Written by BigShyGirl

4 Feb 2013

Just want to start off this is all true!

Last Friday I went to chameleons swinging club in new port, with a couple who go regularly.

We arrived at about 9, and we was greeted by a pretty barmaid who gave me a welcoming smile, handed me a towel and a locker key and then gave me a wink and said have fun!

I was in the locker room with my friends, they both stripped off in a flash and I stood there fully clothed, knees shaking and nervous as fuck!

They finally convinced me I need to strip down to my corset as I will feel over dressed and like a prat being fully dressed. I stripped down into my corset and a thong, and wrapped a towel round me trying to hide as much of my size 20 body as I could!!!

I was shown around by the couple I came with, showing me the jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, lockable and open rooms, glory hole room, showers etc, I was totally baffled at how big it was!!!

After spending about an hour showing me everywhere we went to the bar and I was knocking back the drinks (thank god my friends bought plenty)

I didn't feel tipsy at all so my nerves was still bad, I felt no one would want me and I was still hiding behind my towel.

My friends suggested we have a few more drinks and get in the jacuzzi... I knocked back 3 more and bit my lip.

As we walked in everyone turned round And looked at us... Apart from an older couple having fun!

Reluctantly getting undressed... I expose myself to everyone... Even though I'm only 20 being a big girl can lower your self esteem.

I quickly got in the tub and barely let my head out the water, we stayed in there for half an hour then I went for a ciggy, I came back and found my female friend with a man either side of her... I was so excited for her!

I jumped in (not literally) and started talking to them.

The one man left and I was just sat between my friend and our new male friend (my friends husband sat back as watched from a distance)

I started fooling around with my friend, a lot of attention was on us both.

I kind of slipped, and my leg was across our new male friend. As I sat up he started to tickle his fingers gently and slowly down my leg....

I was full of excitement, and I instantly got seriously horny!

Then I looked up And this youngish lad poked his head to look into the jacuzzi area.

I immediately made eye contact with him and he came straight Into the tub and sat next to the guy playing with me.

I sat inbetween them both and while I was stroking them both the new guy kissed my neck and played with my ass while the other fingered me and sucked on my tits.

I was in heaven!!

I got a quick peek at the couple I came with and they both was staring with their jaws dropped!

I went from so shy I wouldn't even get into a corset to having 2 guys at once!

I started to get closer to coming, but as I was new, and very excited I didn't want to show myself up by screaming the place down, so I looked at the newer guy and said 'want to get a room?'

I should of got them both! I would of loved 2 guys but hey-ho!

The guy flew out the jacuzzi grabbed his towel and went off. I was got out, grabbed my towel, went into the hallway and couldn't see him :( I went back into the jacuzzi area and said ' he's gone he obviously didn't like me :('

Just as I felt a slap on my ass, I turned round and there he was!

I grabbed his hand and we was running up the stairs literally trying to get into every room, when we finally got one.

As soon as we got in there we dropped our towels, he slipped a condom on and I started sucking him while he played with me.

I hadn't Been with anyone for 6 years as I had just broke up with my childhood sweetheart, but just by pushing his cock to the back of my throat a few times he was moaning and groaning!! I was soaking by this point, I looked up and said 'are you going to fuck me then?'

His eyes lit up and I led on my back and he slipped straight Into me and I let out a loud groan.

It felt so weird but amazing being with someone different after 6 years!

As he started to build up speed, I felt the far too fimiliar feeling of my legs tensing up and shaking and I literally cum like a train!

I must of hurt the poor bugger, as I cum I dig my finger nails into his shoulders and he winced. Whilst in the moment the door flung open but I didn't even have time to see who it was, and then it was my friends saying that I left everything in the jacuzzi area and I forgot my corset and locker key! (Mood killer)

And then we got straight back to fucking!!

For a second I had to ask him to stop just until I wasn't so sensitive, but I knew it would take longer than a minute so I let him ban me over, and I dug my nails into the leather bed as I screamed. We both came together this time I think I shook the place. It was amazing and I felt I melted into the bed!

We gave each other kiss and I went off to find to my friends.

I looked about for about half an hour and started to panic. I went back to my locker and got a ciggy, I went to the smoking area to find the guy I just fucked there! He did ask for more fun but I was so worried about finding my friends I regrettably had to let him down :(

I found them after going to the bar and drinking a massive amount of alcohol, and then see the guy I fucked leave!!

After having a natter etc we went upstairs to the attic looking rooms on the top floor and after talking with the couple I came with for about half an hour a tall black man came in. It started off as a normal conversation, but I couldn't help but blurt out ''is it true black men have huge cocks'

He looked at me and laughed And said 'some do some have small dicks' so I once again blurted out 'ok, we'll do you have a big willy?!'

As he opened his towel I saw this huge cock hang down as he grins and says 'mines cute and small'

Pfft ok it wasn't the size of my arm, but it was a nice girth and about 8 inches long.

I instantly felt my juices gush out of me and I looke at him an said let's get a room!!

We found basically the first one and I had to warn him not to hurt me as I've never had one quite as big.

It felt as if I was tearing as he very slowly put the first few inches into me but if I'm truthful, it was only about 10 second later and I was fine and was once again digging my nails in as moaning & groaning. I cum basically instantly, and then asked him to bend me over where he was banging me so hard you could hear my Ass slapping against him. I cum again as he slappe my ass and I felt my knees tremble an I dropped to the ground as he pulled me back up, belted me across the ass and carried on fucking me. I cum a last time but this time I was basically silent where I took in a breath and was winded from where I cum so hard. He helped me back up, whipped off his condom and showed me where to go to finds friends (I still do t know my way round this place) I found them, told them the fun I had and then went for a fag. I'd losty lighter so I went to the bar to get a lighter where the black man I just fucked came up behind me and started rubbing his dick against my ass. I quickly drained my ciggy and we went to the same to the same room as before. Where he led me down and stuck his tongue deep in my wet pussy.

He then fucked me until I cum, I found my friends, rode her husband and then left!!