5 Oct 2009

After 27 years of matrimony to M.A. she finally accomplished what I love to see. Two women getting it on. We have in the past had some fun, swapping, two men for her, but never me and two women.

M.A. is a very sexy 69 year old, still got her shape, tits still sticking straight out. M.A. is 5 ft 6 inch weight 135 lbs. Beautiful tight ass and 40 DD tits that are still very sensitive and hardly sag. She does not trim her bush, which I love. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s not real hairy, but just enough to rest your chin on.

My name is J, I am 63 years young and still love getting it on with M.A. I am 6 ft 1 inch and weigh 200 lbs. My build is not bad, considering I do not lift weights or work out in the gym. I do walk about 5 miles a day, and work out in the pool every day. I have a very hairy body, which M.A. loves. I have an average cock, approx. 8 inches and quite thick. Nerither one of us take any enhancement drugs or prescriptions. We have sex 2-3 times a week including every Saturday night.

M.A. and I have always been very open about our sexual results before we met and fantasies. M.A. really has no fantasies as long as she has a fantastic climax. She has had quite a few partners like myself but had never had sex with another female. I told her that was always my fantasy, because a woman knows better how to satisfy a woman then a man does. She did not really seem interested but did say maybe someday your fantasy will come true.

When we have our time together, the thing that turns me on the most is when she masterbates. I will be sucking on her tits and rubbing her pussy at the sametime. All of a sudden she will replace my hand with hers, wow what a turn on.

Saturday I worked in the yard most of the day preparing it for winter. I have a next door neighbor,L, who is a single female living alone in her middle 30\\\\\\\'s. She has never been married and until about 6 months ago, was nothing to look at. She was approximately 100 lbs overweight, with thighs so big they looked like elephant legs. When I finished my front yard she came outside and asked can I pay you to do my front yard. I teased her and said how about working it out in trade.She looked at me with a blank stare, and I told her why don\\\\\\\'t you come over about 11:00 tonight. I will leave the front door unlocked. Then she realized what I meant.

That is when I really looked at L since she lost about 85 pounds. Her tits were still big, and she has a nice figure. Long blonde hair, natural,not bottle.

About 10:30 that night M.A. and I proceded to bed. I thought ok time to get it on. We started making out like two teen-agers as soon as our heads hit the pillow. I had her naked in no time at all. I thought I better get going hoping L would be coming through the door in a half hour.

I worked on her tits and fingers down below. She had her hands around my cock, pulling it up and down.

The clock chimed 1100:00 P.M. and I though I better get busy. M.A. loves oral sex, so down below I went to orally satisfy her. I had been chewing on her for about 10 minutes when I felt a hand on my ass.I turned around and there was L naked. Wow what a body. I moved to the side and let her take over giving M.A. oral stimulation. At this point M.A. had no idea what was going on. Linda worked on M.A. like a pro. I then realized this was not her first time. I decided it was time for M.A. to find out we had a partner. I left L. eating her out and started kissing and playing with M.A. boobs. That is when she realized there was a third partner. She opened her eyes and was surprised, but I think happy that it was a woman. When L saw M.A. look at her, she took this as her take over. i got out of the way and let L take over. She moved up M.A. body kissing all the way up, especially her tits, and then their mouths met. Wow what a turn on two women tits to tits swapping spit hugging each other. They both rolled to their sides and started exploring each other bodies with their hands. M.A. complimented L. on how foxy she looks. Then the real turn on happened. L. told M.A. to lay on her back and L. got on top 69 style. This was M.A. ist time to suck pussy and she loved it. By this time my cock was rock hard and needed some relief.L. had her ass straight up in the air so I started sucking on her bum hole. After it was good and lubricated, I spread her cheeks and had no problem putting my cockup up her ass. Wow what a sensation. I could actually feel M.A. sucking her pussy wile I am fucking her in the ass. It didn\\\\\\\'t take me long to shoot my load up her ass.

After I drained my load and left the girls still going at it, I went and got the camera and took many stills and a few videos.I am thinking of submitting a few of them, what do you think?

The girls stayed ate each other out for just about another hour, then they both gave me attention. L. started making out with me and M.A. gave me a fabulous blow job. I asked M.A. if I could fuck L, and she said by all means. I layed L. on her back and M.A. guided my cock in her pussy. Wow what a turn on. Here I am fucking our next door neighbor with my wife guiding my cock in per pussy. After L. came a couple of times, it was my turn to cum in her blonde hair bushy pussy. After I came L. squeezed me, thanked me for servicing her yard and body. I gave her a big kiss rolled off and M.A. dived between her legs to clean her pussy. Wow what a turn on my wife eating our next door neighbor.

L. left shortly after that and M.A. and I had a hell of a romp in the sack. She told me afterwords she really enjoyed her new experience and would like to do it again.