Written by Billyboy123

16 Jul 2009

We like to have sexy erotic adventures together, we are Billyboy & Elizabeth (Posh Elizabeth!) and we have lot of sexy fun doing things together. One thing we have enjoyed doing recently is going out to Dogging locations nearby, in the summertime. We like driving out to several places where we know there will be some sexy couples and some sexy fun going on.

We also have a friend who has joined in with us, a woman called Caroline. (Also Posh!). So together as a sexy erotic threesome we have been going out and visiting Dogging sites nearby. Both Elizabeth and Caroline are dressed, or should that be 'Undressed', for sexy adventures, in stockings and suspenders, or basques, corsets and other sexy exotic lingerie. On this occasion Caroline was in a pink silk basque and pink rose patterned stockings under her coat and Elizabeth was in a vivid blue basque and blue stripped stockings under her coat. Both of them were not wearing panties. I took them off before they left the house and hung both pairs of panties on the post at the top of the staircase back at our house.

They both giggled like schoolgirls as I took the panties down off them and told them they would not be needing them for the rest of the night. Caroline said that I was 'Just a dirty old man! Taking our knickers off and then making us walk around bare naked under our coats.' Actually she is not far wrong I do enjoy playing at being a dirty old man, even though I'm only in my mid 40's. Elizabeth is also in her mid-forties and Caroline is a good ten years younger than us, at 33 years old. So to her I am much older.

Anyway I got the panties off the pair of them at the top of the stairs and hung them over the top post. Then I led them both downstairs and gave them a coat each and whisked them out the front door and into the car and into the back seat together. They were laughing and joking together and with me as I drove off.

'Where are taking us, you dirty old man?' Caroline was teasing me from the back seat and then would open up her coat and flash her bare pussie at me in the rear view mirror. 'Are you taking us somewhere nice, or somewhere naughty?' Elizabeth asked, and both Caroline and her laughed at the little joke.

I replied "How about I take the pair of you to some place where you can both get a right good shagging up your fucking cunts!" Making it sound really crude and dirty. I looked at their reaction in the mirror. They both pretended to be shocked but then they fell into giggles again and Elizabeth said. 'Well I hope there are going to be some bigger cocks there, yours is too small to cope with the both of us darling!' Then both Caroline and Elizabeth laughed and giggled at that.

At the first Dogging place there was no one there, the place was empty. We waited for a bit then Elizabeth said she wanted out to go for a pee. So I let her out and both Caroline and Elizabeth went to the back of the car and squatted down and had their pee together. Back into the car we set off for another Dogging site.

Once again we were the only ones there, so off we went to Dogging site number three. At last success. There were several cars all parked in a group and also two vans parked off to one side. One van had a big side sliding door and it was open and inside we could see several people having sex on a mattress in the back of the van. There was three men and two women and they were all having sex with each other. One woman was on her hands and knees and being fucked doggy style from behind while she was sucking a cock in her mouth. The other woman was on her back with her stocking legs up in the air and a the third man was between her spread legs and we could see his bare bum cheeks bouncing up and down obviously fucking away. We all watched the show for a while.

Then a couple came out of one of the parked cars and came over to our car. I opened the window and they asked if we would like to join in with them in the other van. Both Caroline and Elizabeth nodded in agreement so we all got out and went across to the other van. The back doors were open and a two double mattresses were in the back. We all climbed inside and I began to get undressed. Caroline and Elizabeth slipped off their coats revealing their sexy lingerie and bare pussies. The other wife took off her coat and underneath she was wearing a black bra, panties, suspenders and fishnet stockings, her husband like me was now also stripping off.

I got hold of the other wife and pulled her bra straps down and got her tits out and I then got her panties off and down to her ankles. I was watching Caroline now sucking on the husbands cock as he played with Elizabeth, poking his fingers up her wet cunt, as she spread her posh stocking legs apart and put herself on sexual display. We still had not introduced ourselves, some people never want to know your name. They just want to have sex with complete strangers without ever knowing who they have fucked with. I was randy as hell and was wanting to fuck a sexy cunt, any sexy cunt.

I got the wife to spread her stocking legs and held them up in the air and poked my cock into her wet cunt. Her pinks cunt lips were already opening up and I easily managed to mount her halfway inside her cunt with my first thrust of my hips. 'Ahhh. Ahhh.' She moaned out loud as I fucked away at her. 'Ohhh. Ohhh!' I heard Caroline moan out and I turned round to see that she too had now been mounted by the other husband and he was fucking her on the mattress just behind me and his wife. Elizabeth was now openly finger fucking herself and watching the sex show.

'Fuck everybody, fuck around together. Lets all fuck each other!' Elizabeth was saying to us all. She was really wanting a fucking herself. I turned back to continue fucking the wife in the black suspenders and stockings. 'Fuck Me!' She whispered into my ears. 'Fuck Me! As my husband watches me and fucks your wife.'

We were fucking away together. I fucked the wife to a noisy orgasm, with her moaning her face off as I shagged her cunt with long steady strokes. Caroline was also having an orgasm as the husband jumped and bounced himself on top of her. He really went at her hard and fast. No real technique involved just hard basic fucking, but it made Caroline cum so he had some idea of what he was doing. Next he was onto Elizabeth and once more jumped and bounced on top of her body. Ramming his cock in and out of her cunt. Elizabeth was crying out in time with the jumping & bouncing cock going in and out of her. 'Uggh! Uggh! Ahhh!' She was getting a good bonking that's for sure.

I got the wife turned round and mounted her from behind, doggy style, my favourite position for fucking dirty housewives. I mounted her and began to fuck and shag her cunt with good hard strokes. I then reached under and pinched her nipples on her swaying tits. That made her yell out loud. 'Aye! Ouch! Ouch!' Then I gave her bare backside a few slaps, spanks and smacks. That also made her yell out. 'Oh!.. Ouch! Oh Fuck!.. Shit! Ouch!' I was having some real hardcore sexy fun with this fucking bitch. I was planning to fuck my cock up her arse if she was willing or not. But I was sure her husband would agree if I let him do the same with Caroline or Elizabeth.

The husband finally spunked into Elizabeth and Caroline was in there to lick up the sticky cummy mess. I was still riding the wife doggy style and enjoying smacking her around and getting rough with her body. Pinching her nipples and biting her neck and shoulders leaving marks all over her skin. The husband was now just sitting watching the sex show. Holding onto his limp dick and trying to wank it back to life. I finally put on a show for him and spunked my cock cream deep inside his wife's shagged cunt. I rammed inside her and held her hips as I pumped my cock cream right into her flesh and held her there for as long as I could making sure she was well and truly filled up with cum deep inside her body. I leaned forward and whispered into her ear. 'Did you enjoy getting your sexy cunt fucked?' She looked over her shoulder and said 'Yes, very much. I like it rough!' Then I let her go.

After that we went back to the car for a rest and watched the sex show in the other van. Couples were swapping in and out and backwards and forwards. New cars arrived and other couples left. The husband and wife we had fucked in the back of the other van were leaving, they drove along side our car and wound down their window.

The husband leaned out and said 'I really enjoyed that. Can we see you again. Joyce, the wife really liked what you did with her, she likes it rough. Here's our address and phone number give us a call tomorrow, will you. Thanks.' Then they drove off in the night.

We had had enough fun ourselves and so we drove home too. When we got back to the house we looked at the address and phone number and we tucked it away safely. I then took Caroline and Elizabeth upstairs into the bedroom and fucked the pair of them silly until well past midnight. I shagged them both on their hands and knees and spanked their bare backsides and pinched their nipples. I also got them to 69 each other and have a lesbian licking session. As I was doing that I was planning what I might do with the other couple. What kinky delights could I get 'Joyce and Charlie' to do? Would she be up for anything? Would her husband? I played with Caroline and Elizabeth sexually all night thinking about what I could do with 'Joyce & Charlie'.

Well I'll give them a phone and invite them round for a good old fashioned shagging sex session and find out just how kinky they are prepared to go.