Written by Randy

11 Dec 2007

D and I have been together for the past 6 years. In the first few years we discovered that we had both same interest in sex that bordered on fetishsm in many ways. We often fantasized about having multiple sex partners but it was always a fantasy. As time went on; we got more and more brazen; fucking in hotels with the windows open; outdoors at nude beaches and what often preludes to full swinging.

Before I go on. For those of you who think men like me are sad or sick; or don’t love our partners enough; read on. Nothing pushes how strong your relationship is with someone or how much you can really trust your partner than watching her fuck another man. To share your most intimate moments with another man. To moan and beg another man fro the same things she has always done from you and only you.

Being insanely jealous with my loved ones; I couldn’t really tell if our fantasy would eventuate to reality without affecting us.

I started looking on dating sites for men who were similar to us physically, emotionally and was looking for more than a casual fuck. I was looking for someone who would b patient and put (in a selfish way) our fantasy above his own.

I finally found a guy who fulfilled this role in more ways than one. I decided to meet him in person to get a vibe off him and also to lay down the ground rules before we even contemplated going further. J and I met for a coffee and I was honest with him telling him of what I expected and that there was no guarantee of sex as it was all up to D.

2 days later; D and I checked into a hotel before going out for dinner in town. We then retired to the club in the hotel where we found a table and enjoyed watching the people around us drink, dance and generally have a good time.

I went to the bar where I met J as prearranged and brought him back to our table. I introduced him as someone I worked with before on a project and invited him to join us. We talked shop and I slowly steered the conversation towards sex; making comments about people around us. J told us he was here to meet another friend who hadn’t arrived. By now D and I had quite a few drinks and she was what I refer to as “the zone”. J’s conversation got more explicit and I joined him. D kept quiet and idn’t make any efforts to switch the subject. Out o the blue I told J that D loved big black cocks as I pointed to an afro-American walking pass. J made a joke about what I meant where I proceeded to tell him about the 12 inch rubber dildo that D uses.

D blushed at this but didn’t say anything. The conversation was hard to maintain and I released that J and I would have to either pull the plug or go onto plan B. I looked at J and pointed to a pair of keys that I tucked into the seat cushion. I then stood up and told J that we were going to bed. J stood up and kissed D on the cheeks while rubbing his hand lightly on her arse. We then went through the motions of exchanging phone numbers. We took the lift to our room. In the lift I let the conversation drift a bit and got back to J. she said that he was a nice guy and I told her that it was obvious that he thought her really beautiful as he kept staring at her. She was flattered but thought nothing about it (or at least that’s what I thought by her response). We got ready for bed and as I was horny like hell with anticipation ; I wasted no time in seducing d as she undressed. She wa already wet when I rub her pussy and it was obvious what had set her off. I turned the lights own and started to slowly kiss her all over, I whispered how much it looked like she needed a fuck. She got on the bd on all fours and told m not to waste any time. I mounted her hard and fast for about ten seconds then stopped with the excuse that I wanted to surprise her.

I told her to close her eyes and hold on. Went to the room lounge closing the bedroom door behind me. I came back in and she was on all fours as I left her. I slowly started to to lick her very wet pussy telling her what I was doing. I then pulled a dildo I had with me and ran I up and down her slit. I told her that J wanted to feel her pusssy and if it was ok for him to fuck her. She said yes and I entered her with the dildo. She gasped but was so wet all 12 inches went straight in. I kept it there for a bit.

I then told her to turn around and sit on the edge of the be with the dildo still in her. Then slowly fed my cock into her mouth. I kept talking to her telling that both J and I were having a good time fucking my slut. She moaned and took my whole cock into he mouth.

I then dared her to call J and pretend to ask him something while I fucked her. The challenge was not to give it away. We decided that the excuse would be that we had put his number in my mobile and was checking to see if it was the right number.

D called while I stepped back and watch her grind her pelvis into the bed. I motioned for her to sit up and down on the dildo when she was talking to him. She did so and the conversation only lasted about ten seconds with her wishing him goodnight.

When she hung up; she was so horny that she took the dildo out and begged m to fuck her again. Again I got behind her and thrust my cock into he. I made her suck on the dildo as I did so. We pretended that J’s cock was in her mouth and I continued to play out the fantasy with d getting more and more into it.

All of a sudden my phone rang. We both froze and looked at the display. Of course I already knew who it would be. D signaled me to pick up but as I was still fucking her I told her to answer it which she did with some hesitation. J spoke to her a bit and I started fucking her really hard. She was finding it impossible to speak to him. He told hr that we had “dropped” our keys in the club. She asked him to hold on as she hit the mute button; where she moaned so loudly that I was sure the whole floor could hear us. I kept pounding hr for about 3-4 seconds and stopped with my cock still in her then asked her why J had called. She told me and I told her to tell him to bring the keys up as I didn’t want anyone holding on to you car keys overnight.

She did so without giving it much thought about the position we were currently in. When she hung up I started pounding her again as hard and fast as I could. She did not hold back and started an explosion of expletives. We carried on for about 2-3 minutes before she became aware that J would soon be at our door. I pacified her and reminded her that there was a door between us and the lounge.

Just after, the doorbell rang. I shouted out for J to hold on. I then began thrusting really hard for a bit telling D how J was only 5 metres away so she better keep quiet, D buried her face in the pillow and cried out is ecstasy as the first orgasm of the night hit her.

I pulled out took D’s hand practically dragging D with m to the front door. I got her on her knees and opened the door slightly while putting my cock in front of her face. She didn’t hesitate and sucked me of as I spoke to J. With my eyes I signaled to him what was happening and got him to carry on with the conversation.

He was smart enough to make sure the conversation was about D. He asked if she was still up and why I was not in bed with such a gorgeous woman. I asked him if he thought D was hot stuff as she didn’t think he found her attractive. D’s sucking intensified knowing that there was just a door separating her cock sucking from a guy who thought she was really hot.

J then asked if he could please use the toilet in our room. I said sure but as I was undressed he would have to hold on as I shut the door. D had frozen at his request. I quickly moved into the bedroom with her and put on a robe. The toilet had doubl doors and I shut the one in our room. I told D to get into bed. By now the alcohol mixed with the adrenalin had kicked in. She was as horny as could be and tried grabbing my cock teasing that my hardon would give us away to J. I quickly pulled out the dildo and as I pushed her back onto the bed, I plunged it into her and fucked her quickly with it. All this in a span of about 10 seconds. Just as she was going to cum again I left the dildo sunk in her and walked out closing the door behind her…………………