Written by Snowman

23 Oct 2007

I had been dating Marissa for about two years and things couldnt be better. She had the nicest, tightest, and wettest pussy that I had ever experienced before in my life. You could ride her for hours and she would still stay wet. The only problem was she could just not get enough. We would be together once in the morning and once at night, then the weekend nights would be about a 5 hour love fest every friday and saturday night. My best buddy I could tell would just love to jump in her pants, especially after hearing my stories about her. Marissa though had only been with me, at least all the way. I kept hinting to her how much fun it would be and how she would really enjoy two cocks. She would just kind of laugh and say yeah, that would be fun, but I dont think that I could do that. Besides, who would you get to do that? Finally, I suggested my best friend Rick. That sent her over the top that night and she had the biggest orgasm that I had ever seen her have. That topic didnt come up again for a couple of months, then out of the blue she asked if I thought the Rick would be up for that. I assured her that he would. I then suggested that we get together with him that week-end and scope things out. She agreed, but said she did not know if she would go through with it or not.

Friday night finally came and we went over to Ricks house. We sat around for a while watching tv, bsing, and had a few drinks. The show we were watching then showed some skin, Marissa said mine are better than hers. I said well prove it then. Much to Ricks and my surprise she did just that. Then I said to her, If you show,then we get to feel. She then said of course. Rick and I then each grabbed a breast and started to massage them. I think Rick and a lump in his throat and in his pants. I had never been so horny and hard in all my life! I then took Marissas clothes off one by one, and she was completly naked. She then wanted our clothes off too. Rick got down between her legs and started eating her sweet pussy, I kept playing with her breasts and deep throating her. She came for the first time, and then she wanted me to be inside her. She then took Rick in her mouth and sucked him to oragasm. Seeing this I immediatly came inside her. She then told RIck that was all for tonight, but if we could come over tommorrow night she would be all his!

The next night on the way to RIcks house she told me their first time together she wanted Rick to experience just her, and after they were done then I could have her. When we arrived Marissa didnt waste anytime. She told Rick to take her up to his bed, and I was to wait and watch tv. I couldnt do that so after the action started I snuck up the stairs as far as I dared and listened. I could hear them lose their clothes and hit the bed. I heard them kissing for a little while, and some sucking noises. Then came the whimpering. Finally I heard Marissa say I want you in me, now! I could hear hear tight pussy lips smack as Rick entered her. Then the bed started shaking. Next this was followed by Marissa's explosive and loud moaning and orgasm. I think they fucked for a couple of hours, and I think in every imaginable position that night. After Rick was through, Marissa finally called me upstairs. They were both drenched sweat, and she told me I could have her if I wanted her. I kissed her, and then entered her wet pussy, that was full of ricks many loads. I was so worked up I added my sperm into the mix in a matter of 30 seconds.

On the way home Marissa told me how wonderful it was to have a new cock in her. She said Rick was the same size as me, but I curve up, while Rick went straight out and curved to the side. She said this gave her new feelings of stimulation that she hadnt experienced before. She said she wanted to make a habit of this with Rick, and we did. She kept track on a calendar for 6 months and she had taken 189 loads of his semen in her sweet pussy in that time and 367 of mine. After this started she could just not get enough of either of us. They had experiences with just them, and with me included. If you guys like this story I will tell you more in the future about Marissa, Rick and I.