Written by Paul

9 Mar 2016

Well where do I start !!

I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for about 5 years. We have a pretty good sex life, we have often talked about spicing things up such as dressing up and having sex out doors. We have acted on them and it felt good ?

I have often fantasised about my girlfriend having sex with other people. Well it came true ! I was on a night out with my girlfriend, she looked stunning. We met up with a girl I work with who was on a night out with hey work. We had a few drinks in town and I saw my friend looking over at some lad a black lad who she worked with. she went over and started to talk to him. After a while to started to kiss him. They both then walked over, and we all had a drink. My girlfriend was looking at him and I saw him staring at her big boobs.She kept on smiling and he smiled back, anyway we went back to my friends to carry on partying. My friend and this lad then started kissing and he slipped his hand in her knickers. I could see my girlfriend getting turned on. They and this lad went into her bedroom and me and my girlfriend started kissinging.  She then gave me a blow job. As they started having sex My girlfriend then said she wanted to watch them having sex. We went into the bedroom to watch them fuck. It was great to waych and my girlfriend was getting excited After a while tjey told my girlfriend to get undressed and they led her to the bed and theye lad both took turns to lick her pussy. This went on for ages. She loved his cock. She then went on top on him and rode him my friend sat on his face and he licked you her while he cummed nice and hard in my girlfriend . Her body shuddered in excitement. A night I will never forget ?