Written by Engwife

25 Jun 2008

My name is Leesa and I thought I would write down our first experience at a swingers party in Brisbane Australia. We had been sitting at our best friends (Steve and Tracey) home when the discussion turned to wife swapping and had any of us experienced this in any of our previous relationships. As it turned out not one of us had, we were all excited by the prospect but were a little unsure about how to get the ball rolling. My husband David suggested that there were swingers parties held at private homes where people interested could attend and they were advertised in the newspaper. We could go along and see if it leads to anything.

Only a phone number was advertised in the newspaper and a woman had to make the call before any address was given - I was elected to make the call by our group. With my heart in my mouth and my pussy already wet I made the call and was given the address by the organizer John. We all jumped in the car and headed off to the address with David and Steve in the front and Tracey and I in the back. We were all a bit nervous and everyone was talking a lot so that no one would back out. I was very excited and didn’t know if this would lead to anything on this occasion but I knew I was up for it. David and I had discussed the prospect of swinging in the past and I knew that if the opportunity arose he would approve

We were met at the front door by John and he explained the rules and where everything was. Once inside we found out there were about 20 other people at the party all generally standing around the pool having a drink although not much was happening. I was talking with John and he told me that it often took a while for things to get going. I could tell he was interested in me by the bulge in his pants and I could feel my nipples hardening at the prospect when he as called away by another couple arriving. I went back to David and we all thought that maybe it wasn’t going to work out as planned when the music was turned up and 3 girls came out in Bikini’s and started to kiss and feel each other up. This was a planned act to get everyone loosened up and break the ice.

Two of the girls had the 3rd girl laid out on a table and had stripped off her bikini, one was kissing her and feeling her breasts while the other had gone done on her and was licking her pussy. Although in my single years I had been involved in a threesome I had not really ever been with a woman, however this was really turning me on and I was imagining that it was me on the table being lavished by these 2 beautiful women. During this time David had moved behind me and was holding me, with his now hard erection pressed up against my ass. My pussy was already soaked and my nipples were fully erect so the feeling of his hard cock was making my head spin. We continued to watch for a while and then David started massaging my breasts under my loose top and I started to move my ass against his cock to get a better feel. Most of the other couples were still watching the 3 girls but those close to us had started to see our movements and showed some interest. I am a bit of an exhibitionist and the others watching just turned me on more. David then moved one hand down to feel my pussy through my skirt and at this point I had my first orgasm with him holding me up so that my legs did not buckle.

By this stage we had our own little group watching and in front of everyone David then lifted up the back of my skirt moved my g-string to the side and thrust into me in one stroke. I know I was groaning in pleasure and experienced a second orgasm with David thrusting into me before he exploded inside me. I thought that would probably be it when Steve came up behind me and for the first time inserted his cock in my pussy. David is about 6” but Steve is 7” and thicker and the feel of his cock gave me a whole new sensation. It felt so good to have Steve thrusting into me but I needed to lean on something so we moved to a table so he could really get going. I could see that Tracey was being fucked very hard doggy style by another guy just a couple of metres away so the party was really in full swing by this stage. Seeing this sent me over the edge and I exploded again in my third orgasm of the night, this sent Steve over the edge as well and he unloaded inside me.

As Steve pulled out, John came up to me and I laid back on the table, he had been watching the whole time and started to suck on my tits (which I love) and feeling my soppy pussy, One of the girls from the show then came over and started to eat me, I exploded again when John put his throbbing cock in my mouth and I swallowed a full load of his cum.

Both Tracey and I were fucked many times that night and we now take every opportunity to go out to parties.