Written by A & K

25 Jan 2018

Having been on this site for some time and love reading the stories I thought I would tell one of my own.

Names dates and places have been changed for obvious reasons, otherwise the following is a true account of our first swinging experience.

My name is A, married to K for 10 years, very happy and have a full and varied sex life. We are both in our 40s, i am 6"2', medium build with an average 6 inches, K is 5"4', medium build with awesome curves and average assets. We joined sh a number of years ago in the hope of adding a little more excitment to our sex life, but to be perfectly honest, did not really expect anything to happen although it did give us some fun fantasising about it during sex.

We got talking to another couple, L and P, and after some weeks of chat, flirting and swaping of pictures arranged to meet for drinks and see how we all got on in a nearby hotel. We both booked seperate rooms and agreed that if it did not feel right we would both go our seperate ways with no hard feelings.

The night fast approached and K and me made our way to the hotel, checked in and nervously got ready to meet in the bar later. K wore a tight fitting black dress with new very sexy underwear underneath and of course black high heels. We made our way to the bar, which was in the basement of the hotel down a set of stairs and as we did we immediately saw L and P sitting at a table with drinks. P was also wearing a tight black dress with high heels and looked every bit as stunning as K. We ordered drinks and joined them at the table and made our introductions. Conversation started to flow and the more drinks we had the more the conversation eased and eventually turned to sex.

Around 11 o'clock as the bar was emptying L asked if we would like to join them in there room for more drinks and chat. We all agreed and made our way back to the room and ordered room service for drinks. The conversation continued and the sugestion was made that we should play strip poker to get things going, both K and P did not have a clue how to play so we decided just to flip cards over and the lowest card loses and would have to remove an item of clothing.

This continued for some time untill we were all naked and despite the drink a little embaressed with the situation but all keen to carry on with the fun. It was agreed that a full swap would not happen but anything else would be fun. On the turn of the next card K lost and as no more clothes could be removed we went for forfits instead, Ks forfit was to let L play with and suck her tits which he did, i found myself for the first time watching another man play with my wifes tits and got very excited while watching.

Next card had and K again lost, this time the forfit was for P to suck and play, which she did, this went on for some time with various people losing and various soft forfits, then things started to heat up. P lost a hand with her forfit for me to lick her pussy, she lay back on the bed and parted her legs giving me and all in the room the first good view of her pussy, and very nice it was too, very neatly shaved with just a small v of trimmed hair. I made my way over and slowly and gently started to lick her pussy, it smelt good and tasted sweet and P was soon moaning and holding the back of my head giving me encouragement to lick harder which of course I did.

The cards were now forgotten and as i continued to lick Ps Pussy i looked over to see my wife was now also layed back on the bed with L between her legs licking her just as well shaved and sweet tasting pussy. So there i was licking another mans wifes pussy while watching him lick my wifes pussy. This continued for a while until someone sugested we should all get more cosy on the bed. As soon as we were comfortable P took hold of my now rock hard cock and began to slowly wank it, she then took my cock in her mouth and sucked and licked all the time looking at me, i could see K watching and as we made eye contact she gave me a sly smile and wink then reached over for Ls cock and she too began to suck and lick.

This continued for some time, swapping positions, swapping partners, my wife licking Ps pussy and so on, everything you could imagine we did apart from full swap. At one point both me and my wife were licking Ps pussy together while L licked my wifes pussy which i can honestly say was one of the most sexiest things ever.

After some time P was again sucking my cock and i could feel myself getting close, P took my cock out of her mouth and continued to wank me until i came shooting cum all over her face and tits, my wife was at the same time licking Ps pussy and she too came hard all over my wifes face while L watched, wanking.

We spent some time laying on the bed chatting and stroking each other while finishing off more drinks, after a while i was stroking my wifes pussy while kissing her, i whispered in her ear " I really want to fuck you" and she said "do it". I climbed on top of my wife and slowly eased my cock into her now very wet pussy and began to slowly fuck her. Both L and P lay watching while i fucked my wife with long, deep strokes. P began to lick and suck my wifes tits which was horny as hell and i knew there was no way i would be able to last much longer, i quickend my pace now fucking my wife harder and faster with her moaning from both my cock in her pussy and Ps lips on her tits until i again came deep inside my wifes pussy, the whole thing was as horny as fuck.

We stayed in the room together untill the early hours of the morning, sucking, Licking, wanking and stroking each other as well as chatting and drinking. There were loads of orgasms from the girls making each other cum and i too came a third time with both my wife and P sucking my cock together. Eventually K and me went back to our room where we finished the evening off with another fast frantic fuck still not believing what had just happened and got only a couple of hours sleep.

The following morning we showered and agreed to meet L and P for breakfast before heading home. We all agreed that we would like to meet again to repeat the previous nights events. We said our goodbyes and headed home.

We continued to chat with L and P and did arrange to meet again, this time agreeing to full swap.......thats another story i would love to share if there is any interest.

A & K x