Written by PhilKate

13 Jan 2013

this is a story of an evening that happened a long time ago, but still turns us on when we talk about the events. I'm Phil and my wife is Kate. we had been married for about 4 years and sex was good. Over a period of a few months Kate had asked about "orgies" asking if I'd ever been to one. I hadn't (wanted to, but never made it). On one occasion I asked if she was interested and she said she was - I was lost for words, never imagined it would happen in my widest dreams. We talked about it and enjoyed even better sex as we fantasised about sex with others. We decided that perhaps we should start with just one other couple, and if we did like the un then go for a party. We also decided that we would like a sexual friendship that would hopefully last rather than a series of one night events.

I did say that this was a long time ago, we had to use the old fashioned contact mags - no internet in those days. We placed an advert and waited. We had almost given up hope when a few replies came through the door one saturday morning. although it was mid day we went upstairs and back to bed, we had decided that we would read all letters naked in bed. After removing the ones we didn't like we were left with a couple a few miles away. after several meetings in pubs we eventually got together and started swinging. This wnet on for a few weeks, but the likelihood of a party disappeared as the replies had dried up.

Things changed for the better one Saturday morning. We had been out shopping and called in on two friends - Mike and Sue - to make arrangements for an evening out (just that, a meal and a few drinks at a nice restaurant near us). Sue was carrying a few punds, not fat and decidedly likeable. Also a bit of a flirt which I liked. While Mike made coffee I talked to Sue as she did a bit of dusting in the lounge. Being a warm day she had a nice short skirt and loose top, and as usual not wearning a bra. This was turning me on, and I did feel that when Kate and I got home sex would be needed, especially when Sue managed to turn to l=talk and I got a beautiful eyefull of her breast through the are of the top. I did wonder if this was deliberate, but any thoughts were put to one side as the coffee arrived with Mike and Kate.

Arrangements were made and we left for home, relaxation and preparing for the night out. On teh way Kate asked if I liked the view, giving my trousers a good grope to check at the same time. My reply of ' let you know in the bedroom' was greeted with ' Good, I'm horny as well' We laughed and soon got home.

When we arrived there was another letter on the mat - another reply from the contact mag. We both agreed that this was timely as we were going to go to bed anyway. We quickly got undressed and jumped in to bed. When we opened the letter we were both gobsmacked. It was written by Mike and Sue, quite detailed and saying they were interested in swinging wondering if we would assist. A photo of Sue was enclosed, just wearing a small black thong. We talked for ages about what to do, as they were long standing freiends and we valued their friendship. The other side of the story is that our original swinginging partners seemed to be losing some interest and we had thought of looking for new friends.

In the end we decided to see how the evening went - not saying anything at the restaurant but invitingthem back for a drink on the way home. We came up with a way of doing this, and this is how the events unfolded.

during the afternoon we got ourselves ready. We knew that Sue and Mike would be smartly dressed for teh evening, and we were doing the same. Kate finished showering and started dressing. As soon as she put on her thong I suggested we take a photo, which we did. Sue looked gorgeous when she had finally dressed. Tight black dress, small thong and hold ups. Nice blouse, bra that emphasised her cleavage and buttoned to show it off.

Mike and Sue arrived, we had a quick drink and took a taxi for the meal.

It was difficult to concentrate, Sue was also dressed to the nines and also displaying her assetts. We had a few drinks, but I was conscious of not having too many just in case things worked out!

as it happened the restaurant became very busy, and it was quite easy to suggest we returned to our house to finish the evening off with a glass of wine or port. The offer was accepted. taxi booked and off we went.

We arrived home, I took the coats and went to prepare the drinks while Kate sat with Mike and Sue in the lounge.

while I was in the kitchen I called to Sue, asking if she could spare a minute. She came through and asked what I wanted. I pushed the door closed saying I needed to aske her something in private. She asked "What is it" I took her photograph and the one of Kate. I said " this was in the post when we got back fron yours this morning" and gave her her picture. She looked at it but before she could speak I gave her Kate's photo and asked "o you think Mike would like this one?"

She looked at both and said " You and Kate???" I said "Yes, me an Kate"

At that moment Mike shouted through " what are you two up to" Sue replied "just wait and see, wait and see" Smiled, leant forward, kissed me quickly and said "Let's go"

We returnd to the lounge to join Kate and Mike. " Have alook at this, Phil and Kate have got a picture like ours" said Sue, and passed both pictures to Mike. He just stared at the photo's, then started looking between the photos and the girls, mainly Kate! His imagination was seemingly running like mine.

These are good, really good was all Mike could say. I thought I'd inject a little more in to the procedings just like Kate and I had discussed. "Pity we're only looking at the photos's really, I bet the real thing looks much better" "Quite agree" said Mike, "pictures only tell half the story" Sue was looking quite relaxed about the conversation and joined in saying "That's ok for you two, but what do we get out of it because at the moment you are having all the fun"

I replied that if the girls were to pose as they did in teh pictures, adding that Kate was wearing the same underwear as she had in the picture, I am sure that Mike and myself would be only too happy for them to undress us. Sue responded immediately "totally undress you both, or no deal". Mike and myself replied immediately "deal!"

Mike and I sat down and watched Kate and sue get ready. I put on some soft music, turned the lights down and they started undressing in time with each other. The bouses were first off, slowly and sensually. Two small bras were revealed, bras that no longer did nothing to disguise erect nipples. In time agin they reached behind and undid the zips on their skirts letting them slowly fall to the ground. Sue also seemed to be wearingthe same thong as she had in te photo, both were wearing hold ups (this was not planned obviously, but it could not have been better if it had been)

They were now stood in front of two aroused men wearing hold ups, small thongs and tiny bras. The hold ups were next to go, slowly followed by the bras which were taken off very provacatively. Sue undid Kates Clip, and the compliment was returned before they turned to face us and let the bras slowly fall to the ground.

they looked amazing - Mike was first to speak "looks much better that the photo's but I need a closer look" he said moving out of his seat. He was stopped short by Sue "No you don't, not yet. A deal is a deal" Mike and myself were ordered to remove footwear and stand up. Sue moved towards Mike, but was interupted by Kate. "Why don't you undress Phil, I know what he is like already!"

Sue grinned and agreed. They moved towards and for the first time Sue's breasts were within reach. I must have moved but both girls said at the same time "touching was not in the deal" We reluctantly agreed - for the moment. Once agian they worked together, shirts first then trousers. It was obvious that both Mike and myself were now sporting good erections. Sue's hand went in to my boxers and started sliding them over the erection, all the time fixing her eyes in mine. All i wanted to do was hold her, kiss her, massge and kiss her breasts and remove that last piece of clothing.

Both Mike and I were now naked with erections. I glanced over and saw Kate gently massaging Mike's erection. Sue was doing the same to me. " I suppose the no touching rule is now over then" I said. I got no reply and moved my hands to Sue's hips, hooked my thumbs in and slowly started moving the thong down. No resistance this time. In a few moments we were all naked, exploring each others bodies. This went on for what seemed like ages. Eventually I started massaging the breasts that had been the source of my attention earlier that day, then started sucking the niplles while slowly easing my finger around Sue's pussy which ws now very wet indeed. Judging by the noise Mike was doing similar to Kate. We Started dancing to the slow music, erotically touchomg and feeling each other all over. As we passed close to Kate and Mike it seemed natural to swap back to our normal partners for a moment. Kate's tongue darted into my mouth and she guided my hand to the top of her thighs. I touched her and she moaned. I knew she was incredibly tured on. I whispered in her ear "sex" she replied "yes" I said "now" and again she said yes.

We quickly turned back to Mike and Sue and rejoined them. Sue slid down my body and gave me a quick lick and suck - too much I needed sex. I guided sue down to the floor where we had hands over bodies again, but this time quicker and with more urgency. I slipped my erection in to Sue and we started moving together. With all the previous activity the first time was quickly over, the same for Mike and Kate. The return of erections was quick and before long we were moving together again, taking longer to reach orgasm.

We continued dancing, swapping partners and having sex for the next few hours before going to bed - Me with Sue and Kate with Mike.

A short lie in in the morning was broken by the sound of Kate having yet anothe orgasm, followed not long after by Sue.

We dressed, had a bite to eat and said goodbye to Sue and Mike. We wondered what the outcome would be, a one off or a longer relationship.

The next weekend we called to see them lunchtime. Kate jokingly suggested thatthe only reason was the off chance of another glance od Sue breasts as she was cleaning. I reminded her that was how I had got turned on last week, and added that if sex was on affer I would be up for it. Kate looked, felt my bulge, and said "OK, lets see"

Mike answered the door and let us in, all smiles as was Sue. This was a relief as it did mean that the friendship was still ok.

Once again coffee was made, same as the previous week with Mike and Kate in the kitchen while Sue and I were in the lounge. Again Sue was braless, and happy with it. Her smile was bigger than before. I walked over and gave her a kiss. "that all" she asked, her head turned to one side as if to say she wanted more. I leant forward again, kissed her a little more passionately and slid my hand in her top squeezing her breast. "Much better" was the moaned reply. I looked her in the eye and just asked "coffee or sex" She grinned and said "sex first!". She grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen where Kate and Mike were also enjoying apassionate kiss. "Ok" said Sue, "kettle off, upstairs, clothes off and sex - the coffee can wait"

It was a passionate afternoon of sex, coffee shared showers and more sex. This time we stayed with them. We all takled through our start of swinging and Kate and I said how much we had enjoyed it.

Sue and Mike we open with us and said that is what they also wanted. Being naked in bed together helped the honesty!

We all agreed that at that time we were very happy with our new arrangement, something that lasted for a number of years until they moved away with their jobs.

As I said, it is still a horny memory and one that still guarantees superb sex whenever Kate and I talk about it (and Kate still strips the same way)