Written by PETROS

7 Dec 2017


I was back in two hours, but had to go back out. Marie and Joe were still shagging each other. I rang to say I’d be home in 15 minutes. I walked through the door and Marie immediately knelt down taking my cock in her mouth and murmured “Yes” when I asked had she been fucked. Three times it turned out. Marie took me upstairs and as I fucked her up the arse, she told me in great detail how Joe had fucked her. He said he’d love to do a double penetration with us. He also told Marie that he and Amy, his wife, were into partner swapping and would be interested in a wife swap evening. Marie told him it was a bit unfair as she’d fucked him, but I hadn’t fucked Amy. Joe told Marie to send me down on Tuesday evening around 7 and Amy would be waiting to be fucked. He and his boys were out at Karate training. I pumped Marie full of spunk as I thought about fucking Amy and Marie was telling me to call her Amy. Tuesday couldn’t come fast enough. I was feeling pretty randy, especially as Marie had fucked Tom on Monday and Tuesday at the office after work. Just before I left the house, I took a blue pill and Marie gave me a quick blowjob. Not enough to make me come, but enough to turn me on. I arrived at Joe and Amy’s house and squeezed through the partly open front door. Amy was naked and knelt down immediately to suck me off. She said she’d finish off what Marie had started. Marie had rung Amy to tell her about sucking me off. Amy was superb. She licked up and down my shaft, teasing my bell end. She licked my balls and around the top of my thighs. Finally she took my cock into her mouth and kept on taking it in, until it had totally disappeared down her throat. She sucked hard and gradually slid my cock out of her mouth, then in again fast. My balls were bursting and I told her I was going to cum soon. She stopped sucking me off and squeezed my cock hard. She led me upstairs holding my cock all the ime. She had silk scarves ties to each corner of the bed, with which she tied me up. She then fucked my face with her cunt and sucked me off some more. She tit-wanked me until I was close to coming again. But she choked my cock hard to stop me cuming. Then she blindfolded me and I could hear her as she climbed on top of me. He cunt was on fire and was so tight and creamy. She expertly slid onto my cock and rode me slowly for several minutes. Teasing the tip of my cock, then sliding down deep onto it. “I love the feel of your cock inside me and it tasted so good. I’m going to suck you off again. I love the taste of cock.” She moved off me with a slurp of her cunt and towelled me dry. Her mouth enclosed my cock and she sucked me fast, her tongue driving me crazy. I was arching my back, aching to cum in her mouth. “Please let me cum inside you – mouth or cunt, I don’t care.” Soon”, came the throaty reply. Once again I felt her cunt gripping my cock and I was building to a huge cum. Just as I started to say “I was coming”, she climbed off me, untied the blindfold and there before me was my wife and Amy smiling at me as I shot my load over them both. They laughed at my reaction and then fingered the spunk off each other and into each other’s mouth. I watched for a few minutes and realised my cock was still hard. They had taken it in turns to fuck me, as I lay there with my eyes closed in bliss. I was too interested in my own pleasure to realise I was being shagged by two different women, with different shagging techniques. I should have known! They had discussed it on Monday evening and I remembered that Marie had fucked me quickly that night. They untied me and we all showered together. Later at home Marie said she wanted to fuck Amy as well. I just nodded and she gently fucked my aching cock to a small cum. Marie cunt fucked Tom every day that week and again a couple of days the following week. He was running out of excuses to work lte. He agreed to take part in a 4 some. They carried on fucking each other on an irregular basis for over a year, until Tom and his wife left to join another company back in his home town.