Written by horneyjez

17 Jul 2011

In the early 90's i was working at the airport and i guy i worked with wanted me to do some work on his car as i was good with cars n enjoyed tinkering with motors. everyone was skint n we did what we could helping each other out n working our days off either overtime at the airport or cash in hand where we could.

sean was an ok guy married to julie who was attractive and unknown to me seriously hungry for cock. i followed him to his house and we set about replacing the cylinders on his rear brakes outside his house while it pissed down with rain. when i was done i was so happy as all i wanted to do was get home showered n sleep, sean and julie had other ideas. sean told me that julie had made me some dinne which i hungryly accepted. when i got in their house the kids had been put to bed and julie gave me a dressing gown to put on while my clothes were in the dryer. i sat down and she gave me a plate of food n a beer and then announced she was going for a bath. after her bath she came down in a long t shirt that just covered her good looking bum and sat down oposite me. after half hour of being shown pictures of julie naked and in various states of undress i guessed what was coming and sure enough i had a great night of fun with julie while sean watched even though i was unsure at first, being only 21 n not sure what to do etiquette etc.

at that time i was seing a sexy girl who loved dirty talk during sex and we would often talk about her being fucked by another man/men while i watched and even so i was unsure with sean & julie as it was my first time. it was a great night and i fucked her twice while sean watched and we had a few meetings after but for me i wanted to b sean watching my girl/wife being fucked by another man or men so the novelty wore off. i split up from the girl i was with shortly after and started to see a very sexy looking and enticing girl who lived near me. believe it or not she was a jehovas witness, yet we were fucking out of wedlock and she let me fuck her in the arse, the first girl i did so. at the time i thought to keep her interested i should rub her clit to keepmit all going but to my amazement as my hand touched her fanny she was dripping wet. i then started talking dirty to her and saying about her being spitroasted n having a lover to come round n fuck her while i was at work. she loved the idea as it was forbidden by her religion and she got a massive kick fucking other men and our sex life was great so i married her loving that she went from my slut girlfriend to being my slut wife.

unfortunately as much freedom as i gave her it wasnt enough and after 6 months of marriage we split up. i had a few relationships where i was always trying to get the girls to fuck other men when i felt confident opening up to them but nothing happened.

when i met my current wife we were both late 20's and as it was a long distance relationship when we were together it was incredible. eventually i asked her what her fantasies were and she said for me to tell mine first. i said how id like her to fuck another guy while she sucked me or be spitroasted by 2 guys while i watched. whars yours i asked...she shocked me by saying she wanted to be fucked by 2 guys at once and she really wanted to be fucked by a black guy. i couldnt believe what i was hearing n i felt so happy as i felt i had found my soulmate. it really turned me on she wanted black cock and i suggested maybe she should be spitroasted by 2 black guys while i watched.

this went on for a while, we would fuck and talk dirty to each other, she how much she wanted black cock, me how much i wanted her to fuck other guys and have a lover. soon we were married n work n bills made our time fade a bit n slowly the passion faded n it seemed to me sex became a chore for her. after a while i couldnt take it anymore and we had a massive row where i told her how unhappy i was sexually and that i was thinking of looking elsewhere for sex. she was shocked and we had a big heart to heart where i pointed out how she was n how she is n she seemed to understand what i was saying. we were soon having sex and talking dirty to each other with her telling me how much she wanted to have big black cocks fucking her. she even said how she wanted to b a slut for me.

a week later we were in bed and she said she had met a black guy who was cute n fit on the train to work. i asked if she wanted to fuck him and she said yes do u mind? i said no id love u to. the next night we were in bed and she said i have asurprise for u. i asked what n she said she had talked to this guy that morning and swapped numbers. r u ok about this she asked. yes i said. thats good as hes been texting me all day she said. my cock started twitching big time in anticipation. she showed me the texts and he was very forward saying how he wanted to b naked with her n fuck her. did u like these texts i asked? yes she said they made me very wet n i couldnt stop thinking bout his dig cock inside me. i was so turned on n i said to her why dont u fuck him then? u really dont mind she asked? i want u to if u want to...yes i do she said. text him now and tell him u want his cock tomorrow so she did.

we fucked madly that night both turned on that she would be impaled on a big black cock the next day. that morning i kissed her passionately before she went to work both knowing she would b unfaithful later that day. i came home from work and sat there with my cock out thinking about my slut wife getting a large portion of black cock as i had thought all day. she finally came home near to 10pm nearly 4 hours late.

i took her in my arms and we kissed n i could smell cologne on her. i told her how much i loved her and asked if she had a good time. she just grabbed my hand and guided it up her skirt to her naked fanny and said what do u think? her fanny was wet hot and sticky oh so sticky, i wanted to get my cock out and fuck her feeling the sloppy seconds as it was clear she had been fucked bareback. we went to bed and i spent most of the night uncontrollably fucking her spunk filled pussy just so turned on. in the morning she said she didnt realise how much it would turn her on let alone how much it did to me. i told her i wanted to watch her being fucked. she said ok but not this guy, she wanted him as her own lover n if i want to watch her being fucked i need to arrange 1 or 2 fit black guys to do so.

i told her about this site and she agreed to me placing an ad and putting my story here. so we are looking for, my wifes requirements, 2 fit good looking WE black guys who are discreet to fuck my wife bareback while i watch n maybe film.

i know this has been longwinded but its a true story n hopefully i can tell u more as a first hand witness soon