Written by Seeker

9 Sep 2014

Most of your readers will probably find my experience of last night a bit tame, but non the less I found it very erotic.

My girlfriend and I met 6 years ago when Becky was just 22 and I was 43. We have been living together for 5 years and she has grown into a beautiful looking woman and I would admit I’m punching above my weight . She has a tiny frame but lovely boobs which get her a lot of attention. I am used to this now and actually find it a compliment when guys come onto her. She has also grown in confidence and dresses provocatively when we go out and she can be very flirty.

Back in January had a winter break in the Alps where we became friendly with a good looking young couple called David and Karen. They were more Becky’s age and were good fun. We went out for après ski drinks a few times and we invited them to our hotel spa one afternoon when the weather was a white out. From what he told me I thought David was a bit of a player and his wife was very easy on the eye, both were as flirty as Becky and as we drank more champagne things got quite suggestive . In the jacuzzi Becky wore a skimpy string bikini and which had trouble containing her boobs- much to the appreciation of David whose eyes were out on stalks. I could tell Becky quite fancied him as well and equally enjoyed the view of the muscular David with an impressive bulge in his trunks . Despite the flirting and smutty talk nothing actually happened.

I am conscious of our age difference and feel the need to keep Becky well satisfied , but at my age I don’t get so easily aroused and so we spice up our love life with fantasy like many couples do. This generally involves the thought of Becky making out with other men. During that holiday David often featured in our fantasy love making ! The difference this time he was not an imaginary person ,

The week passed all to quick and we exchanged addresses as you do though not really expecting to keep in contact after the holiday. However they did e mail from time to time and we threatened to visit them in the Cotswolds .

A couple of weeks ago David called to say he would be in our area on business and did we want to meet for a drink. Becky took the call and offered for David to stay at ours. He accepted but said he would take us out to a posh meal on expenses.

Hence last night we booked a table for 3 at the most expensive restaurant in the area. Becky splashed out on an equally expensive strapless dress that showed off her tan and boobs to perfection. To start with she was a little self conscious and kept pulling the top up but after a few drinks she relaxed as David and I enjoyed the view as the top edged it way down her breasts . We had a great meal and all got rather pissed.

In the cab home Becky sat in the back with David’s arm around her bare shoulders. I had visions of him having a sneaky feel and wondered if Becky would let him.

Back home Becky curled up on the couch with David whilst I got us a night cap. Becky’s boobs came dangerously close to popping out and her skirt rose up her thigh . I sat opposite them and found myself willing her nipples to pop out. David was certainly getting an eyeful and I made an excuse to go to the loo and had a little tug on JT. I’m sure David took this as a cue move in on Becky as when I returned she had sat up and looked a bit flustered.

After a couple more drinks we went to bed. Becky soon got naked and was prancing around teasing me. But she remembered the guest room windows were locked and thought David be too hot in the night. Still pissed and wondering how far she would go I said she should take the key in to his room. With that she threw on her satin dressing gown and took the key from our window into David. She seemed to be gone for ages but was probably only 5 minutes or so, In the knowledge that my girl was next door naked under a thin gown that clearly showed her nipples I found myself with a raging hard on. I imagined him feeling her breasts through the silky material.

As I soon learned this is exactly what happened !!

Becky fair raped me when she came back and I found she was totally aroused – her shaven fanny was really wet and her clit was sticking out more than I had ever seen. As we made love she said David was just in his pants when she went in and had kissed her when she passed the key over. She described how he put his tongue in her mouth and kissed her neck. She even let him feel her breasts . As he caressed her bottom he had a huge stiffy which he thrust against her and said he wanted to make love to her .

At this point I guess she panicked a bit and returned to me.

On waking the next morning, Becky said did that really happen last night ? Before slipping under the sheets to give me a lovely blow job. I questioned her about what she got up to and promised I wouldn’t be mad. Becky said she did get a bit carried away and let him open her gown and kiss her boobs and finger her fanny , hence why she was so turned on when she returned to our room. Unusually Becky let me come in her mouth such was the effect of the night.

I work from home so had no need to rush to get ready so went into the kitchen to make breakfast. David came down and we chatted as if nothing had happened. Shortly after Becky came down wearing the same dressing gown. The silky material clearly showing her nipples and bounce of her boobies. Now sober was she doing this deliberately ? I guess so as when seated her top gapped open to reveal nearly all. I caught David staring at them. She was driving us both crazy.

Becky then got ready for work, she didn’t put on her normal office wear but put on a black pencil skirt sexy white blouse unbuttoned more than you would for work. She looked divine. I normally take her to the station but as David would be passing he offered to drop her off. I almost envied him as he would have her undivided attention for the 15 minute drive through the country lanes.

This morning I haven’t got much work done as I keep thinking about last night and agonising whether I should encourage her to go further tonight.

However as I reviewed this letter prior to posting a close mate called asking if things were OK between Becks and me. It seems he was out jogging and as he passed a parked car he saw a woman giving head to bloke. A while later the same car passed him and he was sure it was Becks in the passenger seat. I was shocked but also so so aroused. I guess it almost makes up my mind to engineer David to share our bed. I’ll let you know how we get on.