Written by Mike

9 Jan 2011

as posted earlier, my wife DJ and I realised a 3some fantasy that started a long relationship that was filled with a lot of fun

it was a warm Sunday afternoon, we were sat in the back garden having a drink and reading the Sunday papers when S called round and sat with us for the afternoon - nothing untoward happened and when I asked S one time about that Sunday he said he had no sexual thoughts about what might have happened... later that night in bed I said to DJ that I was surprised nothing had happened with S in the afternoon and she said similar and we fantasised whilst fucking about what might have been and this became a regular fuck fantasy

A few weeks later I was out after football and bumped into S, I was a little worse for wear and told him what we had fantasised about - this was quite a surprise for him, he's a real nice bloke but maybe not the best looking guy and hadnt enjoyed much success with the ladies we'll say during our teenage years and into our 20's

I bumped into S a couple of weeks later and he came home with me, it was late and DJ was in bed - I told S to sleep in the spare room but of course said it was likely that nothing would happen

I stumbled into bed, DJ woke... and said something about sleeping in the spare room (this was before the pub smoking ban and she used hate the stale smell of a heavy session or it might be my drunken snoring!) and I said that Simon had come home and was in there - she was not happy about this, some comment about a line between reality and fantasy and i promptly passed out and didnt wake until morning time

in the morning i was in bed alone and didnt know where DJ was, I went to the bathroom and could see into the spare room but couldnt see her in there and couldnt hear her downstairs either - I went to the toilet and went back to bed

She come through after a little while, I asked where she had been and she said next door with S - I was hard immediately and she sat on my cock making me come quickly,

what happened, is he big, tell me, you must have been quiet to not wake me etc etc

DJ then asked if she could go back next door, I said yes and started to play with my nervous cock my stomach doing somersaults as I waited to hear them wondering if I should go join in... I crept out of bed and to the door and watched DJ sucking S's very impressive cock - he was very very big, I dont know why but I expected him to be small...

After S had gone home, DJ told me the story of what happened; she said that I had passed out and she was awake now and had started to think "what the hell, he brought him for home for me" and she went next door, S was awake and he pulled open the duvet inviting her into bed

they started to kiss and DJ was trying to control him and kept having to slow him down, she was playing with S's cock but he couldnt get hard but when he did it turned out he was a grower and not a shower!

DJ said S fucked her from behind (this is her favorite position without doubt) and the combination of his big cock and fast pounding style had her screaming - she was amazed I didnt wake!

they fucked all night, when she came through to me in the morning you could tell - the word clammy gives the wrong impression but I cant think of a word that better decribes...

I travel a lot for business, and DJ would invite S around when I was away; this sometimes would bother me but DJ said if I wanted 3somes then they needed to know the way around each other - lol, she just wanted his big cock!

We had 5-6 years of 3somes with S, a lot of them capatured at one time on video; I posted a story earlier that another friend had told me and so wish I could get S to tell me detailed stories of his solo sessions with DJ - my favorite parts of the videos would be watching them when they thought I was asleep, and seeing DJ really let go telling him how big his cock was as he fucked her and fucked her and fucked her some more - he really would fuck all night, I would grab some sleep and they would keep going, and I would love waking in the morning and hearing them going at hit either alongside me in our bed or next door in the spare room or downstairs sometimes

I will post some 3some stories shortly