Written by meforfuncpl

4 Apr 2007

it all started a few years ago my wife and her friend always collected the kids from schoolon fridays and went to our house with a couple of bottles of wine until the men came home from work we always found them a ,little tiddly but always laughing,

this night i was home first as dave my wifes friends husband was running late, the kids by now where safely tucked up in bed and gills kids were staying over

both karen and gill were giggling on the sofa and gill would evey now and then flash her tits and what i noticed when she did was she had the biggest nipples i had ever saw !

when dave came in from work it was pretty late and as he was the only smoker went out the back yard for a smoke and i went with him when i returned into the lounge both karen and gill had disappeared upstairs ! i thought to myself surely not but karen came down and was to say the least very flustered she went back upstairs and with dave having a cigarrett outside and a can of lager curiosity took over me and i went upstairs and could see through the bedroom door that gill was kissing my wife and had her hand inside her bottoms and was obviously finger fucking her !! they were both moaning i went into the room and they both jumped up and looked embarressed i told karen to go downstairs and i kissed gill and could taste my wifes pussy from her tongue i had obviously missed her licking her pussy !

i was nrevous as to what daves reaction would have been if he had caught them me i thought id won the lottery ! and knew another chance could probably be arranged we went downstairs and they both left shortly after but nothing was said after i had found them but when they left i questiuoned karen on what had happened and as she told me how she had just lowered her jogging bottoms and licked her pussy i was rock hard and fucking her deeply as she told me how excited she was at having her fisrt bi sexual encounter !! im sure i came 3 times before she exploded over my cock making me hard again the memory of the 2 of them lying there kissing will always be with me and i swear this story is true i know i can hear you saying yeah right jackonary but it is the truth and i will write again on another lucky night when we all got drunk and this time we all fucked into the early hours !!