Written by Shakey

8 Dec 2008

I had to post my last story for the benifit of those following my wifes adventures in Amsterdam. Its been a week since her return and as you can imagine ive been a bit busy...

My wife got dressed and went down for breakfast following a busy night with the Dutchman and the owner of the house, they were leaving today and she was packed. When she got down she was told that the Dutchman was called away and she was left in the care of Ron the owner of the house.She was surprised as it was not mentioned in bed the night before. Ron told my wife that the Dutchman was behind with some money he owed him and that was why he got a turn with her over the last two nights and now she was being lent to him for the day as compensation. My wife was shocked at the suggestion but quickly understood when he grabbed by her neck and told her to go to his room and get ready for him.

She came to terms with it and went to his got into a black lace nighty she had worn the night before and waited for him. After a few minutes he came into the room and looked at her and said she would be getting some real action now as he had plans for her. He undressed got into bed next to her and squeezed her tits while he kissed her, his hands wandered down between her legs and stoked her pussy over her panties. He slipped his hand down her panties and she tensed her body as he pushed two fat fingers into her cunt. He commented on how wet and creamy she was and started pumping his fingers in and out. Although she was scared she said she couldnt help being aroused and came to his delight. He knelt up beside her and held his cock he pushed it against her lips which she was forced to part to accept his cock. He was very excited and fucked her mouth pushing deep inside and making her gag several times. He pulled it out, removed her panties and worked his body between her legs, he wiped his cock the full length of her slit rubbing it over her clit which made her gasp. Ron eased his cock into her body with great relish until the whole job was in her, then Ron shagged the Dutchmans whore making her moan and come several times until he delivered a massive load of spunk in her cunt which made her come again.

After a while he got off her and laid by her side, she had her nighty around her waist and the straps lowered revealing her soft tits with her nipples raised and red from being sucked and pulled. He took her hand and put in around his cock and told her to wank him slowly, she did as she was told.

He told her she should expect plenty of more action as the Dutchman owed him plenty of money. He said he would be back this afternoon and he said that they would be having a little party. He kissed her hard and left her in his bed, she was not sure what was going to happen,she was exhausted, she slept.

My wife heard the door bang close and sat up in bed, she decided to stay until she was told what to do. She heard footsteps up the stairs and Ron entered the room, he told her to tart herself up and put on her black dress with the low neckline and those sexy strappy shoes. She told him that they were packed, he got cross with her and told her to come down to the sitting room when she was ready. She reluctantly got ready and into the black dress, she fixed her make up and flicked her hair which always makes her look tasty.

She slowly went downstairs into the sitting room and opened the door to be met by three men who were drinking with Ron. The conversation stopped and Ron introduced his friends and told my wife to kiss each one, this turned into a snog with wandering hands on her bottom and breasts. Ron said she was going to be the entertainment and he was sure she would be well looked after

He told the three men they could help them selves as she was just a whore and was easy meat. The men advanced all together and started to enjoy her body. One of the men held her from behind by her tits while the other two kissed and licked her face. Hands were all over her body and she was finally pushed onto the sofa, each one of the men finding a spot where they could enjoy a piece of her. She was kissed, sucked, fingered and pulled about. The men started to strip off lining up to fuck her, the first one got inside her while the other two played with her tits and mouth. Each one took her and left his seed in her with her being finished on the floor after a session on the coffee table.

She was discarded and they returned to their drinking, Ron told her to clean up and wait for the Dutchman to pick her up, she still didnt know if she was going home tonight.