Written by Shakey

28 Nov 2008

I am writing this while I am still waiting for my last diary entry to be posted but I just had to keep it going, this is a real outlet for my feelings.

Anyone who has viewed this will know the story and events leading to my wife in Amsterdam with a male work college.

She has just called me this morning to share with that the Dutch man she is away with came into her bedroom last night.

It was rather late after 1am and she in a deep sleep, he knelt down beside her single bed and turned her head towards him and started to kiss her on the lips, she responded by opening her mouth and taking part. While he was kissing her he slipped his has under the covers and into her nightie, which is expensive short and black with a loose neck, and caressed her breast, she was awake by now... This went on for some time and then his hand slid between her legs and rubbed her pussy, she said she was enjoying it so much as no conversation had taken place so it seemed like a dream.

He carried on to the leg of her panties and slipped his hand inside and started to wipe his hand up and down her opening squeezing her clit which said made her cum.

He took off his tee shirt and shorts ant got into bed with her, their leg across each other. He kissed and fondled her breasts and opening and then climbed on top of her and inserted his cock, just the helmet at first making her want the whole length then driving home his shaft. They made love for about 10mins on her back then he got off and laid on his back pulling her over to suck his cock. My wife does suck well but she needs a lot of encouragement, I dont have the biggest cock so I think that may put her off. She said she suck his helmet which she enjoyed as it was very large and run her tongue down the shaft and lick and kissed his balls, I must say that this seems so out of character for her but she assures me it happened.

After a long suck she got astride him held his penis and put it inside her, she came several times until he said he was going to cum, she loves this part. She rode him to a climax which she said produced more spunk that had experienced before. She got off him and laid her head on his chest and slept, after a while he got up kissed her got dressed and left.

I hope you are enjoying this adventure as much as I am as this is the first time I have shared my feelings in a written form, I like it... I promise you all the things I am saying is totally true, that is important that you believe me.

She has dressed and is off out with him for the day, I am really looking forward to a text.

Thank you for all the \'views\' I am quite staggered at the interest and the replies are very encouraging. She still has two more nights.

I cant get any work done...