Written by Shakey

27 Nov 2008

Posted a story earlier this week sharing with you that my wife would be going abroad at the end of the week. I am just bursting to tell someone that she actually left this morning, I dropped her off and met her work college who is actually a man who supplies her shop he is taking her to Amsterdam for four days to show her around the various outlets and no doubt give her a good time. He is Dutch and has always been hanging around her so I am sure things will progress, I have often found them alone with her giggling at one of his inappropriate crude jokes or comments. I have discussed the possibilities with my wife and although she is a little reserved she agrees that they may take it further. When she has had a drink or two she has told me that he has put his arms around her to give her a cuddle and has kissed her on the lips on more that a few occasions, he normally visits her a couple of times a week..

Since she has confirmed the trip she has been keen in bed, she is clearly very excited about it we have had sex three times this week including this morning. They are travelling over in his van and spending three nights near Amsterdam, she said that she dos\'nt know where they are staying he is sorting that out. I sat on the bed last night watching her pack her bag which was full of the sort of clothes that she knows turn me on including teasing me with a sexy black dress and high heels, also her best underware push up bra and frilly open shirts and tight cardigans with lots of buttons! It was really strange watch her get ready to go but it excited me to think of her dressing up for him.

My mood keeps changing from almost uncontrolable excitment to a feeling that this could be a big mistake. She said she would keep in touch on my mobile by text, I am shaking with excitement now I don\'t know how I will cope.

He is going to take her to a drinks evening that is connected to work when she will have to dress up, she has shown me various options but it is likely to be the black dress and heels.

She has just texted me to say that they are well on their way and they are getting on very well, a lot of joking about and he has given a couple of little kisses on the trip.

I had to share this adventure or I would bust. I dont have anyone else I could talk to. If I get some replies I will add another report like a diary, so please let me know if you are interested in out little adventure.

for him.