Written by wifesharer2010

10 Nov 2010

My wife Sarah has always been a handful; she's a bit of an exhibitionist and has often thought about straying in the past. We have been together for 7 years, we are both 30.

Sarah is about 5'2 with 36DD boobs, longish blonde hair and a cracking figure; she is curvy, but not fat.

A few months ago we went to our local pub for a chat and we got talking dirty. I told her how I would like her to have a boyfriend and how much it turned me on. This played straight into her imagination as she often commented on other blokes when we were out. She gets lots of attention, which I don't mind really, and often she is frustrated that she can't act on it.

Well, when we got home she was super horny and we fucked 4 times that night, a first for us! A few weeks later we were out at another pub when we got chatting to an old friend from a development we used to live in. I got pretty drunk and we all ended up going back to ours. I don't remember what happened that night, but I woke up in the morning and Sarah wasn't in bed. I wandered downstairs and there they were in the kitchen, just talking.

Paul looked pretty sheepish, Sarah looked glowing...

Sarah was wearing a little woolen dress that she had on the night before, but she no longer had her tights on. We have a central island in our kitchen and I noticed that Paul couldn't take his eyes of Sarah's legs.

Paul had called a taxi and was ready to go - he couldn't get out the door fast enough. After he left I asked Sarah if she had fun, to which she replied 'what do you mean?'

I nodded in the direction Paul had just gone and she shot me a wry smile. We were both still hungover but I knew she had fucked him. She grabbed me buy the hand and led me upstairs. When we got into the bedroom, she took off her dress and we got into bed.

I asked her what she did, and initially she told me that she did nothing. I began licking her pussy, which was more wet than usual. She began telling me slowly that they had just fooled around a little bit - which was evident from the red skin on her chin because Paul was unshaven. Then she told me that Paul had licked her pussy, I couldn't take it anymore, I had to fuck her. All the time I was egging her on.

After a few minutes I was really close to cumming, when she looked up at me and said 'I did fuck him!"

I exploded into her pussy, I was so happy she had fucked someone, that was the best feeling - knowing only a few hours before my beautiful wife had another man's cock lodged in her tight little cunt. I came so much it flooded out onto the sheets.

Sarah, for the first time ever in our relationship carried on fingering herself after I had finished, looked me in the eyes and said 'I'm going to fuck Paul again, do you like that? Do you want me to?'

I almost cried out with excitement, 'yes, please do it!'

Sarah came harder than I have ever seen her come before, my dick was hard again and I listened to all the details, how he had pulled off her tights and run his hand up her legs until he found her wet little pussy.

Then he bent her over the sofa and rubbed his cock up against the entrance to her pussy for what she said seemed like ages, eventually entering her with what she described as a big cock. I'm not small, 7.5 inches and pretty thick, but she said Paul was really thick and long - at first she couldn't get it all in, but she did!

Paul asked about me, as I was sleeping directly above them. The bit that turned me on about the whole story was when when Sarah replied - 'he won't mind!'

We have been having amazing sex ever since, and she is going on a date with Paul to a hotel in Birmingham on Friday night, fingers crossed!