Written by MnM and Wifey

22 Apr 2008

I’ve been married to Janet my sexy, beautiful and exciting wife for 13 years and in that time we’ve tried pretty much anything to keep our sex life interesting. Like most couples we started off pretty tame. Dressing up, screwing in the car where we might get caught and videoing our fucking. But also like most couples each time we tried something we wanted to push it just a little more. Which led to me fucking Janet’s arse and on one memorable, drunken night even pissing over each other. Recently Janet found she got a real turn on from flashing strangers.

We both get a real kick from seeing men’s reactions when they see her flash. At first she did it when we were clothes shopping, she’d allow the curtain in a busy changing room to be slightly open and give a man waiting for his partner to glimpse her naked breasts or arse as she changed. It was so see them staining and trying to get the best view of her. She often goes out without underwear and loved giving some random man a nipple flash or even more. Like the time we drove along the motorway with Janet naked from the waist down. Giving every trucker or 4x4 driver on the M62 a look at her naked pussy if they just looked.

We still wanted to go a little further though. We teased each other in bed all the time about what we could do. We never mentioned having other people join us even though by now we were both fantasising about it. I have a really close mate called Mike. He’s known both Janet and I for years and is always at our house for one reason or another. One night Janet teased by asking how I’d feel if she flashed Mike. I said she wouldn’t dare and was told to just wait and see.

Mike was coming over a couple of weeks later to watch a fight with me and have a few beers. Neither Janet or myself had mentioned her flashing him since our “dare” but I couldn’t help but wonder if she would. Mike arrived and the three of us chatted and had a drink together. Normally as Janet hates boxing she would go to bed and leave us to it. But she didn’t on this night. What she did do was made an excuse to go up stairs then came in with some snacks for us all. Mikes eyes nearly popped out of his head. Janet was now wearing her silky red dressing gown. Its very short, barely covering her buttocks and the cheeky minx flashed me her naked arse as she bent to place the snacks on the coffee table. Her stiff nipples made it obvious she was not wearing any bra either.

Mike couldn’t keep his eyes away from Janet and she was playing up to the attention. She was allowing her gown to slip, showing a lot of cleavage without actually showing anything or flashing a lot of thigh before stopping it going further. Mike must have thought it was an accident but I knew better. My heart was pounding as I wondered how far she’d go. I didn’t have long to wait to find out. When the snacks were finished Janet bent over and picked up the tray. This time though from the other end of the table. This meant Mike was being treated to the sight I had got when she’d brought them. I looked at him and saw him lick his lips as he looked at my wife’s naked ass.

When she came back in she winked at me and mouthed, “Love you”. Then a few moments later she stretched over for a beer allowing her gown to gape for a moment or two and letting Mike see her swinging naked breast. Mike doesn’t have a girlfriend and hasn’t for a couple of years and over the years he’s told me on many occasions how hot he thinks Janet is. That was obvious now from the bulge in his jeans as he looked at her. “You’ll be wanking over this tonight” I thought. Over the next hour Janet treated Mike to a glimpse after glimpse of her naked tits. He was not watching the TV at all by now just talking with Janet and waiting for the next “accidental” flash.

I thought that would be as far as it went and was already thinking about fucking Janet and teasing her about this. Until out of the blue she turned the conversation to sex. She asked how long it had been since he’d had a fuck and teased and flirted with him. Until she said “is that why you have a hard on?” Mike blushed bright red but blurted out that it was Janet getting him horny. “Why?” she asked innocently. He blurted out that he’d accidentally caught a glimpse of her tits. “Well is that all” she said “we’re all friends you can look and my tits anytime” and with that she opened her gown exposing her breasts to Mikes amazed view. “Would you like to touch them,” she said. Mike glanced at me, I nodded and he moved to Janet’s side and cupped her tit.

She closed her eyes as he mauled her breasts, then he bent his head and took her nipple in his mouth and started to suck. Janet then said “your turn now, show me your cock.” He thought for a moment glanced at me again and then slipped down his jeans and underwear. His cock was very stiff and thick. Janet took it in her hand and slowly tossed him off as he continued to suck her tits. I moved to the other side of her and joined in groping her. I allowed my had to slide down her body but when I reached her cunt Mike had beat me to it and was already sliding his fingers in and out of her wet slit. I watched is fingers in her cunt speed up and as she moaned she wanked his cock faster and faster. Until without warning his spunk shot all over her hand. She rubbed his cum into her tits and then took my hand.

She lay with me in the middle of the living room with Mike watching. “Fuck me” she said. I was so horny and desperate to screw her I didn’t care who was watching. I put her legs over my shoulders so I could fuck her deep and started to ram my cock into her. Janet likes me to talk dirty and Mike looked on as I slammed my dick into her and called her a dirty bitch, horny fucking slag and any other name I could think of. After a few minutes of my onslaught she was yelling that she was cumming. I didn’t slow down, I just rammed my stiff meat into her as she squirmed and screamed. Until at last I couldn’t hold back anymore. I pulled my cock out of her clambered up her body and finished by shooting my thick load of spunk into her face.

Mike wanted to join us for a threesome and to really fuck my wife. But Janet said no and went to bed. I got him a taxi and he left with my wife’s juice still on his fingers then joined her. When I asked if she’d wanted to fuck him she said no as it hadn’t felt right. But that she’d enjoyed what she’d done and would like to go further with the right person. As we talked about what had happened over the next few days, we couldn’t stop talking about wanting to try fucking with others. But that it would have to be comfortable and feel right. We also sadly had to stop Mike coming over. As every time he came over he was trying to screw Janet. But on a brighter note we did meet other couples and I did feel right to screw with them and it still does.