Written by MnM and Wifey

6 May 2008

After Janet and I had visited the club we spent the whole of the following day in bed. Kissing, cuddling, fucking and talking about the night before. We had both enjoyed fucking others and it had felt natural and do it. We talked over our favourite things, what we’d enjoyed the most and what we wished had happened. Janet told me how she’d enjoyed fucking with total abandon. Not caring if people were watching, just meeting someone, fancying them and then fucking them like a slut. “I wish I’d been doing it for years!” she told me. For me I’d loved having a new woman suck and fuck me. But for me, the best thing had been watching Janet being well fucked and joining other men in screwing her. Most of all though, we wanted to do it again.

Over the next few months we tried a few other clubs and made a group of friends who we regularly “played with”. Over that time I shagged half a dozen women but Janet easily had three times that amount of men inside her. Every time I got the same thrill as I watched her take another mans cock in her mouth of cunt.

One night we were in a club in Rochdale with some friends on ours, Lisa and Rob. We had met them about a month earlier and got on well right away. Lisa is small with short dark hair small pert tits and a cute arse. I always enjoy seeing her, ‘cause she’s an amazingly good cocksucker. Janet also liked Rob’s thick cock inside her and beside that we all have a laugh together. It was our first time at this club and on the wall was a list of forthcoming attractions. One of the things mentioned was a “greedy girls and Bukkake” night. We were still fairly new to a lot of things at this point and although I knew what this was Janet didn’t and asked. Lisa explained about the greedy girls night being for girls who liked to have a lot of men at once. She didn’t. Lisa likes one or at most two men or women at a time but Janet was very interested. “Well what’s Bukkake?” she asked. This time Rob explained it. “You’re on your knees” he said “with four or five guys round you and you suck them and wank them till they all cum over you.” Again Janet was really interested. Its something she’d never tried and I could tell she wanted to.

Later in the playroom she told Rob to finish by shooting his spunk over her face. He happily obliged and as I looked up from fucking Lisa his sperm jetted over my wife’s pretty upturned face. It dribbled down her cheek and she licked her lips tasting a little of Rob’s sperm. That was enough for me. I pulled out of Lisa’s wet cunt and slid over to Janet and wanked. Seconds later I was adding my own spunk to Robs as I also spunked in her face. Later on the way home I asked her if she’d liked it and she told me it had really turned her on. I asked her about the Greedy Girls night and she told me she was going to ask me to go if I hadn’t brought it up. I couldn’t believe it when I thought about it. Six months ago we’d done a bit of flashing. Now my wife was suggesting we go to a club and let some strangers fuck her and spunk over her.

So on a wet Wednesday night we turned up at the club, really not knowing what to expect. There were about twenty men already in there, all shapes, ages and sizes. Every one of them sized Janet up as we entered and there were only three other women in the club. It felt like a normal night at a club except that there were hardly and girls to look at. We had a couple of drinks and then went and got changed I asked Janet if she was sure about this and she was more than up for it. My heart was pounding as we made our way upstairs. Up there Janet was the only woman and there were around ten men all flirting and paying her compliments. She loved it. Lapping up all the attention and allowing her towel to give them a flash of her thighs or of her breast. I whispered to her that I wasn’t going to join her in the room but was going to watch though the playroom window and that whenever she was ready to go for it. A couple of minutes later she asked three men if they wanted to join her and they went off into a room.

As I watched them through the window they all quickly got naked. All 3 of the men where stood around Janet kissing and sucking her as their hands roamed all over her naked body. They took turns sucking her tits and licking her fanny. Before they put her on all fours and the first man stuck his cock into her. Janet was taking turns sucking off two men as the third rammed his dick into her. Usually we insist on condoms but none of the men had put one on. After ramming his cock into my wife for ages the First man pulled out and his spunk splattered over Janet’s arse. Immediately another man took his place. The guy watching and wanking at the side of me said “Lucky bastards! She is one dirty fucking slut”. She fucked all three men with total abandon. The second man filled her cunt with his spunk before and the last one splashed his sperm over her tits. They then lay touching her for ages while she recovered before the kissed each man in turn, put her towel on and left the room.

Downstairs we had a drink and Janet was buzzing with the adrenalin of what she’d just done I asked if she’d had fun and she really had. I then asked her if she was tired and ready for home but she just replied “not without my bukake”. I told her that I’d be joining in that one and she looked happy about that. After half an hour Janet told me she was ready to go back up stairs. It had thinned out a little upstairs as several men were shagging a girl in one of the rooms while several other men wanked as they looked through the window at what was going on. There were four men in towels sat having a beer around one of the tables and Janet said, “They’ll do”. I wondered what we’d say to them but when we walked over Janet just said “Hi wanna have some fun?”

Seconds later after she’d explained what she wanted the five of us were stood around her in one of the playrooms. Janet was on her knees with a cock in each hand and one in her mouth. She took turns sucking and wanking us. She managed to keep all five of us good and hard and the men were also wanking hard wanting to cum over her. The first man, a tubby, hairy guy warned her he was about to cum and Janet quickly turned her pretty face toward him. His sperm jetted over her chin and cheek. As it slowly started to drip of her face onto her tits she took his cock in her mouth and sucked the last few drops from him as he groaned in pleasure. This was the catalyst for the rest of us and without warning the next man splattered her with his seed, covering her shoulder and tits. The last three of us faced her and tossed ourselves off. I looked at my lovely wife covered in other men’s spunk and felt my seed rising. The window was a sea of strangers faces, all watching my wife act like a total whore. Just before I came the tall skinny man at my side did. His spunk arced into Janet’s face and covered her with his thick messy spunk. Moments later my spunk joined his on her face and I watched as our combined seed dripped down into her mouth and off her chin over her naked body. The last man held her by her hair and wanked hard just millimetres from her mouth. When he warned her he was about to shoot his load she opened her mouth and took his full load of sperm.

The men thanked her and told her what a great time she’d given them and one by one left. I looked at her and her face was a sticky mess. Her heaving tits glistened from five men’s spunk drips. I got a towel and started to help clean her up. I asked her what she thought of Bukake. “Its like when you shag my arse or like that time you pissed over me” she said “Great when you feel like being dirty, but you wouldn’t do it every time”. “Would you do it again?” I asked and as she licked the last of the spunk from her lips she said. “Well I defiantly want to come to the next one”.