Written by Andy and Deb

11 May 2008

I’d always wanted to fuck my best mates wife. I never seriously thought it would happen or that it would give me the dilemma that it did. My wife Deb and I have known John and Lisa for years and have always got on well. I’ve always fancied Lisa since John first met her. She’s small at 5ft, has a bubbly personality, cute face small pert tits and a cracking arse. She and my wife, Deb are as close as John and I are. As for my Deb, she’s 5’3 with a gorgeous curvy figure, much bigger boobs than Lisa and legs to die for.

John and Lisa had been away on holiday and we had been invited to their house for a drink and a look at their holiday pictures. We laughed and joked and split a few bottles of wine. I couldn’t help teasing Lisa a little by asking why she hadn’t gone topless on the beach. She blushed a little and giggled as she said I wasn’t going to see those. I asked John why it was that both our wives would happily lay on a beach full of strange men with their tits out but they wouldn’t show them to their friends. He joked back and added that he knew every man on the beach had had a good look too. I asked the girls if they knew they got looked at in this way and both said together “ Course we do” “but added Lisa we know their strangers and we’ll never see them again so what matter?” John then asked if it was a turn on for them and both of them admitted they got a kick out showing off their bodies to strangers.

I suppose it might have stopped there but then after a pause John said, “Shall we show them?” Lisa thought for a moment then nodded and John disappeared. He came back with another book of pictures, obviously from the same holiday. This time however, Lisa was topless. She looked great in the pictures lying in the sun with her tits exposed to the world. I looked from the picture to Lisa; she was blushing but also smiling as she soaked up being the centre of attention. As I looked from her to the picture I was wishing I could look and touch her tits for real.

John then half jokingly said, “Go on Deb your turn.” Deb’s really proud of her tits and she looked to me and said, “Do you mind?” I whispered back to her, “its up to you babe, its your body.” Without the wine I don’t think she’d have done anything but joke back. But she smiled at me then stood up and took her T-shirt off. She was wearing a black lacy bra underneath and I heard John let out a low gasp. She then reached around and unhooked her bra, then let it fall and exposed her tits to my mates waiting eyes. John was getting a great view of my wife’s naked breasts and I thought this was a little unfair so said, “Your turn Lisa”. She looked a little unsure but then must have thought, sod it he’s seen the pictures. She then giggled as she also removed her T-shirt and Bra and then like Deb sat and carried on chatting as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I couldn’t take my eyes off Lisa and John was the same with Deb.

Again it could have stopped there but this time it was Deb who moved things on. By saying it wasn’t fair that the girls were on show but they hadn’t got to see anything and they would have had men in skimpy trunks at the beach. John shot back that the girls wouldn’t have had their jeans on if we were at the beach either. Deb then stood up and undid her jeans slipping them off and sitting back down in just her tiny panties. I was beginning to wonder if this was getting out of control. I was extremely turned on but worried were this was going. Here was my wife sitting virtually naked in front of my mate. As I pondered this John stripped down to his boxers and had a very prominent erection. “You joining us” he said. I quickly stripped down to my underwear all the time watching Lisa as she also stripped to her panties. John then upped the stakes my saying “I’ve always wanted to go to a nude beach” and with that he pushed down his boxers and stood naked with a raging purple headed erection.

I think I knew at that moment that if Deb and Lisa also got naked with John we’d end up fucking. I wanted to screw Lisa but never thought Deb would also get fucked until this moment. Suddenly I wanted it. I wanted to see my wife fucked by another man and I so wanted my dick in Lisa. So I also stepped out of my boxers and exposed my erect cock to my mate’s wife. Deb giggled and slipped off her panties she then crossed her legs so that although she was naked she wasn’t showing any more off than she had in her panties. Lisa followed suit and try as I might I couldn’t catch a glimpse of her pussy. We chatted for a while and I wondered if That’s were it would peter out Deb was looking thoughtful and I caught her glancing at John’s stiff cock. Then Deb said to Lisa “do you need the loo?” Both girls stood up and as they walked across the room John and I were treated to a look at their naked tits, arse’s and pussies.

John and I sat there and I had to ask, “Do you want to fuck Deb?” “God yeah!” He said, “You want to screw Lisa?” I admitted I did. Right he said when they get back lets see if they’re up for it. I think the girls had had the same discussion in the loo, because when they came back in Deb sat on the sofa with John and Lisa sat on the floor near my feet. My cock was rock hard and I was aching to reach down and take Lisa’s tits in my hands. All our joking had stopped now and the room was full of tension. John was on the sofa pressing his thigh against my naked wife at his side. He gave her a good looking over taking in her nakedness.

“This is something else I’ve always wanted to do” said John and kissed Deb full on the lips. She didn’t stop him. He then took one of her tits in his hand and started to grope her. I looked down at Lisa and she was looking up at me. I held out me hand to her and she stood and then sat on my knee. Pressing my hard cock between us as we kissed and I finally took her firm tits in my hands. We kissed and touched each others bodies for a couple of minutes then Lisa kissed her way down my body before kneeling between my legs and taking my cock in her hot wet mouth. Across the room I watched John licking my wife’s fanny as his wife sucked my rock hard cock. He then stood up and positioned himself to slide his dick into Deb’s gaping cunt as she spread her legs wide for him. If you had told me before this night that it would turn me on to see another man fuck to woman I love I wouldn’t have believed it. But it was the sexiest, most erotic thing I had ever seen. John pushed his cock into my wife and slowly at first he started to fuck her. Lisa’s head was bobbing up and down as my cock slid in and out of her mouth. I thought for a moment that she was going to suck me till I spunked in her mouth but then she stopped and got on top of me, straddling me and impaling herself on my cock. As she bounced up and down on my stiff dick I looked over her shoulder and saw John has speeded up. He was fucking Deb fast and hard now and her hands gripped his buttocks as though she was tying to force his cock as far into her as she could. Both girls were moaning and crying out as they fought to reach their orgasms. Soon I heard Deb crying out “Yes, Yes, Yes!!” and I knew my friend had made my wife cum over his cock. A moment later he pushed his dick as deep into Deb as he could and I saw his buttocks clench as he filled her wet hole with his seed.

Lisa was ramming her whole body onto my erection as fast and hard as she could and soon enough she to was screaming and groaning as she came. “You don’t get off that easy” I thought and lifted her down onto the floor. As John and Deb looked on I rammed my cock into her. She was crying out and moaning as I took her body for my enjoyment. When I could hold on no longer I grabbed her hips stuck my cock as deep up her quivering body as I could and spunked and spunked into her soaking cunt. I then collapsed onto of her as we both panted and gasped for air. I looked up and saw Deb slowly wanking Johns now limp dick as they looked on at Lisa and me. “Tell you what mate,” I gasped, “your wife is a tremendous fuck.” “So is yours” he replied as he looked from girl to girl “ Shall we go to bed?”