Written by swingerslove69

15 Sep 2010

Jay and I have been playing as a couple for a number of years now and had some great experiences with other couples and at parties. However, despite talking about it and wondering what it would be like, I had never played just on my own, well not until this weekend just gone!

Jay has a number of golf trips with the boys each year which normally means leaving me with a manic few days with the kids, especially over the weekend. Last weekend was another such trip and I had been complaining for weeks about it not being fair that I never had time just to myself. As a result he had arranged for the kids to have a weekend with his parents leaving me free to enjoy myself. We had also been discussing for some time whether or not I should / could play with another guy without Jay being there. I had always fancied the idea and excitement but been scared to go through with it for various reasons.

Over the past couple of years I have got to know a few guys on SH and chatted to them on a regular basis and Jay had also chatted with them. One guy, let’s call him “Rob” we had both got to know very well and lived fairly local to us. There had been a few occasions when Rob had nearly joined us both but unfortunately it had never actually come to fruition. About a week before his trip and after a rather frantic night of fucking, Jay announced that he had been speaking to Rob and they had agreed between them that Rob might like to keep me company for a night while he was away, assuming I was up for it. I didn’t know what to say but by the next morning and after a few phone calls it was all fixed up for me to meet up with Rob the next Saturday night.

The week couldn’t go fast enough for me and much of it was spent messaging / texting with Rob, making suggestions as to what we could do together in vivid detail, all of which got me very horny. To make matters worse, Jay deliberately spent the week paying me no attention in bed which just served to build up even more sexual frustrations, saying that he was sure Rob would put it right on Saturday. Jay went off on the Thursday and by mid morning Saturday I was child free until late Sunday PM when Jay would be back and pick the kids up on his way. The arrangements were that Jay had booked a local hotel for me and that Rob would meet me at the bar at 8pm and see where things went from there. It was a hotel we knew well having used it a few times to meet up with others and I felt safe and relaxed meeting up with Rob in that environment.

Having spent the afternoon shopping and getting a full waxing done (wanted to look my best just in case things really did happen between Rob and I) I checked in late pm. Jay had stated that he wanted to dictate what I would wear and so I had left it for him to pack my bags. Opening the suitcase at the hotel there was the normal array sexy lingerie, stockings etc together with a black dress and my new latex see through dress, with matching thong. He had also emptied the entire draw of toys and restraints from home in to the bag along with lubes and condoms. Finally, a note telling me exactly how to dress for the night out and that if I took Rob back to the room that I was to do anything he asked or told me to do.

Just before 8pm I went down to the bar. I admired myself in the lift mirror which reflected a curvy size 12/14 woman in a silky black dress, black seamed holdups and high black patent heels. Through the dress you could just make out the outline of the new latex dress and matching thong, the dress cut such the my 36c breasts were jutted upwards but would have been totally open and exposed was it not for the black dress covering them. Even that was not enough to hide the outline of her stiffening nipples. God I looked sexy and hoped that it would meet approval from Rob.

The bar was busy and I got various admiring glances from blokes as I walked over and found a seat at the bar. I had just started a large white wine when I felt a hand on my waist and turned to find Rob standing next to me. Over the next 2.5 hours we drank and ate and spent the whole time with conversation filled with sexual innuendoes and teasing. Meeting him in real life was no different from the conversations we had had on messenger over the past year. I think it was just after 10.30 when he suddenly rose from the settee we were on and just said something like, “well then isn’t it about time you show me how good you really are?” What seemed like mere seconds later we were in the hotel lift together and kissing like passionate teenagers, tongues exploring each other’s mouths and hands all over each other. I could feel the firmness of his bum and the distinct presence of his cock becoming aroused. His hands squeezed my breasts through the dress and tried their best to feel between my legs.

We entered my room and Rob sat down on the end of the bed ordering me to stand in front of him. He said that he had spoken and agreed with Jay that I would be obedient and do exactly as I was told or asked to do, to which I nodded in acknowledgement, before being told to strip for him. I slowly let my black dress fall to the floor and stood there in my latex dress. Being translucent, he could see my body through it and the open cups left my breasts exposed to him. His hands felt my stockings and I eased my legs apart as he felt higher to my inner thighs. I turned and bent forward in front of him before running my hand between my legs and over the latex g-string. His legs eased mine further apart and his hands replaced mine stroking my pussy through the latex before then easing the thin strip to one side. He stroked my baldness and then teased my clit with the tip of his finger before feeling its way deep in to my wetness. I remember gasping slightly as his fingers entered me, one, then two and finally three finger fucking me from behind slowly bringing me to a wet and noisy orgasm.

I eased off his fingers and started to grind myself in to his groin allowing him to offer his fingers to my mouth to suck before grabbing my breasts hard and pinching my stiff nipples. I could feel his cock becoming hard and I ground in to him much to his enjoyment. He then moved round the bed dropping his trousers and tight boxers so that his stiff 7” cock sprung before me. I was ordered to remove my g-string and then position myself on all fours so that he could fuck my mouth and watch it all in the mirrored wardrobe. He eased his cock slowly in to my waiting mouth and we spent the next 10 mins or so with me sucking him and his balls taking him deep in my mouth and to the back of my throat. His hands just about reached my exposed pussy so that he could play with me and watch it all open and exposed in the mirror. At times he grabbed my head and fucked me hard making me gag he went so deep before finally exploding thick sticky cum all over my face and breasts.

I got a towel from the bathroom to clean myself up and returned to find him lying out the various sex toys and other items Jay had packed on the desk. “Which one first?” he asked grabbing a rather large black vibrator in one hand and a butt plug in the other. He came over to me and hitched up my dress so it was round my waist exposing my pussy fully to him. He then sat me on the edge of the bed before pushing me on to my back and then taking the Japanese bondage rope to tie my stocking clad legs wide apart. Finally he eased his head deep between my legs and I could feel his breath inches from my smooth pussy. His tongue licked slowly over me and eased its way between my wet lips and eventually up to my clit. His fingers opened me up so that my clit was all exposed before teasing it with his tongue. He licked harder and harder and eased the black vibrator deep in to my wetness before fucking me with it. I must have cum at least twice before he stopped taking time to look and admire me lying there with my legs wide open and the vibrator slowly sliding out of my aching pussy.

His cock was now getting hard again and with a little help from my mouth was soon as solid as it has been earlier. He eased a condom over it before moving towards me and positioning himself just between my pussy lips. I grabbed his firm arse and pulled him in to me which eased his cock deep in to my waiting wetness. Then he started, long deep strokes taking himself out so only the tip was still inside me and the driving his full length in to me. His hands played with my breasts and at times he lent forward to suck hard on my nipples and bite at them. His rhythm got quicker and quicker as he fucked me harder and harder. He untied my legs so I could wrap them round him and put the high in the air and back towards my ears allowing him to go deep in to me and make me cum. He turned me over on to all fours and fucked me in front of the mirror so we could both watch as he banged in to me hard from behind. He withdrew himself from me and told me to stay there as he collected toys and lube from the desk, which I did.

On returning, I watched in the mirror as he poured lube on the butt plug and then dribbled it down on to my ass. He teased my rear hole and very gently eased the plug in to me before finally fucking me with it slowly, opening me up for more to come. He filled my pussy with a vibrator and proceeded to fuck both my holes at the same time bringing me eventually to another shuddering orgasm. He lifted me up and placed me face down over the edge of the bed and forced my hand between my legs to hold the vibrator deep inside me. I felt the butt plug being eased out and the coldness of more lube being applied before he pushed the tip of his cock at the entrance to me ass. I tried my best to relax as he pushed slowly at my rear and then screamed slightly as his head entered me. Having taken a minute or two to get use to him he slowly inched the remaining length in to me and then started fucking me very slowly. He asked if he could remove the condom and cum deep inside me but I said no and so he just continued to fuck my ass harder and harder making me scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure. I felt him drive deep in to me pining me to the bed and his balls tighten before exploding. The condom must have split with the force of his fucking as I could feel a jet of spunk exploding in to my ass and it dribbling from me as he went limp and withdrew leaving a trail of white creamy spunk oozing from me.

He apologised but I said not to worry as there was nothing he could do. We spent the rest of the night fucking in every position possible and all over the room and especially over the desk. I let him tie me helpless over the desk and fuck me bare in both the pussy and ass filling me with his wonderful cream in my pussy before making me suck him clean and then back to being hard to be able to then shoot another deposit in my ass. I woke him the next morning with my mouth round his cock before then sitting down with my pussy on his face for him to eat me and the deposits of cum he had left there hours earlier. He lapped at me before 69ing and then giving me another hard fucking on all fours only to be interrupted by a knock at the door bringing breakfast. He let the young waiter in and made no attempt to hide a rather prominent hardon in his tight boxers, the various toys scattered over the room and my latex dress on the table, which the waiter had to move to put breakfast down. The poor lad was bright red by the time he was leaving made even worse by Rob saying “She’s a wild one this one!” and handing him a tip as he left.

We fucked one last time in the shower after breakfast before Rob finally left thanking me for a great night and suggesting we meet up for more soon, with or without Jay. I checked out about half an hour later and got some interesting glances from the male staff on reception as I settled the bill. That night Jay wanted to hear all about it and fucked me slowly as I recounted in detail what I have written about above. I know I’ll now be looking forward to Jay going away on trips and pretty sure Rob will be joining the two of us in the near future.