Written by Lee

16 Sep 2007

Well if you read my account of events in the woods with my wife liz this is what happened next, Ever since liz had being brought to orgasm by the old man fingering her a total stranger in the woods kept talking about it when we were in bed a couple of times i saw liz had her eyes shut as i played with her i knew she has thinking of our episode before so when i suggested we go back to the woods liz jumped at the chance so off we went once there liz hitched her skirt in her waistband like i had being doing i was a little surprised liz had no knickers on and was wearing stockings witrh suspenders do i look alright liz said as she gave me a rear view told her lots of men would spunk in there pants at the sight off we went i could see liz was wet already between her legs we had just about got to last weeks spot when the old man from last time stepped out from behind some bushes i wispered to liz its him the old guy who fingered you with that liz turned pretending to point to some birds in the trees giving the old guy a full view he came over and spoke out what a lovely ass girl and a tight pussy then without any pause he put his fingers between liz,s legs i could not belief what happened next liz opened her legs to give him full access has he was playing with her see was moaning with eyes closed the old man pulled his cock out it was a good 8inch thick with deep veins and a blue coloured cock head whoa hang on i said thats my wife as i said this he was feeding his cock into liz giving her something you have not being giving her thats why she is in heat he said anyway she is a tight fuck so that means your a little dick she needs this a mans cock by now he is thrusting deep into liz all i can see are a pair of massive wrinkled balls agaist my wifes smooth bum then liz starts to push back sqealing yess ohhh yessss mmmmm come on your a hot ass little fucker the old guy said then he started to speed up he grunted and gave to deep thrusts fuck thats feels good mate lovely shag his cock plopped out of my wife leaving a trail of cum on the back of her legs and i could see cum running out of liz no condom the old man had put his cock away now my name is arthur he said you will fetch her back again tommorow for me do you understand liz gripped my arm hard i found my self telling arthur yes he winked and said to me enjoy your cream pie wont you cuckold