Written by aussi nudist

12 Apr 2010

The first time I ever shared my wife with another man happened many years ago not long after we were first married. At the time I thought it was going to be a once of thing and never happen again and it didn,t happen again for more than 10 years. We had jobs to worry about and kids to raise and I don’t think either of us gave much thought to sex with others till the kids were grown up. I have to admit I felt a little bit of jealousy too after the first time. The guy was a friend of mine and as I discovered very well hung as well. He was still single at the time although engaged to a nice young girl and they used to spend a lot of time in the company of my wife and I fishing and camping trips and such. We were away on one such trip, just a long weekend, but his girl couldn,t go so he came with us. We camped near a lake and spent the first day fishing and the night drinking. I was flaked out in the tent next morning with a bad hangover when my wife shook me and told me come and look. I crawled out of our tent and she pointed to Dereks tent where he lay on his back half in and half out of his tent stark naked and with half a boner.”Did you know he was that big “she whispered trying to stifle a giggle. She reached into my shorts and grabbed hold of my cock and began playing with me as we stood stareing at Dereks boner. Looking at it was obviously getting her horny and I pushed her onto her back and fucked her right out in the open not caring wether he woke up or not. It was a quicky and he was still asleep when we were done. As I started back for the tent I heard my wife giggling and turning saw she was crouched down beside his tent tickling his cock with a long blade of grass. I waved for her to come away but she kept it up till he woke up and caught her. As he sat up she ran back to our tent giggling. That second evening it started to pour rain torrential rain and we decided to leave driving back to our flat and arriving about 9.oo pm. It was too early for bed so we started in drinking again and were soon fairly drunk again and the conversation moved onto sex. Like most young people sex was a favourite pastime for us all and Liz began joking about Derek being asleep with a fat. He said he always woke up with an erection and I said he also went to sleep with one and pointed at the tent in his shorts. He wasn,t the least embarrassed and asked Liz if she wanted to tickle him again. We all just laughed but I think we all had ideas of having some fun as well, I know I did. A little while later Liz went to the fridge for another beer and Derek went for a piss. When she returned she told me he had stood at the kitchen door and waved his cock at her and that he had a boner again. We were all pretty drunk at this time and I told her she should get her panties off and flash him when he returned. She loved the idea and for the next hour or so she flashed her cunt for him countless times. Eventually he had to go for a piss again and I told Liz he was probably having a wank and she should go and check. She jumped up and ran off to the toilet and I could hear her laughing and asking if he needed a hand then all went quiet. I gave my own boner a rub as I imagined her giving him a hand job in the toilet. I sneaked back to see for myself and there she was sitting on the hand basin her legs apart and he was fucking her like crazy. For some reason I didn,t feel jealous at that time just horny and I whipped my cock out and began beating off as I watched. She wrapped her legs round him and let him cum inside her, she was on the pill luckily at that time and didn,t get pregnant. I was sitting on the lounge waiting when they came creeping back. He left soon after and Liz and I went to bed and I experienced my first ever sloppy second. She of course knew I was aware they had fucked but we didn,t talk about it for years after and I don’t think Derek knows to this day that I saw them or knew what had gone on.