Written by Pooh

17 Sep 2007

Hi, I'm the male in a very sexualy active straight relatiopnship. I have long had many many varying fantasies about other men pleasuring my lady but never got around to making them a reality. So I was more than pleased to stumble upon this site which I expect to change that.

Here is just one of those fantasies.

I am not going to bother with preliminaries but start at the point where we are in a hotel room with a fit looking young man.

I lie on the bed watching as my girl (piglet) and Phil are standing at the end of the bed facing each other locked in each others arms kissing and caressing, curently fully clothed. Their hands are everywhere as the explore each others bodies. I watch in awe as Phil slips a hand into P's top and obviously inside her bra too he is clearly gently playing wuith her very sensitive nipples.

My feeling of arousal is intense, and I have to strip off my clothes to release the pressure on my erect cock.

The two are now undressing each other impatiently, Phil's body is impressive, smooth and well toned, P runs her hands all over it as she falls to her knees and take the end off Phil's cock into her eager mouth.

At this point they reluctantly break apart, Phil's cock is large and very hard, he clearly want's to cum and the deal that was struck in the hotel bar was that it would be me who got to extract that first dose of lovely spunk. I had always loved the smell and taste of my own cum and was desperate to try someone else's for the first time, and to be the one responsible for releasing it

Phil lay on the large bed to my left, and P lay on his left. P's nipples were rock hard, her arousal obviously intense.

I could resist no longer, and for the first time in my life I touched another man's cock, the feeling was fantastic, one of wanton sexual abandonment. I wanked him in the way I wank my own, and in no time he was moaning, the smell of sex was all over his body. I knew the spunk was on it's way, I could detect the familiar throbbing sensation that I knew he was feeling. Phis then let out "I can't hold it, I'm going to cum, I can't stop the spunk".

At this point a white globule appeared at the end of his by now massive, beautiful cock. And then it happened, the thing I had fantasised about all my life, the spunk started, at first loads of it just ran slowly down his cock, and Phil was now moaning constantly, it was made even more arousing as I knew exactly how it felt. Then suddenly a huge thick spurt shot all over his smooth, sexy body. then two more spurts soaked his glistening skin.

The smell was intense and I could not resist, I had to taste it. I lowered my head down to his soaked penis and and sucked it deep into mouth, the taste was utterly fantastic and I was surprised when Phil let out another moan and another long and copious spurt shot into my mouth.

It was all too much and my own orgasm was occurring spontaniously. I mouthed my mouth up his body lap up all the lovely come whilst rubbing my own hard, desperate, cock on this mans thighs. I ejaculated copiously all over his leg, more cum than I think I had ever produced, and the feeling was intense!

At this point I remembered P, who was currently masturbatin herself, watching spellbound. Phil also remembered and after allowing me to eat all his spunk, and lick my own from his muscular thigh he rolled over between P's legs.

It was now my turn to be spellbound> I could see his still very hard thick cock nudging at the entrance to my girls cunt. He was considerably bigger than me and I knew P wanted it desperately. I watched as her hands moved down his body to his arse cheeks thus enabling her to pull him in. I watched aslso as his massive manhood slid slowly, inch by inch, into my beloved girlfriends body.

He managed to get it all in, god knows how, but as their pubic bones met P's eyes screwed and she said "Oh my god, his cock is fucking beautiful, it's making me fucking come!!!!" And I could see by the way her body spasmed that she was having the most intense orgasm of her life.

I was by now rock hard again, and the sight of Phil's lovely smooth arse driving his huge cock into my girl left me with no alternative. I lubricated my own, less impressive penis, knelt between Phil's legs, and slowly pushed it into his arse. For the first time in my life I was fucking another man. It felt dirty, rude, wanton and bloody fantastic. I knew Piglet had slipped into multiple orgasm, she was on another planet and as our eyes met I could hold back no longer and emptied my seed deep into a man's just as he was emptying his lovely smelly spunk deep into my darling girlfrieds welcoming womb.

We collapsed in a drained, spent heep and fell into a totaly satisfied sleep.

When I awoke Phil had somehow managed to extricate him self and was gone. There was just a not remaining which simply read "Thank You"

There was no need, the taste of his spunk and the smell of his sex was plenty.