the way into her and began to ride her and hump his cock right up her arse and have his way with her. Elizabeth was loving playing the dirty posh tart, she spread herself and enjoyed the pleasure of Ian's young cock sliding in and out of her posh arse, while I watched and took a series of porno photos of her playing the tart and the slut.

I took my time that evening and enjoyed watching Elizabeth get a right good seeing too from young Ian. I fucked Angela several times and enjoyed playing with her young sexy body. We fucked away until well after midnight. Then I took Elizabeth home, she didn't bother dressing she just pulled her jacket on and went out naked underneath, with her clothes under her arm. When we got home she dropped her clothes on the floor pulled off her jacket and fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow. She enjoyed playing the tart, also giving the sex lessons to Angela and being shagged up her arse by Ian. With Ian being half our age, at times it seemed he was just like me twenty years ago. Angela was just a cheap tart, a right little housewife whore, she enjoyed spreading her legs for shagging like a bitch on heat and I enjoyed using her body for fucking with. I could easily see her being very kinky and playing wild sex games with her. I looked forward to seeing them again for more swinging sex.

The following morning we got an e-mail from Ian & Angela asking for a return visit. I also showed Elizabeth the photos I had taken of her with Ian. Elizabeth was more than a little shocked and stunned at how dirty the pictures were and how much of a tart and a slut she looked in the photos. 'God, was I really that dirty with Ian?' She asked. 'God I look like a porn queen in a hardcore sex magazine!' I told her she looked fantastic and I was going to let her have a second go with Ian & Angela.

Later that day I e-mailed back that we would love to have a return visit and at our house next time and that Elizabeth would love to be a dirty posh tart for them again and was she was looking forward to getting her posh cunt filled with another good fucking from Ian. I arranged to meet up the following Saturday.