Written by Doug

28 Jun 2011

We were invited to a friend of a friend’s 50th party last weekend. We were at a loose end and decided to go, unfortunately our friend and his wife let us down at the last moment due to child care issues, but we decided to go along. I am Doug, aged 48 and my wife is Sue, aged 46. Sue is 5’ 8”, has gained some weight over the years but still has a shapely figure with 38d tits, shaves her pussy and dyes her shoulder length hair blonde. She still turns heads as she walks down the street. A good looking MILF. We have an active sex life, but in all our 24 years of marriage we have both never been with anyone else. Talked about it but never pushed the boundaries. Both our kids have flown the nest and with their work and families both live about 100 miles from us. When Sue is at home, she enjoys totally relaxing from work and as soon as she can strips off and does everything naked. Once or twice she has forgotten she is naked and opened the door to the postman. Anyway back to the party, we decided to get a cab and enjoy ourselves and attend the party.

The party was in a large detached house about 5 miles from us. We arrived and we were made to feel at home. After about an hour and a half a dozen drinks and we went separate ways mingling with the other guests. There were about 40 other people present. After about an hour I went to look for Sue to see if she was alright. As I went into the kitchen I saw the back of Sue. She was wearing her short black clingy dress, an uplift bra which exposed the tops of her breast in the dress and a tiny black thong. She was standing with a group of men and the bloke next to her, Colin, whose party it was had his hand on her bum. I stood in the doorway and watched. He moved his hand down to the bottom of Sue’s dress and then moved it back up her leg under the dress. As his hand went up so did the dress. He kept moving his had up and exposed her right bum cheek. He then moved his hand around her exposed cheek. Sue was making no attempt to stop him. I went over to the side and poured myself a large scotch and water and moved back into the hallway so I could still see Sue. The group were now in deep conversation, one bloke then went over to the drinks and I saw him pour out a large Bacardi and add a splash of coke. (Sue’s favourite drink). He then went back to the group and gave the drink to Sue. Colin had now pulled the back of the dress over both her bum cheeks and was caressing both her cheeks. He then moved right up to Sue and I saw him slip his hand under the thin bit of her thong and slide his hand down in between her cheeks. Sue took a swig of her drink and parted her legs slightly to allow his hand to go further. She then put her right arm on his shoulder to steady herself as he appeared to be fingering her. I was then captured by a female who dragged me into the lounge to dance with her. After 2 dances I managed to make my excuses and go back to the kitchen. As I got to the doorway I saw that the main light had been turned off and there were only a couple of low level lights on underneath a couple of cabinets. I could make out that Sue had now got another bloke touching her exposed bum. The first bloke had now turned sideways and had his hand under the front of her dress. The second bloke then pulled her thong down her legs and she stepped out of them. I was then grabbed again by the woman who took me for the dance. She was quite pissed. She said to me” Come on, dance with me. I‘m feeling sexy”.

She dragged me back into the dark unlit lounge as slow music was being played. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her. We danced and she started to nibble my ear. She then whispered in my ear “I haven’t got any knickers on or a bra” She then pulled my arms down and placed my hands on her bum. Her bum felt nice and soft thru her dress. She pulled us together and I felt her tits squash up against my chest. As we danced she gyrated her hips against mine. My prick started to stiffen. I knew she could feel it as it became erect and she started to rub her pussy against my trousers. She then told me she was Colin’s wife, Ann. She then unzipped my trousers and pulled out my erect prick. I had had too many drinks to resist. She pulled her dress up and I felt her smooth pussy against my prick. She manoeuvred us into the corner of the room. I looked at my watch and it was now 1am and there were only a couple of other couples left. Ann started to kiss me and I responded. I looked around the room and saw Sue walk in with Colin. They danced together. We continued dancing for another couple of songs, when Ann pulled away from me and said “Let’s play a game”. She then removed her dress and stood there naked. She had a lovely pair of round firm tits about a size 36. Colin let go of Sue and I saw that he had an erect prick sticking out from his trousers. There were two other couples left. Colin told everyone to remove their clothes as he put on a couple of table lights. I looked at Sue, who was letting her dress fall to the floor. I stripped and the other couples stripped. Ann had left the room and returned with a bowl full of condoms. I had read about swingers parties and now I was in one. Colin then explained what the rules of the game were. The first lady would be blindfolded and get on all fours in the middle of the room. She was then to be entered by a male and she had to guess who it was. He asked for a volunteer. Sue jumped in and got on all fours. I stood behind her with the other three. Colin went first. He eased his prick into Sue’s cunt and slowly fucked her. Ann stood in front of her and asked her if she could name who was fucking her. Sue told her that she needed a bit more time. Colin sped up his trusts in and out of her pussy. Sue the told Ann who she thought it was. Colin withdrew and Mark who had a magnificent 8 inch erect prick took over. He made Sue gasp as he rammed it right up her to his ball bag. He did slow strokes nearly pulling his prick out and then pushing it back in. The other two women, Clare and Rita sat on the settee, with their legs apart giving every one a good view of their shaven pussies. Mark was now giving Sue a good fucking. She was moaning with delight. She told Ann who she thought it was. Mark pulled out of her just as her body shuddered as she came. Then I slipped my prick into her and fucked her. She told Ann it was me. I pulled out and Pete took my place. He fucked her for a couple of minutes and Sue guessed it was him. He pulled out and Sue got up and removed her blindfold.

Ann asked if we wanted to continue with the game or do something different. Clare and Rita said they wanted to do something different. So Ann told me to go with her, Clare and Rita into the second bedroom upstairs, while Sue would go with Colin, Mark and Pete into the main bedroom. I looked at Sue who told me it would be alright. Ann took hold of my hand and led me upstairs with the two other women.

I was pushed onto the bed and all three women got on top of me. Ann took my prick into her mouth and sucked me, licking me up and down my shaft and kissing my balls. Clare offered me a tit to suck, while Rita knelt beside me and kissed my nipples. Clare then moved up the bed and lowered her moist pussy onto my mouth. I kissed her pussy and found her clit with my tongue. As I licked her swollen clit she was moaning a way. I felt around and then slipped a finger into Rita’s moist cunt. Clare came and her juices ran from her onto my chin. Rita then pulled me onto her and we kissed. I then moved down between her legs and licked her pussy. Ann was caressing by bum and slipped a finger into my arse. This made my prick swell even more. Rita then came. Ann lay on the bed and I moved across. I was kneeling between her legs and slipped on a condom. I then entered her silky smooth cunt and fucked her. As I fucked her I felt guilty and wondered what was happening to Sue. This was a first for both of us to be having sex with other people. I was distracted back to the job in hand as Ann raised her legs in the air and clenched my bum cheeks as she came with a shrill. I felt my prick expand as I came. The four of us kissed and touched each other for the next hour. I managed to fuck Clare, but could not get stiff enough to penetrate Rita’s pussy.

This is what happened to Sue. She was taken into the main bedroom and they were all running their hands over her body. Her nipples were proud and erect with sexual delight. Colin pushed her down onto the bed and licked her pussy. She was so sexually charged that she had another orgasm within a couple of minutes. Colin put a condom on and entered her. He was fucking her as Mark and Pete had a tit each and were sucking her swollen nipples. This drove her crazy and she came again along with Colin. Mark then turned her onto all fours and fucked her doggy style, while Pete lay in front of her, so she could suck his prick as she was fucked. Mark grabbed her hips as he fucked her, pushing his swollen prick right up as far as he could go. He fucked her for a good ten minutes. She came twice. He then started to slap her bum and told her he was going to come. He sped up and she felt his prick swell more and then pulsate four or five times as he came in the condom. As he came Pete came in her mouth. He was holding the back of her head and she felt him explode and felt his hot spunk hit the back of her throat. She had no option as he did not remove his pulsating prick but to swallow his come. Sue said she did not get any sleep as soon as Mark pulled out of her Colin slipped back in and fucked her. They seemed to each spend ten minutes fucking her and then change over. It was not until about three hours later did they all come again. They all pulled out of her pussy and shot their spunk over her face and tits. Colin took her into the bathroom and they showered together. He managed to fuck her one more time.

We all ate breakfast together naked. The six of them are all friends and regular swingers with each other and with other people. Colin told me that since they first met us about 2 years ago they had been plotting to fuck Sue. Our mutual friends have no idea that Colin and Ann are swingers. Before we left Sue gave Mark a blow job, while I fucked his wife Rita. Colin was fucking Clare and Pete was fucking Ann as we left on their secluded patio. We have arranged d to meet up again in the near future.