Written by amypaul

5 Mar 2007

My girlfriend and I had experience with other couples, but I really wanted to see her being fucked by another guy. I explained to Amy how I felt and she got very wet at the thought of another guy satisfying her pussy.

I then set about finding the man for the job. That was when we found Stu (name changed) on SH site. We made contact, and after exchanging a few emails, we decided to all meet up the following evening.

Amy was shaking in anticipation as she got ready that night. She put on some really sexy underwear and I couldnt resist feeling her pussy as she got ready, she was wet at just the thought of what lay ahead.

as we arrived at the pub, I saw Stu at the bar, we approached and after the introductions, we all took our drinks to a table out of the way and started to chat. We all got on really well, I could see Stu looking Amy's body up and down as we spoke. Couldnt blame him, Amy has a fantastic, sexy body with the best tits ever!!

The atmosphere was electric between us, Stu went to the bar to get more drinks which gave me the chance to ask Amy what she thought of him. "I want him to fuck my pussy" she replied "i'm soaked" she said putting her hand down the front of her jeans and fingering her pussy, she then showed me the juices coating her fingers. By this point my cock was rock hard in my jeans.

WHen Stu returned we asked if he wanted to come back to our place. I could see from the bulge in his trousers that he was thinking the same as us both.

THe drive home seemes to take for ever. However as soon as we got through the door Amy grabbed Stu and started to kiss him passionately. He looked towards me and I nodded to let him know I was fine with it. He then returned the kiss and his hands began to explore Amy's curves.

I then told the 2 of them to go to the living room and get comfortable. As they did I went upstairs. Amy and I had discussed how horny it would be if she started without me and then I could walk in and "catch her". I waited a few minutes upstairs until I could hear Amy's groans, when I did I walked back to the living room and opened the door.

Amy was lying on the sofa on her back, she was down to her underwear, which included a sexy pair of green coloured lacy hot pants, she looked at me and I could see the lust in her eyes. STu was knelt in front of AMy and was sucking on her nipples his hand rubbing her pussy through her knickers. I got closer and could see the damp patch forming as her pussy juices began to flow. I then sat next to them and took out my hard cock and began to rub it inches from Amy's face.

Stu then removed her knickers and I saw a smile as he noticed that her pussy was completely shaven. Amy has lovely big pussy lips, and Stu began to suck on them making her moan with pleasure. He continued to lick away at Amy's pussy for what seemed like hours.

As he did I continued to watch and suck on Amy's beatiful tits, squeezing them as she wanked my dick. Amy looked me in the eyes and said "thank you" as she came all over Stu's face for the first time.

However Stu was obviously enjoying it down there as he did not stop, instead he buried his tongue deeper in to Amy's wet pussy, She looked at me again and said "He's got a finger up my arse baby".

I couldn't resist a look. Sure enough STu had his index finger buried up to the knuckle in my girlfriends tight arsehole. This made her scream with pleasure as he continued to lick her hole as he fingered her from behind.

This was too much for me, as Amy and I both came at the same time, Amy all over Stus face and me all over Amy's tits. I then left Amy to finish Stu as she wanked his cock until he shot all over her tits aswell.

We then all decided that we would wait until the next meet for Stu and Amy to fuck, as it would be something to look forward to.

I can't wait to see her pussy filled with his cock and maybe her arse will get some more attention.

We are going to meet Stu again soon, so we will keep you updated.