Written by Sexy_As_Fuck

10 Nov 2014

Ok so disclaimer, this was actually my 2nd time going to the club with my wife but it was the first time we properly engaged in it.

Ok so it’s Saturday night what else are you going to do on a Saturday with the Mrs, but drive to a sex club 20 miles away. We both dressed up nicely, me - slim fitting blue shirt, trousers, well groomed smelling like a dream. Wife - sexy as always, leather skirt, top showing just about the right amount of cleavage that makes you want to see more, hair done up and looking beautiful. We arrived not too late and after the entrance, we took a deep breath and wondered upstairs to the bar to see the rest of the people daring enough to make the journey down here. We entered into the bar area with the dance floor and stripper pole to see a few couples and a few single guys. There was a woman in all leather with breast holes cut out, a few guys in leathers too. I had never seen this live before and this is when I think me and the wife knew “shits about to get real”. There were a few lockable bedrooms with open windows for spectators to see the shows going on. In one room a guy was fuck a woman while her older husband sat on the bed watching, occasionally encouraging the bull fucking his wife and lightly stroking both of them. The ended up staying in there for like 2 hours, well done. In another room a young slim sexy girl was having sex with three guys. She was sucking one guy’s dick, while another fingered her and the other played with her breasts. What a rush it was to be standing there with my wife watching this action while periodically a few spectators would come and go. We stroked each other and held one another closer and tighter as the sex on show progressed, commenting to one another what we though. I know I was getting hard imagining what I could do to my wife and I think she was getting turned on too.

As we warmed to the place we ventured down stairs through the porno cinema to the BDSM dungeon. The wife is really interested in BDSM so we spent a while in the dungeon run through different scenarios of what we could do down there or what to use the equipment for, she even locked me in a vampire looking coffin whilst down there. At this point we were still constantly touching each other and occasionally others came into the dungeon for short periods. It was funny because we all knew we were kinda there to have sex or at least do something sexual but at the same time it was as if we were a bit scared/nervous/anxious to engage with others. Maybe something I need to improve on. Anyway when we decided to leave the dungeon via passing through the porno cinema an Asian (South East Asian) couple were in the cinema, the woman giving her guy head. We walked past kind of unsure whether we should look or not. We went into another room alone and wifey tried to unbutton my trousers. I suggested we go back into the cinema and she could suck me off there (you know where this is going). She agreed and we went back into the cinema on the row in front of the fellatio couple but as soon as we sat down we heard some whispering. The guy said “Can she join you.” I was like what! “Can she join you, she likes you two.” My mind was blown, this has never happened to me before. Wifey and I looked at each other and we both said yeah. The woman jumped up asked wifey if she didn’t mind again, with the same result then she proceeded to stick her tongue down my throat and feel me up as wifey unbuttoned my trousers, pulled out my super hard at this point, dick and suck. She had huge breasts at least EE’s. Then she knelled down with wifey and sucked my dick to. Double team, licking, sucking showing my balls and shaft attention simultaneously, as they knelt there and felt each other up. After a few minutes the woman stood up and thanked me with a kiss then went back to her man to finish him off. Wifey kept playing with my dick as we watched those two go for it. She finished him off with a tit wank then complained he need to find tissues to wipe the cum of her tits before they both disappeared off leaving me and the Mrs to have a bit more fun alone in the cinema. This including me eating her pussy on the chair. Surprisingly we didn’t really watch much of the porno that was on show in the cinema.

After playing for a while we came back up to the bar area and got speaking to the girl we saw getting fucked by the 3 guys. She seemed nice, American, here as a student and she came alone for one crazy night in Europe. We laughed and joked a little I could tell she liked us and wifey seemed to like her too. We told her we would talk or do something??? later and we wondered off around the club to watch a few more orgies and couples frolicking some more. As we sat in the social area we were entertained with a pretty good pole dance by a young dark haired Eastern European looking woman in lingerie. We were sitting close together at this point, stroking each other and stealing a few kisses. Wifey mentioned that if a good song came on she would do a pull dance, however to my dismay it never happened.

As it was coming to the end of the night and most people had gone home there was a couple having sex in one room with the American girl involved too. Me and wifey watched on as the three of them had fun together. The woman of the couple looked in her 40s but was in great shape. As they took turns sucking the guy’s dick, kissing him and having him enter them me and wifey looked on getting more and more turned on. I was a little jealous they managed to get the American girl to join them before we did. At some point they saw us looking in and the American girl called us to come join them. Wifey said only I should go and she would watch because she didn’t want to participate with the other guy but I told her I would tell them that she wasn’t interested. There was no way I was going to have any fun without wifey, she was the most beautiful person in the place and no one else there could compare to her. We entered the room and told them we were there just to watch and have our own fun. Wife pulled down my trousers immediately and put my dick in her mouth. The American girl lay on the bed playing with herself as she watched us, the guy of the couple torn between watching us while some other guy who came out of nowhere???? Fucked his woman. Eventual about 2 other single guys came in and started to play with the American girl. I put wife on the bed pulled down her top exposing her beautiful breasts to play with before moving her panties to the side to eat her pussy. She moaned as she watched the others and I feasted on her soaking wet pussy. Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore and pulled me up to ride my dick. As she rode me moaning and bitting her beautiful full lips I noticed somehow there was now 2 guys fucking the American girl on the bed, 3 guys fucking the woman of the couple and another guy who had just been having sex, was sitting on the bed next to us watching us and wanking. We kept going for a while, wifey really can work her booty and has mad skills when it comes to riding my dick. Eventually I squeezed her breast tight and came inside her. We sat there kissing for a little bit then got up sorted ourselves out, walked across the bed and exited the room. What a rush, a kiss on the lips then we decided it was time to leave.

I think we were in the club for like 3 hours all together. It was an amazing night, then next few days was full of us reminiscing and talking about what we liked and what we would like to do. We are going to go again later this month for their BDSM night. Should be exciting, hopefully a lot of freaks and this time we were the only black people there and not many young couples either. Hopefully next time it will be a bit more varied. Till next time.