Written by Jack And Tracy

6 Jun 2009

Two weeks ago my wife, Tracey, aged 42yrs, blond, 38d bust and a shaved pussy had a short break to Marbella. I managed to get her to spend the first day at Cabopino Beach. We found a secluded dune at the front of the beach. I stripped off, but Tracey would only go topless. It was a very hot day and I went for a swim, then for a walk along the beach. It was very pleasant walking along naked. I saw there were one or two other couples on that part of the beach but it was mainly gay blokes. As I approached our dune I saw a Spanish bloke,he was about 50 standing in the next dune looking at Tracey. He was wanking his prick. As I sat next to her, he stopped and sat down. I told Tracey what he was doing and it was obviously her blond hair and big tits getting him horny. I whispered in her ear\"Just slip off your thong and give him an extra thrill\".

She then stood up and turned and faced him. She told me he was laying on his back and playing with his prick. She then reached down and picked up her spray of suntan oil and began to spray it onto her boobs and then rub them. She continued to give me a running commentary. \" He is now wanking his prick with his right hand and massaging his balls with his left hand. He is completely shaved, no pubic hair and his prick must be about 7 inches and has a lovely exposed round bulbous end\" She then removed her thong and exposed her shaved pussy to him. Seeing her stripped naked and her boobs glistening in the sun with the oil gave me an erection. She told me to stand next to her as she sprayed oil on to her pussy and begin to massage it around her pussy and bum. I stood up and saw the bloke wanking away. I then stood next to Tracey and she spayed my prick with oil and slowly wanked me in front of the bloke. She turned sideways as she wanked me with her right hand and started to rub by bum cheeks with her left hand. The bloke then stood up and continued to wank away. Tracey then moved her left hand and with one finger played with my arse hole. This was two much for me and told her I was coming and shot my load out onto the sand.

The bloke was still wanking. Tracey said\" Fuck, he has some staying power\" I then lent over and kissed her left nipple and started to suck on it and moved my left hand down to her pussy and started to play with her clit. Tracy spread her legs. I then moved my right hand to her behind and found her moist cunt and slipped a couple of fingers into her. I began to finger fuck her and let out a low moan. The bloke had now moved to about 4 foot from Tracy and in broken English said\"Come on tits please\" Tracy moved away from me and knelt down in front of him and pushed her boobs up and together. He started wanking furiously and then came in a large amount over Tracy\'s tits. She then stood up, the bloke thanked her and me, went back to his dune collected his clothes and left.

I was gob smacked at Tracy behaviour, but felt great that she had done it. She then took hold of my hand and we both walked down to the sea and washed the spunk off her tits. Tracy had no problem walking back from the sea as blokes in swimwear walked by, just looking at any naked females.Once back in the dune we talked and came to a decision that we would return the next day and see what happened, but with no promises of how far she would go. Tracy told me that being in the sun and naked made her feel sexy and less inhibited. I will continue later with what happened the next day.