Written by Billyboy123

18 Sep 2009

We like to have some sexy erotic adventures as a couple, my wife Elizabeth is a right little posh tart and she loves being introduced to new and erotic sexual couples. We go dogging as well as playing on the internet. Recently on one of our dogging trips we met up with another couple, called Joyce and Charlie. We met them at a dogging site where we all got together and shagged each other's wife in the the back of a van on a couple of mattress. We did not exchange names or anything like that. It was just anonymous dogging and shagging. But Charlie and Joyce enjoyed themselves with us so much that they wrote their name and phone number on a slip of paper and handed it to me as they were leaving.

So I was going through my wallet and found their names and phone number, at first I had forgotten who they were, then I remembered them and how they had enjoyed being shagged together and that Joyce was a submissive little housewife who enjoyed being used as a 'fuck dolly' in the back of the van. Elizabeth, my wife, was getting a fucking up her posh cunt by Charlie while I gave Joyce, his wife, a good hard shagging with my cock with her bent over on her hands and knees, in the doggy style position, on the mattress in the back of the van at the dogging site.

So I gave Charlie a call on his number and after a short chat he agreed to phone back so that both Joyce and he could talk with Elizabeth and I all together. So later he phoned back and after a quick chat I handed the phone over to Elizabeth and she had a quick talk with Joyce.

'Hi there are you ok with us meeting up and coming round to our house this weekend?' Elizabeth asked Joyce. Wife to wife, just to make sure that Charlie and Joyce were on the level and really wanting to meet up. Elizabeth winked at me to let me know everything was ok.

'So we can look forward to seeing you both at 3 p.m. This Saturday, and you know what were are asking you to do? Yes that's right, we and you will be swinging together.' Elizabeth was saying to Joyce then she handed the phone back to me and I spoke to Charlie for a few minutes more making some arrangement between us.

On the Saturday we got the house ready for them coming over. I got some drinks arranged and Elizabeth some snacks organised and then she got dressed in her sexy outfit for the meeting. Black quarter cup bra with her nipples lifted and poking out, black seamed stockings with frilly lace suspenders, sheer see-through panties and over that she wore a little red cocktail dress and red high heeled stilettos. She looked fantastic, the perfect mix of a posh sophisticated housewife and an erotic wanton sexual swinger! Over the phone Elizabeth had talked to Joyce and told her to get dressed up in some sexy erotic lingerie, so my imagination was running wild trying to imagine what she might be wearing. When I talked to Charlie I had told him that if we 'Clicked' as two couples, then I would be expecting some serious sexy fun and some sex action between us.

Bang on time they arrived and I let them in and sat them down in the living room. Both of us were surprised when we met Charlie and Joyce. Charlie was in his mid-30's and Joyce was much younger than I remembered mid -20's perhaps. It turned out that Joyce has just turned 20. They had been married for nearly three years. Since Joyce was 17 and Charlie was 32.

Elizabeth got out the snacks and I popped a bottle of champagne and mixed some 'Bubbly' cocktails. Orange juice, white rum and champagne. Its a great cocktail and really gets most women flirty and tipsy in no time at all. I find it the perfect ice breaker for swinging with. Women just seem to lose their inhibitions along with their knickers around about the same time. With Joyce it worked a dream. By half past three she was giggling like a school girl and the conversation was full on sexy, flirty and turning more 'Blue' by the moment.

I then got Joyce and Elizabeth to pose for a few sexy photos together on the sofa. Hitching up both the hemline of each of their dresses and flashing stocking tops and suspender belts. Charlie was enjoying himself too. I was urging on the two wives to pose a bit more and got Charlie to join in along with them as I took some more photos. At this point Elizabeth unzipped Charlie's trousers and fished out his cock from his pants and started to give him a wanking right there on the sofa. Joyce was well tipsy by now with several champagne cocktails and she joined in in pulling her husband trousers and pants down and wanking his cock with her hands and then joining in with Elizabeth when she popped her mouth over the end of his cock and gave him a quickie cock sucking. I moved in and dropped my trousers and offered my stiff cock for both wives to play with and to suck on. Joyce got hold of my cock and she sucked it into her mouth in one go and then she sucked and wanked my cock into her young sexy mouth leaving red lipstick lip prints on the base of my cock.

Soon I was stripping off the rest of my clothes and Charlie was doing the same as Elizabeth sucked and wanked on his cock. I got naked and stood in front of the sofa. Both wives were now getting quite sexed up, almost as if they were competing with each other as they sucked on our cocks. I pushed Joyce backwards onto the sofa and then began to take off her dress. I want to see what she was wearing under her dress. Joyce was wearing a pink bra, suspender belt and matching pink panties together with pair of pale pink stockings. I tossed her dress across the room and leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth. This got Elizabeth to take her turn she unzipped her dress and took it off. Charlie's eyes were popping out of his head when he saw Elizabeth's sexy outfit. Her breast were poking out of her quarter cup bra and her nipples were full and erect with sexual excitement.

I wanted to fuck Joyce and I told her to take off her panties and to spread her legs and her fanny wide open for me. I leaned over her and poked my stiff cock between her legs, she was shaved and her bare fanny lips were wet and opened up as I poked my stiff cock into her soft young sexy fanny lips, she moaned out loud as I began to fill her pussie with my cock. I slipped into her and began to fuck her in nice easy hip thrusts. That got Joyce really excited. She yelled out loud as I got deeper and deeper inside her. I was really fucking her and I leaned more into her and kissed her on the mouth again. Charlie was watching me fucking his young wife while Elizabeth was wanking his stiff cock and dipping her head down into his lap to suck him into her mouth. I heard her say to Charlie.

'Do you like watching Joyce getting a fucking from Billy? He got a big cock just perfect for fucking her young cunt. I think she's enjoying getting her cunt fucked, don't you?' Elizabeth as talking dirty to Charlie getting him randy and ready for some sexy fun.

I was now fucking Joyce with long deep rhythmic hip thrusts, which was making her moan and yell out loud as her orgasm started to build from deep inside her cunt as it was fucked by my stiff cock sliding in and out of her.

'Oh Fuck ME! Oh Fuck ME! Make me Cum! Oh Yes,..FUCK!.. FUCK! ...FUCK ME! I want too Cummm! Make Me....!' Joyce was yelling out loud now and she was moving with me on the sofa, I was fucking her and she was responding and fucking herself onto my cock, spreading her pink stocking legs apart and grabbing hold of one cushion on the sofa and digging her nails into my back with her other hand.

Elizabeth was now wanking Charlie while they were both watching us fuck on the sofa. Elizabeth was now urging me on.

'Ride her Billy Boy! Ride her, make her do it with you. Make her CUM! Make her CUM!' Elizabeth was calling out to me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Charlie and Elizabeth watching Joyce and I fucking away together. Charlie then started to tell Joyce he wanted to see her fuck and cum with me inside her.

'Come on Joyce, ride his cock take it all inside you. Let him make you cum darling.' Charlie was enjoying watching me fuck his young wife's cunt as much as I was actually doing it with her. Joyce was fucking away like mad now bumping and grinding her hips as I was doing the same to her, keeping up a steady rhythm of, cock in cunt, cock in cunt, cock in cunt.

Joyce grabbed hold of me and she kissed me full on the mouth and stuck her tongue inside and we French kissed together. Then she pushed me back and moaned out loud.

'I'm Fucking Cumming..Cumming!' Joyce yelled out and she pulled me down on top of her and dug her nails into my back.

'I'm Cumming Charlie! I'm Cumming..He's Making Me CUM! CUM! CUM! Ooh I'm Cumming Charlie....'

Her orgasm shook and rippled through her body. She was still humping and fucking with her hips, opening her self up for me right there on the sofa together. She wanted Charlie to see her orgasm with me fucking her. We held onto each other for a while then Joyce released her grip on me and I got up off her. I still had a stiff cock because I still had not cum myself. Joyce smiled at me and then over to Charlie and Elizabeth.

'That was fucking great Billy!' She said to me and the others.

We all had fit of the giggles then. Laughing at the situation and the funny joke that Joyce had just made. Elizabeth was still wanking away with Charlie's cock, so I suggested that I get Elizabeth's panties off and he could give her a good fucking while Joyce and I watched them fuck together on the sofa.

'Ok' Said Charlie.

I pulled down Elizabeth's panties to her ankles and she stepped out of them and then she lay back across the sofa, spreading herself and her black stocking legs wide apart so that we could all see her moist wet fanny lips, she was certainly ready for a cock up her cunt. She looked amazing lying there ready for sex. Charlie got ready, he was wanking his own cock now, for fucking Elizabeth. Charlie climbed onto Elizabeth and I got the camera and started taking some porno fuck photos of my wife being fucked by another man. Charlie mounted Elizabeth and began to fuck her. Elizabeth spread her black stocking legs wide apart and held them up in the air, still wearing her red stilettos, she looked like a right fucking tart. Her fanny was opening up even before Charlie got his cock into her. I could see her moist fanny lips open and part as she held her legs open for him to have her. God she was fucking randy for cock. She is a real posh slut and loves having her fanny filled with cock, fingers tongues and all kinds of kinky sex toys, even fruit and vegetables, she loves spreading herself for sex.

Charlie began fucking her and she was loving it. Elizabeth loves being the centre of sexual attention, she loves being on show and being the sexy bitch that everyone wants to fuck.

'Come on Charlie! Fuck my sexy posh cunt with your big cock dearie.' She said into his ear as he began stroking his hips back and forth with his cock siding easily in and out of her open fanny and right up her sexy cunt.

Charlie had a rather odd way of fucking women. He actually bounced himself in-between Elizabeth's legs. I remembered this from when we were dogging with him, fucking Elizabeth in the back of the van on the two mattress. So Charlie bounced between Elizabeth's legs fucking her cunt. Bonking and bouncing away at her while Joyce and I watched them fuck on the sofa. I told Joyce to come over with me and to kneel in front of me and suck on my stiff cock while I took more porno photos of Charlie and Elizabeth fucking. I was standing in the middle of the living room and Joyce was kneeling in front of me, she could still watch her husband and my wife fucking while she sucked my cock on her knees.

'Do you like sucking my cock while Charlie fucks Elizabeth?' I asked her. She nodded her head still sucking on my stiff cock.

'Your a good girl, keep sucking my cock.' I told her and took some more porno photos of Charlie fucking Elizabeth.

'Good girl, keep sucking my cock. Now listen to me Joyce, I want you to do exactly what I tell you. Do you understand?' I told her in a firm voice.

'You will do exactly what I want Joyce. Ok?' I told her. Joyce kept sucking my cock and nodded her head in agreement.

'Now I want you to turn around and get on your hands and knees. Ok?' I said to her. Joyce pulled my cock out of her mouth and turned round onto her knees facing the sofa where Charlie and Elizabeth were still having their 'Bouncing' fuck together. I got down behind her and spread her legs apart and got ready to mount her sexually from behind, in the 'Doggy Style' sex position. I nudged my cock towards her fanny lips and then pushed in, deeper and deeper, with good firm hip thrusts. Joyce gasped and moaned out loud, as I fucked my cock into her young cunt from behind. I began to ride her, slowly at first then bit by bit, I began to hump and bump into her. I grabbed hold of her hips and I really banged my cock up her cunt. That made her scream. I was really enjoying myself. I smacked her bare bum cheeks with the palm of my hand and got hold of a handful of her hair and yanked her head back as I rammed my cock in and out of her willing young cunt. Joyce was now getting fucked by me as hard as I could. I was using her just like a little 'Fuck Dolly' banging away at her, spanking and smacking her bare backside, pulling her hair and also getting hold of her swinging breasts and pinching her nipples with my thumb and fingers, that made her yell out loud too. I was riding her hard.

'You like a cock in your cunt, don't you Joyce. Cock in your cunt and a cock in your mouth. that's what you like, don't you?' I was talking dirt to Joyce as I was riding her and playing with her body, pinching her nipples spanking her bare backside, running hands across her body and her skin. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

'How would you me to put my big stiff man sized cock up your tight little bum hole and shag your arse right here in front of your husband? Would you like that you fucking little fuck slut?' I said into her ear while still riding her and holding her tightly in my grip. Joyce tried to pull away and looked over her shoulder at me, she looked like she had the jitters and I could see a hint of panic in her eyes. I deliberately put one finger between her bum cheeks and rubbed it around her tight little brown bum ring and teased her, making her wiggle her bum cheeks as I played with her.

Then Elizabeth started to climax with Charlie also about to orgasm and spunk up inside her. I stopped playing with Joyce and watched the sex show that Elizabeth was putting on. She had wrapped her black stocking legs round Charlie's waist and locked her red stilettos together. Charlie was trapped by Elizabeth into fucking her. She was shouting out a string of obscenities one after the other as she was reaching her climax.

'Fuck Me! Shag MY Cunt! OH! Oh, fuck your cock inside my cunt. Fill me with your babies! Spunk Me! Spunk Me! Ah! I'm CUMMING!' She was yelling and screaming into Charlie's face, in a silly string of sexy talk. Charlie was also just moaning and yelling out himself back at her.

'I'll Fuck you, you Fucking Bitch. AH! Ahh..Fuck you, fuck you..OH!'

Both Joyce and I watched as Elizabeth climaxed and Charlie began to thrust his hips hard up against her and his bum cheeks clenched together as he spunked his load of cock cream deep inside Elizabeth's posh cunt.

When they had finished fucking. I restarted humping into Joyce from behind. I worked slowly at first then went faster and faster, pounding my cock hard and deep into her cunt. I wanted to cum into her. Joyce was screaming her head off now, just like Elizabeth.

'OH. OH. Fuck Me! Shag Me! Ah! Aaarr...Fuck! Shag! Shit! Bastard!'

I then felt my balls twitch and squeeze together and I was spunking and spurting my cum out of my cock! I pumped and pumped into Joyce, with my cock filling her up with spurts of cock cream all the way inside her sexy cunt. Deep and hard I filled her with my spunk. I held onto her hard and held her hips as I made sure I had pumped every last drop of sperm right into her young fertile womb.

I slumped on top of her and then we all had a fit of the giggles again, it began with Joyce and then Elizabeth, Charlie and then me last of all. My heart was pounding and I had that dizzy head feeling you get when your just had a really hard and amazing shagging session.

Charlie & Joyce spent the rest of Saturday afternoon and evening fucking and shagging with Elizabeth and I. We fucked all over the house and in all sorts of positions and combination, twosomes, threesome and foursomes, we shagged each other late into the night.