Written by keith

9 Jan 2009

For months I fantasised about watching my wife naked in the arms of another man making love whilst I watched them. I would often think about it as we were making love and eventually I became bold enough to talk to her in the terms of a stranger explaining and asking her what it felt like to have a strangers hands caressing her body playing with her breasts and niples and even exploring her most secret places. In the begining she told me to be quiet and just get on with the job in hand but eventually under constant pressure from me she began to listen and enjoy the things I said to her. She enjoyed it and her respnses were fantastic. I would feel her grinding her hips as I played with her tits and sucked on her niples feeling them lengthen in my mouth and as I felt her smooth fanny her legs would open more and more to allow easier access. My description of a huge cock entering her and fucking her slowly always did the trick and her fanny and thighs instantly became really open and wet.

Out side of our love play she would not consider taking a stranger to her bed let alone open her legs to him until one night as we were playing our games I asked her if she fancied having sex with someone else with a good sizes dick and she said yes. I searched and found a willing subject and sent him photographs of my wife in various states of undress and nude and in some of her kinky costumes. In response he sent back to me pictures of himself sporting a huge erection. The size of it was just what I wanted to see fucking my wife but I did not show her the pictures in case it put her off the game.

Now here we are in a hotel room she dressed in a short PVC dress with stockings and a black thong and matching bra. just waiting for the knock on our room door. She has bathed and looks fantastic and we are both trembling with excitement as the expected knock arrives. She stands with her back to the door as I let this stranger into the room and close the door and move to hold her close in my arms still with her back to him. I reached down and took the hem of her dress and pulled it up around her waist to reveal her lovely soft round bottom to him. Alan took the hint and stripped off everything except his briefs and then he moved into position behind her pressing his hips hard against hers. He turned her around and pulled her close gripping her bare buttocks as I moved to a chair so that I could see my fantasy come to life. He led her to the bed and removed her dress and then laid her back onto it his hands were everywhere sliding over her thong and bra parting her legs and stroking the hidden place where he would soon place his cock. Thr bra came off and he played with her tits sucking her and biting her niples this went on for what seemed ages and I was eager for him to expose he fanny completely and enter it. Eventually he slipped the thong down her thighs and threw it to me it was soaking wet whith her love juices. He parted her legs wide and placed his mouth on her fanny and began to suck her and finger her and tongue her at the same time, she was writhing her hips and lifting them to meet his mouth she was in her seventh heaven. He stood up and removed his briefs which by now could not contain or hide his long thick shaft she looked at it and then at me and reaching forward took it in both hands and started to move the skin up and down revealing the huge swollen purple head with each stroke. Alan moved onto the bed and lay on his back she knlet beteen his legs and started to suck on his monster cock and I had the full view of her wet open pussy. I was longing to see this intruder enter her and give her the fucking of her life. I didnt wait long she moved over him and straddled his hips she had to crouch as his cock was too long to be able to get it to her open lips whilst on her knees. She took his cock and placed the head at her opening and then carefully so that she didnt slip off of it she changed her position onto her knees and let the monster start to enter and stretch her. It is fantastic to see it sliding in inch by inch until she had it all and just his balls can be seen. They remained still for a few moments to let her adjust to the size of the rampant cock inside her and then they began to fuck. She was like a wild animal and couldnt get enough of it, they changed position her legs over his shoulder, then she was on her hands and knees he riding her hard and fast had the stamina of a bull and she enjoying every thrust. I watched the lips of her stretched fanny folding back and forth with each stroke I heard and saw her climax several times and all the time Alan kept fucking her. The show went on for over two hours and he never slipped out of her once except to change positions but eventually I watched as his small tight buttock clench as he thrust deep inside my wife and held it there as he filled her with his spunk. It had been a fantastic show and I took many many pictures that I shall keep close by and show to her when ever we want to play again. I have seen her fucked since then but that very first time with Alan has always been the best. Any of you guys out there reading this I promise you it is the most exciting thing to see your wife naked in the arms of a stranger and being fucked and to see the pleasure that she gets and is reflected on her face. I still cannot believe that it happened but it did and I have the pictures to prove it to her and myself