Written by pat

5 Mar 2011

i am married to Sharon, although 50 Sharon has a good body, and nice tits although drooping a bit still pretty good, Sharon had mentioned that she would just get undesireable when she got older and although she accepted i wstill fancied her no one else would, i laughed and asked what she wanted to do about it, see if anyone fancies me she replied, i thought long and hard, and came up with a plan of sorts, i would hold a poker night, i had arranged 5 other guys who i knew were poor players, i explained my plan, however there were a couple of guys i didn't know that well, i had asked Sharon to dress in stockings and skirt, something sexy, when the night came round and the guys had gathered, i again explained, one hand of poker, loser sits out, and Sharon is the prize for the last man in. Sharon gasped, one guy respectfully declined so it left 5 of us, one by one my guests lost, all part of the plan, just me and Steve, i had a good hand, but unfortunately Steves was better, he just stood up, and told Sharon to lead on, the other guys left and i paced around a lot, after half an hour Steve came down with a smile and left, i went upstairs, Sharon was on the bed, hair disheveled, lipstick smudged, clothes on the floor, panties dangling over one foot, and cumm leaking out of her shaved pussy, what surprised me was the extent of my hard on, did you enjoy that i asked, yes she replied, want seconds? with that Sharon smiled and spread her legs even further.