Written by Hotmale4791

27 Mar 2009

i have never written about anything like this before however id like to tell everyone about a time i met a woman through a contact magazine a few year ago. i had wrote to a few women and had very little in the way of replies so i was quite shocked when i came home one evening to find a message waiting on my phone from a guy i didnt know i rang it back and he explained that he was making the call on behalf of a female friend anyway a meeting was arranged i travelled quite a distance and arrived there to be greeted by the guy he then introduced the woman who was called lynn.we had a few drinks and seemed to get on well the other couple were sitting on the sofa and started kissing each other i felt a bit nervous at first but lynn moved up to me and i then kissed her,the other couple left the room so we began to kiss and explore each others bodies after a few minutes i was very shocked to see the other couple emerge from upstairs the woman wearing sexy undies high heels etc which made my cock very hard indeed she took her partners cock in her mouth and began sucking well lynn then done the same to me wow i thought!! this went on for a few minuted then totally by surprise the two girls stood up and swapped over i almost came immediately it took all my stamina to stop myself cumming !after a while the women then kissed each other before we started having hot sex this was fantastic fun i held out as long as i could before i came and thought it was all over however the other couple told me to get hard again then join them i was rock hard again in no time and we all joined in together for an unforgettable time together this is the only time i have had the pleasure of a foursome but i will never forget it i did continue to see lynn for a few weeks afterwards however it didnt last