Written by great day

24 May 2007

A year ago i went out to a local dogging spot with a lady friend, she was a work collegue who talked about sex all the time, some of the things she'd done were truly unbelievable.

That said she showed me evidence in the form of pics and a vid. Back to our day out, we went to this spot which she had been to before. It was a really nice summer day, we got out of the car & headed down this path at the top of dissused quarry, we came to a small clearing where straight away C my friend said you want to see something, of course i said not knowing what she meant, with that she stood there lifted her skirt to show me a shaven pussy, then lifted her top so i could see her small tits with pierced nipples. She stood there skirt in one hand tits out with the other,right she said then came over to me loosend my belt placed her hand on my throbbing cock, down went the trousers off came the shirt & she started licking & nibbling my now hard nipples.

She stood up backing up slightly took off her clothes, both of us stood naked looking lustfully at each other,then we heard a noise, i looked accross n could see a guy about 19 i told c about this she looked & said lets give him the show he's expecting; that said she got on her knees & started sucking like i've never been sucked my 7" uncut cock hitting the back of her throat, she took it out wanking me & said is he still there.

Yes he's there, she told me to lick her pussy she got on all fours facing the guy i got behind her & opened up her lovely shaven pussy pushing my tongue right in her, she moaned & said the guy now had his cock out n was pulling it hard, as she told me what he was upto she told me to lie on my back, which i did she then lowered that glorious pussy on to my face pulling on her nip rings.She then told me to get up & go over to the guy, i said no, so she got up pussy juice running down her thigh went over & told the guy to come over, the guy looking sheepish came over, she told him to strip which he did. Standing there with his 8.5" shaven cock stood out she told him to watch as she lowered her dripping pussy on my throbbing cock she started talking dirty, saying how good this guys shaven cock looked he smiled & started to pull it as C rode my cock ,she told him to come & rub her tits, he grabbed her great tits, she grabbed his smooth hard cock licking the end he moaned & shot his cum in her mouth she swallowed all of it.Still rubbing her tits she bounced really hard on my cock telling me she wanted more cum to drink, with that she got off my cock & went straight down on it, my cum shot into her mouth so much it was running down her chin. Thought that was it but i was wrong she went over to the guy, we now found out was called chris whispering something, she came back to me & started to suck me trying to get it hard, too soon i thought no chance, so she went over to chris rubbing his smooth body all over i could see him stirring she was on her knees licking his cock.

Then to my surprise she bent him over & started to lick his ass her hand all the time pulling on his cock & rubbing his balls, i saw him flinch as she pushed a finger in his ass his cock seemed to grow which made mine twitch, seeing this C came over licked my shiny cock then did the same the finger in my ass was heaven chris was looking on as my cock was being pulled & my ass fingered,then shock of shocks C called chris over telling him to kneel down she pushed another finger in my ass, i moaned & she told chris to open his mouth i could'nt believe it she was feeding my cock into another guys mouth & i was liking it as he sucked my cock C fingered & licked my ass telling me i was a dirty bastard & she wanted to see my cum on chris's body, that was all i needed to shoot he took it all in his mouth which C came & took in her mouth then dripped all over chris's balls which me & C rubbed in i've never been so turned on looking at chris with his shaven cock &* balls covered in my cum we are going to a club but thats another story