Written by Hubby

30 Aug 2011

Two days after our experience we decided to spend the afternoon around the pool at the top of the Hotel after doing some morning sightseeing. Tara had been talking about our adventure from before, as we layed around the pool and asking me if I had enjoyed watching her suck cock and being fucked at the same time. She could see I was getting turned on and started to laugh as I laid on my front.

After about an hour I noticed she beckoned out to someone and turning around saw it was the two guys she had fucked at the opposite end of the pool. They lay down and she said how well they looked in their swim gear and she could see the guy with the big cocks bulge. I then asked if she would like a repeat and her face lit up. I said well see and with that she stood up and stretched showing off those magnificent 36gg boobs straining at her bikini top. She decided to go for a swim and as she got in the two guys both noticed and got in also. It wasn't long before they were all standing together in the pool chatting and laughing. I noticed they were side by side of Tara and every so often her hands dropped under the water. She then came out and laid next to me, telling me how they said they enjoyed the other night. She said she had felt their cocks under water and were getting them aroused. She then said how about a repeat now, I said why don't you start without me and I will follow down as we both had a key to our room, she was up in a shot and leaned over and kissed me and said don't belong.

I was very aroused as she walked over to the guys and they got up and followed her. Our room was only a couple of floors below and I waited about 20 minutes then decided to go and join in.

Tara had told me that when they were in the lift the guys hands were all over her tits and they were kissing her as she felt there cocks through there shorts she wouldn't let them get her tits out and said wait.

She said once in the apartment she raced to the bedroom and got onto the middle of the bed and the guys were straight at her but she told them to lay either side of her and she began kissing them alternatively as each one kissed her neck and rubbed her tits. She told me how she told them to suck her tits and in no time her nipples were rock hard as hey both sucked them, she could feel her pussy getting wetter as they both rubbed her pussy through her bottoms and rubbed her clit. She was rubbing their bulges and then told them to both stand up either side of her.

At this point I was standing at the bedroom door watching as she pulled each guys cock out and gave both a gentle wank then teasing them she darted her tongue out at the tip of each cock and then a little kiss. You could see the guys were straining to fuck her mouth as they moved in and out but respected she was in control. With that she opened her mouth and started to suck the biggest cock and wank the other one very fast. They were rubbing her tits and then she turned to the smaller cock and he started to hold her head and fuck her mouth both guys were moaning like crazy.

I was now wanking my own cock and said she needs a hard fucking and with that they laid her flat on the bed and one of the guys got on top and pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and fucked her really hard and fast whilst the other continued fucking her mouth. I now moved in and sucked and rubbed her tits. Tara was now just wanking the guy at her mouth and moaning and telling us to fuck her and suck her tits and then let out a loud sceam as she cum, she had no time to relax as she was moved on her front with her head facing over the bed and replaced with the other guy who was fucking her like crazy , me and the other guy were at her head both taking turns having her suck us. The guy behind then pulled out and shot loads of cum all over her arse and back and this set me off as I shot my cum into her mouth and face wanking furiously.

The other guy told her to Lay on her back and straddled her tits for a tit wank his cock was poking out the top of her cleavage as he fucked those big tits and rubbed her nipples she licked at his cock. I went to Tara's pussy and finger fucked her and rubbed her clit , the guy then moved down and started to fuck her as I still rubbed her clit and sucked a tit whilst the other guy sucked the other one I knew any moment she was about to cum again and as she was moaning she was cumming as she finished the guy pulled out and his cock was straight at her tits we moved out the way as he shot loads of streams of cum over her tits and face which she proceeded to rub in all over her.

The other guy was now hard and immediately started to fuck Tara but she said stop as she was sore, she told him to come up to her face and we watched as she sucked him off and then wanked him over her tits. Both guys were saying how sexy and beautiful she was and how they wished she could go back with then when they left which made Tara laugh.

After about 30 minutes of chatting and drinking Tara asked us if we were ready to get hard again and told us all to start wanking, she was coming up to each one of us and encouraging our cocks to get hard by giving a helping hand and a little lick on the tip of our cocks which had the desired effect. She then lay over tehe bed with her head hanging over and told us to each take turns fucking her mouth. It was an incredible sight watching her take our cocks as deeps as possible down her mouth whilst we squeezed on her big tits and sucked them. She then stopped and said she wanted the guy with the biggest cock to fuck her from behind whilst she sucked us two others together. He was fucking her hard and I couldn't last and cum over her face followed by the other guy. At that point the guy was still fucking her and withdrew and spunked all over her arse.

We were nwo exhausted and they left saying theyy wished they could take her back with them One of teh best city breaks we have had.