Written by ggowscot

12 Jan 2011

Our first play had taken place about three months earlier. We both loved it and had discussed it on several occassions especially during sex, however daily life had hampered any plans for further fun.

The wife still enjoyed regular nights out with her pal, she had taken part in our first foursome along with a guy that the wife had pulled, but nothing sexual had ever materialised from these nights.

Our second encouter came right out the blue, much like our first.

We were spending the evening at home. I was working the following morning so the plan was to watch some telly, chill-out in a bath and have an earlyish night for a wee session. We had been flicking through the channels and came across a programme about swinging so started to watch it. The wife's pal phoned to say that she would be passing and would pop in for a coffee.

She walked in, laughed as she noticed the telly and declared that we were perverts! The wife reminded her that she had fucked me; her best pal's hubby and so we teased her for a bit. The banter continued like this for a while, we were all in top form, bouncing off each other.

Eventually we got on to fantasies. I stated that in my experience, most women liked the idea of more than one cock, I knew that's what turned the wife on, it was both our fantasy to see her being shagged by multiple guys.

Her pal suprised us by intimating that she had always fancied the idea of being taken by another female. The wife immediately mocked her by declaring that she was a closet lesbian and would be more than happy to pop her cherry lips for her, laughter, tears and belly-aches ensued. They continued with their exchanges as the wife got up and teased her by asking, "So would you do me?" she had lifted her top up and was rubbing her tits in an OTT manner. "What girl could say no to that." was her reply, to more laughter.

The banter eventually tailed-off and the conversation had veered off to more mundane things so I decide to have my bath.

The wife popped her head into the bathroom after about twenty minutes or so. "Go into the room, you have to see this." I presumed she wanted me to see a new pair of shoes, or such like, so never rushed to get out of the bath.

Eventually I made my way to the bedroom. "What kept you?" asked the wife as I noticed the two of them lying in bed, both under the duvet. I was totally taken aback as the wife patted the bed, instructing me to get in behind her. I made my round the bed, removed my shorts and slipped into the bed. I was hoping that they would be naked however I was fully aware that this could so easily have been a cruel wind-up on their part.

The wife was lying on her side, facing towards her pal who was lying on her back. I realised the wife was indeed naked and I was hard immediately.

I started kissing her shoulder while stroking her tit, she began pushing her arse aginst my hard-on. The girls were kissing, the wife massaging her pals tits. I moved my hand down and began working on the wife's clit. The wife began bucking more intensly against me so I eventually positioned myself to support her leg and buried my face into her pussy. She was handling her pal's pussy at this point.

It didn't take long before the wife was wanting more than the two fingers that I had in her so she got on her knees, facing into her pal's crotch, and I slid my dick in her from behind. I was horny as fuck and almost immediately started pumping her hard, she continued to lick and suck at her pal while actively poking her.

The harder I thrust, the more the wife poked which resulted in her pal grabbing her head, forcing the wife's face into her cunt.

We carried on like this until the wife requested a time-out. She lay beside us as I mounted her pal. Her pal pulled my body tight against her and we quickly built up a frantic rhythm. The wife positioned her hand onto her pal's clit as we fucked.

Once the wife had regained her composure, she got me to lie on my back, instructed her pal to sit on my face. I love a wet fanny, especially with the scent of sex, being rubbed over me.

The wife began to suck and wank on my cock. It only took a minute or so before she brought me to the point of climax. She asked me where I wanted it, I opted for the pal's tits so we quickly go into position. The wife continued to wank me as I shot my spunk onto her pal's tits, using my dick to smear it over her nipples.

The wife then lapped up the cum from her pal's tits and we all shared a kiss.

I felt physically drained almost immediately, the girls made me comfortable and I soon fell asleep.

The wife was still sleeping when I left for work. On returning home we discussed the previous nights events. The wife and her pal shared a kiss and the occassional rub of each others tits but never really played after leaving me in bed.

I asked how she liked it, her first time with another girl. She said that it was fun, nicer than see imagined however given the choice, a few extra cocks would win hands down every time. It wasn't my place to disagree.