Written by MnM and Wifey

29 Apr 2008

I recently told you all how my sexy wife, Janet wanked my mate Mike off before I fucked her in front of him. Janet could believe how many of you read about what she’d done and got quite a kick out of imagining lots of you wanking about her. So we decided to tell you a little more.

After our night of fun with Mike, Janet and I talked about what had happened and opened up a lot more about our fantasies. We discussed swinging for the first time and what it would be like to watch each other screwing other people. We found that we were both really turned on by the idea. It felt strangely naughty, erotic and exciting lying in bed with my wife, stroking her naked body as she told me she wanted other men’s cocks in her cunt. So we looked on the net and found our nearest club. And decided to give it a try.

We talked about nothing else in the week before we went. Wondering what it would be like and what would happen. When the day came we were both incredibly nervous and horny. Janet took ages getting ready. She had a long bath and shaved her fanny, before putting on stockings and her shortest skirt, with a sexy silky blouse and no bra. Her tits bounced and jiggled very noticeably every time she moved. Then it was a quick drive to the club. All the way we were tingling with excitement. It took an age to find the club, hidden in a back street. But it still felt like the whole world was looking at us as we went through the door.

We paid, as new people we were given a tour and then sat with a drink and took in our surroundings. The club just looked like a small social club. It was amazing to think everyone here would be looking for no strings sex. It had been explained to us that we had come on an open night and so there would be couples and singles but that if we said no then that was what it meant. As more people came in we got a lot of looks and I wondered if we’d be shagging any of them soon. It was pleasant sitting there, there were far more men than women there. But the women were all showing a lot of flesh and the porn movies playing on TV’s around the club lent to its charged atmosphere.

As more and more people changed into towels and disappeared to the “Playrooms” upstairs I asked Janet if she wanted to go upstairs. She nodded and we finished our drinks and got changed. Janet left her stockings on but was completely naked under her towel. She told me this was making her very horny and then we nervously made our way up stairs. There were a few men sitting around and a couple of them looking through a window into one of the rooms. They all gave Janet a good looking over as we made our way to the window. In the room a naked couple were in a 69 and the man looking on at the side of us was stroking his cock as he watched them. All the rooms were in use and being unsure of the etiquette we sat waiting. We were soon chatting with a couple of the men and they paid Janet a lot of compliments and attention.

Eventually a couple walked out of one of the rooms. The woman was totally naked although the man had his towel on. They both looked flushed from just have fucked and just sat among the single guys. We made our way into the room dropped our towels and lay naked on the bed. We kissed and I started to stroke Janet’s tits. I glanced at the window and there was already a man watching us. Janet’s flashed a lot of guys but this was a whole new level. I told her she was being watched and she looked up and giggled, “Shame he’s out there.” “Do you want him to join us” I asked, adding “after all its why we’re here”. Janet thought for a few seconds then nodded and beckoned him in.

He dropped his towel and joined us on the bed. He was a chubby, hairy guy with a thick, stiff purple-headed cock and within seconds he was sucking on one of Janet’s nipples. Moments later his fingers were in my wife’s cunt. As I kissed her he made his way down her body licking and sucking as he went until his head was buried between her legs and he started to lick out her bald fanny. I looked at her and she was lost in pleasure as this stranger licked her clit. After a licking her out for ages Janet got on all fours and took the strangers dick in her mouth. I entered her from behind and watched as her head bobbed up and down on this mans cock. I fucked her hard and fast and slipped a finger into her arsehole as I shagged her as this always turns her on. After a couple of minutes I knew I was going to come. And soon emptied my balls deep inside Janet’s cunt. My place was immediately taken by the stranger and for the first time I had the pleasure of seeing another mans cock sliding into my wife’s gaping, wet cunt. He fucked her for what felt like ages. Taking her through several positions and groping every inch of her body. Before he pulled his cock out of her ripped off his condom and shot his spunk over Janet’s tits. He then kissed Janet thanked her and left without even telling us his name.

We cleaned up and went outside. Janet didn’t bother with a towel. As anyone who wanted to see her naked already had. By just looking at her fucking though the “Playroom” window. We sat at a table with the couple we’d earlier seen coming out of the room we’d used. The woman was still totally naked and we soon got chatting to them. They introduced themselves as Dave and Mindy. She was very sexy. Blonde, a little overweight (which suited her) with large bouncy tits and sitting naked just inches from me. Dave was tall and muscular with a shaven head and tanned body and paid my naked wife a lot of attention. As we chatted I couldn’t keep my eyes off Mindy’s tits and I could feel my cock stiffening under my towel. It was obvious we were getting on and I was starting to try and think of a way to ask if they’d like to fuck with us when Dave just said straight out “Would you like to join us for a play?” Before I could say yes Janet beat me to it and we made our way into one of the rooms.

Once in that room Dave and I got as naked as our wives. Without another word Dave took Janet is his arms and began kissing and fondling her. Mindy sat on the bed and I got between her thighs and started to lick her cunt. I forgot all about Janet for the moment and concentrated on giving pleasure to this woman. After a while she was firmly gripping my head and forcing me into her wet slit as she moaned that she was cumming. As I lifted my head I saw that Dave and Janet were in a 69-position and she had her third dick of the night in her pretty mouth. I then lay on my back watching them as Mindy first sucked me hard then put a condom on me, straddled me and started to fuck me. I groped Mindy’s tits as she bounced up and down on my stiff meaty cock. Dave had spread my wife’s legs now and was sliding his cock into her waiting, wet cunt. Mindy turned round and I was treated to the sight and feel of her fit arse as she groaned and fucked me hard. Dave was ramming his dick into Janet and she was screaming as she came over his meat. He then grunted and emptied his balls into my wife. He then took his condom off and Janet stroked his sticky cock as they watched Mindy and me. I told her I wanted to cum over her and she stopped and lay back for me. I knelt on her stomach and wanked. Seconds later my sperm jetted over her. Most it landed over her tits but she also got a little over her cheek, which looked very sexy.

After that we chatted a little and joked about what we’d just done before going downstairs and having a drink together. It was a surreal feeling, sitting having a normal chat and beer with a couple when you just saw the man fuck your wife and you spunked over his. We swapped numbers and arranged to meet again. Before I took Janet home. She was shattered and fell asleep right away but the next day we spent in bed. Relieving the adventure of the previous night and shagging like rabbits. Both of us dying to do it again.