Written by wesleyomand

7 Dec 2007

We stepped out of the lift half way along a long corridor with rooms off on both sides. There was a group of four men chatting outside a room about twenty yards to the right and two of them were wearing white hotel bathrobes. Bill said. "I'd forgotten about bathrobes, it's sort of the dress code, you need to get yours. I'll show you our room first it's here."

Their room was nearest to the lift on the right hand corridor. Bill waved to the four men and called. "We'll see you later, just going to freshen up." Then ushered us in and closed the door behind us.

Pat said. "I'm going to get changed into something sexy. Come on Helen. I've got a whole wardrobe full of slut stuff we'll find something for you as well." She took Helen's hand and led her off to the bedroom. Helen gave me a glance over her shoulder, a troubled smile which I returned then Bill sent me off to get our bathrobes.

I was back knocking on their door not more than five minutes later bathrobes in hand. Pat answered wearing the most amazing white basque white stockings and tiny white panties and instructed me to strip off and put my bathrobe on. "Where's Helen?" I asked.

"That was the wrong question Wesley you should have told me how pretty I look."

"You look fantastic." I said belatedly and went to take hold of her.

She shrugged me off. "Not just yet darling I don't want to mess up my outfit. Helen's in there with Bill." Indicating the bedroom and whispered conspiratorially. "I think they're getting to know each other." Then went on in a normal voice. "Hurry up we're going to a party." As I undressed, all I could think about was Helen with Bill in the next room she was having sex right that minute just the other side of the door. Pat and I put on our bathrobes and made for the door. She turned to me before opening the door with a serious face.

"A few rules, don't forget them.

One………the lady is always in charge and always right

Two………only do what you are invited to do

Three…..Always wear your bathrobe in public areas, that's the corridor

Four……..Errm Oh bugger there's five rules, Oh just enjoy yourself"

We headed down the corridor the guys who were hanging around had gone, Pat explained a little of the routine. We were heading for a large suite at the end of the hall, which had a double sized lounge, a kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. No one was staying in the suite it had been booked for partying. Pat and Bill had helped with the food and other preparations that afternoon. She said that in hotel parties, like this, couples or groups would often drift off to rooms and come back to the party as the main base.

Most of the guests on this floor, but sadly not all, were with their group and had booked the holiday through a swingers club in the UK. She told me that usually it was couples only. Single girls or bi female couples were always welcome but there very rarely were any.

This weekend, however, was for greedy girls which meant that single men were allowed but their numbers were controlled to give a nice mix. The organisers had told her that at the last count there were twelve couples and eighteen single men, two and a half men for each woman.

That gave me a jolt I hadn't really planned past partner swapping with Bill and Pat, although it had occurred to me that there would be opportunities to swap with others if I could persuade Helen. It never crossed my mind Helen might have the chance to go off with single men or, fucking hell, groups of men. I didn't know how she would react to that. It had also not crossed my mind that I could find myself in competition for Pat's affections and I'm far from an Adonis.

As we approached the door to the suite she grabbed my arm and said. "Stay close sweetheart I don't want to lose you." She pushed the door and we walked in.

I wasn't surprised at what I saw, there were a dozen or more men many of them wearing bathrobes some of them naked and a couple in outrageous women's underwear. Plenty of both erect and flaccid penises were on show. I counted five women besides Pat, two appeared completely naked and the others were in their undies. Calls of hi Pat, waves smiles and acknowledgements accompanied our entrance.

The room was far from crowded two women were dancing with five men sort of joining in, there was a woman sitting on the sofa with a man on either side alternately kissing her, a third was on the floor with his head between her legs. The other two women were holding plates of food, taking to two men and watching the action on the sofa. There were three other guys chatting to each other eating and drinking watching the sofa and the dancing.

Pat, led me by the hand through the group of dancers. "Hi Mike, hello Sue, penis enlargement still not working Eddie." A chuckle from Eddie and the group, she then let go of my hand and simultaneously smacked the bottom of a very large probably sixty year old dancing woman wearing a black corset black stockings but no knickers or bra and what turned out to be her very skinny large cocked husband of a similar age.

She introduced me and said for us all to hear. "If your lucky Wesley, Brenda will give you, what I'm told is, the best blow job this side of the Himalayas." Brenda nodded to me that she would, Pat then took hold of the base of Brenda's husbands flaccid penis leaving at least two thirds of it not in her grip and said to him. "Save some of this for me I missed out at the last party." She then offered the penis to me and went on. "Have a feel of this Wesley." Then when I didn't take it. "Come on I'm not joking. Feel it." I took hold of this huge tool and she continued. "If you're luckier still Neil will let you suck this while Brenda sucks yours."

Neil said. "I'll look forward to it."

Ever since the bar my erection had been coming and going never quite going soft, standing here it had stiffened enough for Brenda to notice. "Look at his cock Pat, he likes that idea not shy is he?" Pat laughed and I let go of Neil's penis. Brenda pointed to a door across the room and said. "That bedroom's free, fancy a foursome."

Pat looked around the room and replied. "I need to say hello to a few people, why don't you and Neil take Wesley and I'll come and join you shortly." She put her arms around my neck, kissed me and said. "That’s OK isn't it baby?" What could I say the next thing I know I was sitting on the edge of the bed, fat Brenda was kneeling on the floor sucking me off and Neil had one foot on the floor one knee on the bed, feeding his huge cock into my mouth.

Fair play, Brenda did give a fantastic blow job, I had always secretly wanted to have a cock in my mouth but I wasn't comfortable. I didn't want Helen to see me like this and I wasn't even that keen on Pat coming back and seeing me. It has to be said, I was getting into the cock sucking wanking him with both hands and teasing him with my tongue. We had been at it quite a while when Brenda said. "My turn."

She climbed onto the bed Niel got between her legs, licking her out, and I started kissing her feeling her huge tits. “Come on I need fucking.” She said. Neil made a move but she stopped him. “No Neil, I want him.” I climbed aboard, she opened her legs as wide as she could and I started my first extra marital sex after 35 years. Neil watched for a minute then crouched over Brenda’s head and offered his cock to my mouth again, I took it.

I was just getting a rhythm when the door opened and in stepped Bill, Pat and Helen.