Written by jmj

26 Aug 2008

Ok, after much thought we decided to do a swap with a couple, my wife's girlfriend and her husband. They invited us to their beautiful home for drinks and a first meeting to guage whether this would be a good idea or not.

I was skeptical for sure but my skeptism went away quickly after getting a look at his wife while saying hello to them.

Over drinks we decided that we would all stay in the rec room and that two would do it and two would watch. Then after dinner we would reverse the situation. All seemed fair to me and their would be no MM stuff.

After drinks the girgs went to the rec room to get ready. That is they got comfortable in teddys and they experimented with some girl girl stuff.

We went into the adjoining room and got ready also. That is we stripped and prepared to enter the rec room. Ok I was impressed with what he had, but the strange thing was that I developed an erection just looking at him. I am straight.

He said don't worry about that it happens often.

Ok, we went into the rec room and found the girls ready. My wife was totally naked lying on a big round ottoman and his wife was in a big chair facing right between her legs. His wife motioned for me to come over and sit beside her. Which I did , the view was perfect. I started to have second thoughts about this. He quickly moved betwen my wifes legs, pulled her legs up , pressed the agains her chest and entered her all in one quick move. She was fucked, so was I.