Written by StevenEllie

21 Sep 2012

My wife Ellie and I met 19 years ago whilst we were working for the same company. Ellie worked for the main sales office which looked after the Middle and Far East contracts and I worked in the operations department which meant that I travelled around a lot. It was the usual love at first sight though it was not until a couple of years later that we eventually got together after I plucked up the courage to ask her on a date. We dated for 3 years before we were married which was 16 years ago now. Ellie is 5’6” tall with dark wavy hair, green eyes and has lovely trim body. She is a fairly private person with a shy nature but very easy to get along with once she has got to know somebody. I am 6’2 and medium build with far less hair than when we met and not quite as firm as I once was though we both keep relatively fit and workout regularly. I would say our sex life has always been better than average and our life together has generally has been a very happy and contented one. We are probably your average couple, though we have never managed to have children despite trying several courses of IVF.

A few years ago we started discussing our fantasies following a night out with friends and Ellie stated having 2 guys as one of hers which shocked and surprised me a great deal, I could not get the thought out of my head for ages. Anyway as time passed we discussed what she had said and I have to admit that once I got over the initial shock I was quite turned on by the idea and took every opportunity to discuss it with her, usually when were out and had downed a few beers for dutch courage. I once whilst out on the town asked her to point out guys who she would like to shag just for fun so I had some idea of which guys turned her on. We did this a few times and she blew a bit hot and cold about the idea. In the main she would point out guys who were much younger then dismiss them due to their age. Ellie is now 42 and I am 49 though I think it is fair to say that both of us could pass for being a few years younger than we are. During our love making I would ask her to imagine we were having a 3 some and tell me what she would like to do and we both found that this was something which turned us both on and enhanced our love making.

A few months ago I said that as the thought turned us both on we should turn our fantasy to reality, after all it would not be like we were cheating on one another. Ellie said she was not sure she could actually enact our fantasy in real life as for her it was fantasy and she thought it should stay that way. I told her that I had found a web site which was for swingers and that I had had a quick look out of curiosity and that I thought she should have a look with me when we get a chance. She almost hit the roof and dismissed the idea initially, though she was obviously warming to the idea as she started to ask questions. We don’t often get too much time to ourselves due to our work commitments so we tend to make the most of the time we have, so we had planned a cosy night in by the fire as the weather was not forecast to be very good. At some point in the evening I asked Ellie if she wanted to have a look at the website I had told her about and to my surprise she said yes why not. I fired up the laptop and we proceeded to look at some of the profiles of the single guys and couples from around our area, our age range and browsed the site in general. One guy (Mike) seemed to catch her eye but he was based miles away. Eventually we headed off to bed and had a fantastic love making session again. The following morning I was up before Ellie as usual and thought what the hell I will e-mail the guy and see if he is interested. A few days later I got a reply and we exchanged a few e-mails back and forth and he said that he was definitely interested in meeting up. I thought I had better show our correspondence to Ellie before I agree to anything.

I explained that I had e-mailed Mike and that he seemed a nice guy and he would be interested in meeting for real if we wanted. Ellie played it very cool and did not really seem that surprised, though I did notice a glint in her eye. If I am honest that was the very first time I though that there was a real possibility of sharing Ellie with another guy which I have to gave me a bit of a buzz. We then started to chat to Mike together on line and got to know him fairly well. He is late 20’s and has had a few rendezvous with other couples so he knows the ropes better than us I guess. We described our position and that we were total newbies.

We eventually agreed on a date that we could meet up. As the planned meet drew nearer and nearer we both suffered from a combination of excitement and nerve’s and there were a few times when I thought that cold feet would get the better of us. Ellie and I discussed at some length what might or might not happen what we were comfortable with and how we may feel. Ellie debated at great length what she should or should not wear for our meeting. On the day of the meet it fair to say that we were bricking ourselves as we got ready to meet Mike. Ellie had had her hair and nails done earlier in the day and spent ages getting ready and I have to say she looked amazing I had to fight hard to keep my hands off her there and then.

We headed out to the pub in which we had arranged to meet Mike and arrived early but Mike was already there waiting for us. We recognised each other instantly and thankfully Mikes photo’s were a true reflection of him and not taken 10 years ago as we had been told happens frequently. We found a quiet area of the pub though the pub was generally fairly busy and made small talk. Eventually the pub cleared out a bit and we had a bit more privacy. I could tell that Ellie was taken with him and he was really easy to get on with, I felt like I had known him ages. We had been very open with him before agreeing to meet and made it clear that we wanted to take things at our own pace so we could not promise anything would happen initially though secretly I hoped Ellie fancied him and that things would go further. Mike disappeared to the bar to fix a round of drinks and I suggested to Ellie that we invite him back to ours for a drinks and take things from there, to my surprise she agreed, though she did ask if what we were doing was the right thing. I reassured her and said that we did not have to if she was unsure, “its ok lets see what happens” she said “I am just nervous”.

When Mike returned we told him that we would like him to come home with us though it would probably be just a drink and a chance for us to chat in private. He readily agreed so that was that we finished our drinks and headed off. Once back at ours I fixed us all a drink and left Mike and Ellie chatting in our living room though I was listening intently to what was being said from the kitchen. He asked her quite a few questions about her likes, dislikes, what attracted us to swinging etc. Mike seemed to be really attentive and listened to Ellie which seemed to reassure her.

We chatted for a little while over a drink. Ellie seemed surprisingly relaxed and was almost flirting with Mike though I knew deep down she was very nervous she did very well to hide it. My stomach was doing somersaults and the anticipation was killing me. She started asking him about the other couples he had met and his past experiences, then she asked if he had ever stopped to wonder how they felt the following morning. At that point I thought that cold feet had got the better of her and she was about to back out, but thankfully it turned out I was wrong. She said that she was just heading upstairs to freshen up and would be back in a few minutes.

I gave her a couple of minutes and followed her upstairs in to our room. I asked her how she was feeling and said I understood if she had cold feet. “No its not cold feet” she said “Its ok ill be down shortly you go and keep Mike company”. I returned to Mike and we chatted whilst we waiting for her. When she returned she looked absolutely stunning, having redone her makeup and changed in to a knee length dress and boots. Mike looked at her as said “Wow, I did not think you could look any more beautiful, I was obviously wrong”. Ellie smiled and called him sweet.

Ellie asked me if I was ok and if I was again sure that this is what I wanted, I nodded and she sat between Mike and I and placed a hand on each of our knees. “Can we just go over the ground rules once more please” she said and Mike listened carefully and indicated that he understood what she was saying and reassured her that he would not do or try anything without being asked first. “Ok I think I am ready shall we head upstairs, we will be more comfortable” she said. Ellie stood and took hold of Mikes hand and she led him upstairs to our bedroom and I followed them.

Once in our room I took hold of her and gave her a lingering kiss and said “whatever happens tonight, don’t worry or feel any guilt we are doing this together”. I gave her another kiss and invited Mike to join us and gave him some space. Mike was one side of her with me the other. Mike stroked her shoulders and hair very tenderly before working his hand down her firm body to her bum. Each step of the way mike asked her if it was ok. She turned to kiss him and I watched as they kissed and his hands wondered some more over her body, the feeling I had inside was incredible. I noticed that she had pulled Mike closer as they kissed. I watched as her hands stroked his back and came to rest on his arse. When they broke off I asked Ellie if she had enjoyed kissing Mike. “Yes he’s a really nice kisser, I like a nice kisser” she said. She started to unbutton his shirt and commented on his nice body. They kissed again and Ellie ran her hands over his smooth chest and broad shoulders. I sat on the edge of the bed watching them getting acquainted with one another, my cock was straining to be released at the sight before me.

I noticed that Mike had a large bulge in his trousers and Ellie must have been able to feel it pressing against her body as they kissed. Mike started to unfasten her dress and I moved behind her and finished the last few buttons at the back. We helped her peel off the dress and she stepped out of it once it had dropped to the floor, I picked it up and placed it over the chair. Ellie was wearing a matching black lace bra and French style knickers which really showed off her sexy arse. Ellie has always been quite conscious of her boobs as they are not very big but they are very perky and she had lively nipples which are very sensitive. Mike started to caress her boobs and I heard her say that she hoped he was not disappointed with their size. Mike brushed her bra strap aside and released one of her boobs, cupped it in his hand and gently started to circle her nipple with his tongue. “God I love that” she said and he continued for a while before doing the same with the other. She released her bra and I joined him each licking and sucking on her boobs. She was moaning very softly as we caressed her boobs and running her fingers through his thick hair. I noticed Mike had started stroking the inside of her thighs and was slowly working closer to her pussy and she had put up no resistance.

Eventually I could see that he was rubbing her pussy lightly through the silk and lace of her pants and she did not seem phased by the experience so far, I found it an incredibly arousing experience. I suggested that Ellie lay on the bed and she climbed on to the middle of the bed with Mike and I each side of her. I stroked her stomach gently and sucked on her nipple which was incredibly erect. “Shall we help you with your pants I said to her and she gave me a really innocent look and nodded. We removed her pants and I stroked between her legs and felt the warmth radiating from her pussy. I slowly slid my finger between her pussy lips and found that she was already incredibly wet. Mike continued where I had left off and was soon rubbing her clit with his fingers and sliding them between the lips of her pussy. She was groaning and I could hear her sighing. “How’s feel baby” I asked “wonderful” she replied. Mike kissed her body working down from her boobs to her navel, before asking her if he could give her some oral. She nodded and I watched intently as Mike ran his tongue over her pubic bone and probed her clit with his tongue. I could hear his tongue lapping at her pussy and her moans became louder and more frequent. After only a few moments I could feel her body start to shudder slightly and I knew that she would soon start to orgasm as I continued to suck and stroke her nipples. She was soon writhing on the bed and groaning as he made her orgasm quite intensely with his tongue and fingers. She curled up on the bed as the orgasm ripped through her. “I think she may have enjoyed that” I said to Mike. “I hope so, your wife has a lovely pussy it tastes so good” he said.

A few minutes later she had got her breath back and turned her attentions to Mike initially giving him a thank you kiss. I saw her rubbing the bulge in his trousers so I suggested that she helped him out of them, she did not need any further encouragement, she soon had his belt open and his fly down. He pulled his trousers down and I got a glimpse of his cock inside his pants which was f’kin huge a fact that I am sure had not escaped Ellie’s notice. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him closer to her, I watched as she pulled his tight CK trunks down, releasing his cock which sprang out. He was certainly not at the back of the queue when god gave cocks out. The look on her face was a picture when she saw the full extent of his manhood just inches from her face. She looked over at me and asked if I was ok, I knew she was just looking for some reassurance from me. “Just go for it” I said.

I watched closely as she wrapped her slim fingers around his cock which made her hand look incredibly small, and pulled his foreskin back and forth slightly a few times exposing his huge purple glans. She hesitated momentarily before she circled his huge bell end before with her tongue a few times. I almost came instantly as I watched her soft lips wrap around the end of his cock and the end disappeared in to her mouth. Her head slowly bobbed back and forth and her cheeks pulled in as she sucked on his cock, the image has been permanently imprinted in my mind and I can still see it as clear as day now. I was uttering constant words of encouragement to her to reassure her that I was enjoying the sight of her sucking another guy’s cock. I was massaging her shoulders and Mike massaged her head softly as she sucked on his cock. Mike was almost constantly saying how good it felt which gave Ellie even more confidence. Ellie continued for ages sucking him occasionally pausing for breath and to wank him and I was amazed how long he lasted. He eventually gave her a warning that he was about to come, she did not stop though if anything she sucked harder and faster until he started to come. She took his first spurts of come in her mouth then directed the rest over her chest and boobs, she continued wanking him until he had finished coming. I moved in front of her and wanked myself furiously for only a few moments until I also came over her boobs and chest, she took hold of my cock and wrapped her lips around me and drained the very last drop from the end. She was quite surprised when I came so quickly and so heavily I found out afterwards.

She massaged our come over her boobs before wiping herself down with a towel. We took a few minutes to get our breath back and absorb what had just taken place. I had lost track of the time and had not realised it was now nearly 1 in the morning. It was only when Mike said that he would have to be leave as he had work in only a few hours time, which to be fair to Mike he had warned us prior to agreeing to meet that he was working the following morning. Mike asked Ellie if she had enjoyed the evening and thanked her for an awesome blow job, Ellie thanked him for being so patient and respectful and said that she had enjoyed the night more than she could have even imagined and that she was not just saying that. She stood and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately and again thanked him and said that she hope we would see him again in the future.

We offered him a shower or whatever but he declined and said he better be on his way and he phoned a local taxi to take him to his hotel, he gathered his clothes which were strewn across the room and dressed. He kissed her again and shook my hand and I showed him to the door and thanked his for making Ellie’s night well both our nights and off he went to the waiting taxi.

When I returned to her she was lay on the bed with her eyes closed and rubbing her pussy furiously I joined her and we had a fantastic love making session, she was incredibly well lubricated my cock slid insider her and I could feel her muscles clamping around it. Afterwards we dropped off to sleep in each others arms.

The following morning I woke earlier that her and headed down to make a brew and breakfast which we enjoyed together in bed before we discussed what had happened and how we were feeling about it all. She was a little worried that I would feel guilty about thing’s, on the contrary I said I could not have been more pleased at how things had turned out. It was the most incredible night I had ever had and if anything the most arousing experience imaginable I assured her. Jokingly to I suggested that we take a vote on doing similar in the future and we both raised our hands. Ok that’s that then lets get it organised I said and we made love a final time before showering and returning to our normal lives. We have discussed it a lot since and are both now comfortable with it. Ellie later confessed that she got a huge buzz from knowing that a much younger guy found her desirable and admitted that she would have liked to have him penetrate her but she had not had the confidence to progress any further.