Written by exploringcple

28 Mar 2011

After my first fling and still married to my first husband, I had a big conversation with him, the net result he was clueless about sex and wasn't really interested in exploring any boundaries. In our conversation I did mention other things to try, like toys, swinging etc, he thought I was some perverted woman. I had experienced the best sex I had ever had in my fling, guilt made me break it off.

After many months of being frustrated I decided the next opportunity I would take advantage. I then changed jobs and became really good friends with another girl who had been married for about 5 years. One Saturday afternoon when her husband was out and over a few glasses of wine, she said that she was bisexual and her husband encouraged her to explore this side.

She was allowed to meet people and he didn't mind giving her space. I had never heard of anything like this before, quite frankly it shocked and excited me at the same time. Of course in my sheltered sex life I had never been with another woman or even considered it. I was really curious and asked her lots of questions, like who often she came, how does she start things etc. I could feel myself getting really wet and excited as she explained all the thing, highlighting that sex with a woman was different and just as fun as a man.

She said suggested that the best experience was to try it, we talked about it possibly ruining our friendship, she was insistent if we found it difficult we would stop and pretend it didn't happen. The wine, hearing what she said and being very excited, when she lent across to kiss me I didn't stop her.

Her kiss was so soft and gentle, before I knew it she had my top off kissing and nibbling gently on my nipples. It was sensory overload for me. We ended up going into her bedroom and we stripped. She made love to me and had me on the edge of a huge cum for a long time, she was an expert. After I had come so many times, she then showed me how to pleasure her.

We then became a regular, meeting once a week normally after work at her place before her husband would come home. I was very satisfied. Very often I would get home, and my hubby would do his normal, lets have sex. I was always constantly wet and horny.

Things developed a bit further, I was over her place one Saturday afternoon. I went to go down on her and found she tasted different and was wet. She then said before I had arrived her husband had just fucked her and cum inside her. That was my first experience of this. It wasn't unpleasant. It had never occurred to me to ask questions about her husband, but after that session I did ask lots, like does he have sex with her after we had finished etc. The conversation turned to including him, I wasn't sure as having sex with her didn't feel like cheating with on my husband but another man..well?

She said there was nothing like having the attention of two people, I agreed reluctantly and we made a date for during the week. All week I was nervous as hell. I was trying new experiences without my husband and really enjoying the path of life I was taking.

The afternoon arrived, I ended up meeting my friend and she suggested that us two start as we normally do and her husband will join later. We are busy on the bed with her between my legs when her husband entered the room. He was already naked and sporting an erection the same size as my husbands but a lot wider. He went straight over to kiss me and played with my nipples, I almost went off the scale of an orgasm.

I must say we tried everything, the best bits was when I was the center of attention. He eventually fucked me as she played with my clit, kissing me and playing with my nipples. He jetted his cum inside me and I came with an almighty howl. I still remember the first time like it was yesterday. She went straight down on me and cleaned up his cum and made me cum again.

The three of us became regulars,trying to meet each week or sometime on a Saturday afternoon. They used me, made me cum and of course I returned the favor. I guess I started down the road of becoming a slut. Most times after our sessions I would make sure I would fuck my Husband, it always turned me on thinking that this couple had used me, cum in me and now my husband would be next.

As far as pregnancy, after my first fling I went on birth control pills so I wouldn't have to worry about again.