Written by Kiwi Couple 50's

23 Jun 2016

Like many hubby's I've been obsessed with tales of wives who happily fuck or suck another guy in front of their hubby, always read the stories and watched the odd bit of MFM porn...teasing the wife when we have sex about it, as you do! She loved the fantasy of it but always said reality differs and it might make life difficult. strangely enough she always came harder when being called a slut or asking if she had sucked cock that day...silly bed games but fun! Summer just gone we rented a beach house out on the west coast of the north island for a week, awesome place, weather was great and it even had its own secluded balcony where the wife happily sun bathed topless most days. She is early 50's, bobbed blonde hair, curves for sure and a lovely to hold pair of 36c's...she is trimmed below and always looks great. Coming back from a walk along the beach we noticed another couple, slightly older than us, were unpacking their car, having obviously rented the bach next to us, we said hi and found out they were from the UK and driving around NZ but opted to rent the place for a few days and enjoy our summer. Later that night they were outside having a BBQ dinner and a few wines, they smiled over at us and asked us to join them for a drink, we grabbed a few cold beers and a bottle of chilled white and headed over. Being as warm as it was, I had on a pair of rugby shorts and a stank top, wife had a tank top (bra on under it) and shorts, they too were pretty much the same, very casual, he was in shorts and a T while his adorable older wife had on a summer dress with skimpy shoulder straps and it did show off her lovely breasts nicely. Chatted about all sorts, really nice folk, could see him taking the odd glance at Sue's best bits, that felt good and every chance I got I took it to peruse his wife, sexy mature with auburn hair, tawny eyes, full figure and I'm only guessing but 38d's..very nice! His wife got up from the BBQ table (outside) and went over by the fence for a cigarette, her hubby didn't smoke and she didn't want to annoy us with it, not that we minded (I don't smoke but Sue no stranger to having one of her friends ciggys when drinking) so she went over with her and bludged one. While she was gone I went to the loo and heard them all giggling as they chatted. Came back and there was a bottle of ouzo on the table with some shots glasses, we all had a few and they went to the head big time! Sue was obviously feeling flirty and horny, leaned in and kissed me, I love it when she's like that...friends wife was in the loo and he remarked I was lucky, Sue leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek just as his wife walked back out, she laughed and wanted to know what was going on. It wasn't awkward at all, Sue said she was thanking him for paying her a nice remark, she laughed it off and asked me for one...with once I had paid her one and told her she was lovely she kissed me, except this time on the lips, loved it! Sue followed and started snogging him, he responded and I saw his hand cup her tit, I was in for that and gently caressed his wife's as we kissed. The kissing stopped and we all looked at each other sheepishly, they then told us they had tried swinging in the UK with friends and loved it, we confessed we were novices and hadn't even considered it. Sue then told all of us that she weirdly found it erotic to kiss and be touched while I was there, he said he enjoyed the same watching his wife and I added my two cents worth saying I loved it! With that said the kissing and fondling heated up, I watched Sue take his cock out and suck it while I was being sucked by his horny wife, had to hold off cumming big time as seeing your wife suck while getting head really puts one lose to the edge! We opted to take it inside and soon were fucking on the couches in the bach, would like to say it went on for hours but we all came rather fast to be honest, and for the record we came inside each others wife. The wives crept outside for a cigarette break and after coming back in and having a drink they sucked us hard again, this time we fucked our own wife, feeling his cum in her was amazing, we both enjoyed that immensely and we then took turns swapping and fucking each others wife till we all came again, this time on their tits. Absolutely not awkward after cumming chatted well and got on so well. Wound up doing the same over the next two nights before they left for more adventures in NZ, We keep in touch via email etc and hope to head over there soon. Making the fantasy a reality was amazing, so glad it worked.